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The Growth Mindset is a special kind of view on things. It is very much like a Marathon. You approach challenges with the belief that one cannot only rely on talent and natural ability. Even the most gifted of us must train and persevere in front of obstacles. It is a view that encourages us to put aside all our restraints and see what we are really made of. It is often said that reaching your objective is what really matters. That all the steps you take daily are just that, steps that simply lead you to that all important target or goal. But what matters, what really matters, are those daily runs, those mornings when you get up early and set for a new day but nothings seems to go on track those times when there are road blockers everywhere and we just feel like we cannot do it Those times when we feel like we don’t have what it takes. Those times when we feel frustrated and stuck. And then there are the days when we feel good, when we make it happen when despite all the obstacles, we manage to go one step further, tick one more box on our list, claim one small accomplishment. We need to understand that both the bad days and the good days are working towards our growth, towards our getting better, becoming stronger. So we need to keep up the pace, not get discouraged if things seem difficult or if we have a setback. And it is during these times, the daily runs, the menial tasks that we approach in a different way that we learn, that we grow. It is during these times we train to see things differently. These are the true measures that show us what we are made of. And weather we have been doing these growth mind exercises naturally, or trained, for a long time, or for a short time, we test our self, push our self, pick our self up off the ground and we do things. This is how we make our self climb that steep challenge and see the other side of it. And so, we do not need the goal to show us what we can do. We already know it. Reaching that goal is not the main event, it is just a victory lap. It is being resilient and trying and doing that makes you grow. So arm yourself with the right tools, and start to practice the Growth Mindset.

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Posted by: magdaismyname on Mar 3, 2019

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