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Beyond Today: The Bible's Challenge to You

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Let's take a short quiz about Bible knowledge. Can you name the Four Gospels of the New Testament? Can you name the first book of the Bible? Which city was Jesus born in? Okay. That's all. How did you do? If you named more than one of the Four Gospels, you did better than half of American adults. The Four Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If you named Genesis as the first book of the Bible, then you know more than most Americans. And, if you named Bethlehem as the city in which Jesus was born, you are way ahead of most. Bible literacy is at an all-time low in the United States. Whether you look at adults, youth, or those who describe themselves as born-again Evangelicals, America has become a nation where Bible illiteracy is quite common. Biblical illiterates is what one pollster calls us. And, this is in spite of the fact that virtually every American home has at least one Bible. Publishers sell about 20 million Bibles annually, and Gideon's International gives away a new Bible every second of every day. People say they are reading the Bible at least twice a month. If true, they must not be reading it very carefully. Why does this matter? Why do we need to at least have a working knowledge about this best-selling book? It matters because if the Bible is true, then there are some changes you need to make. If the Bible is true, then there is a time of judgement coming and all of us will have to give an account of our lives before our Creator. The Bible is more than a literary text or a book of wisdom. It is the revealed Word of the Creator God, and it has a direct challenge to you; a challenge you cannot ignore. You have the power and responsibility to take personal action and seek God. The Bible is a reliable guide to human conduct. It's God's Word to a spiritually bankrupt humanity. It is our Maker's instruction book telling us how we should live. Take that challenge seriously and begin to read the Book to understand who God really is and what He says to a world in need of some hope and good news. For Beyond Today, I'm Darris McNeely.

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Posted by: beyondtodaytv on May 2, 2008

How well do you know the Bible and is it really important in your life?

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