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The History of the Satellites

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What is up you guys, this is your uncertified Robocraft archeologist here to bring you the history of a robot that was the founding father of overtiering This robot wasn’t loved by many, but was part of a golden era Ladies and gents, we have been spotted by the Satellites So what was the legacy behind this robot and why was it hated? Let’s start off with it’s origin Satellites emerged around the end of July 2014 It had a bad reputation and was often discouraged however, the amount of players using this type of robot started to rise overtime The design of this robot was fairly simple It utilized a high tier railgun along with some T4 helium to float and sometimes thrusters for movement around the map This type of robot were often matched with players in T2 through 4 So how does this robot manages to play against low tier players even though it has a high tier weapon? The main reason is due to total robot ranking Due to the lack of overall armor, this satellite is able to bring a high tier weapon to low tier match The way satellites work is by floating to the sky until it reaches its max height limit Once there, you were able to pick off your victims even from out of render distance for easy kills Although rails had a long reload timer, the amount of damage and precise shot meant an instant kill There were some satellites that used a smg, but were not as effective since it didn’t give an instant kill which allowed the enemy to get a chance to fight back Satellites also had a variety of sizes and armor styles with electroplates This type of bot began trend of overtiering which is a method of using a high tier weapon in a low tier match This made the playing field very unfair since the amount of damage a satellite had was superior in the battlefield Back in these times, weapons were made for certain tiers and there were multiple tiers of armor A common mistake for satellites were blimps Blimps were more mobile and were not designed for overtiering while satellites were more stationary and were only viable in lower tiers The legacy of this robot was short lived On November 20, 2014, the wolf-fest update provided wolf legs and wolf cubes, and everything overwolfy but also contained a patch for helium This nerf was to insure that the max ceiling for helium would be reduced This meant that once the robot was lifted above a certain level, the bot would lose stability and lift making it difficult to play as a satellite bot overall This in fact made some blimp players very unhappy because as a whole, robots with helium were just not the same as before In the end, this lifespan was fun to experience if you played in this era whether you were the player or the victim So that pretty much wraps it up for this video Let me know, in the comment section down below, if you have played as an ovetiered satellite What was your greatest moment and what history video would you like to see? Definitely, I want to thank you guys for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe for all your roboneeds and until next time This is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jun 29, 2016

Learn the history of the father of overtiering/seal clubbing as we take the skies with the Satellites. Find out how this bot dominated the battlefield and why it was hated for what it caused.

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