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Hi, my name is Pam, and as you may know, Office 365 is coming to ACME company. I'd like to take a minute and show you one of the exciting new features that will be available to you once that happens. The first thing you should know is that Office 365 is available to you anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection and that includes on your mobile devices. But let's take a look at it here on my computer. You're going to access Office 365 from a web browser. On the main screen, you're going to see tiles that represent all of the different components of Office 365. As you can see, there's a lot. For this example, I'd like to hone in on One Drive. I'd like to show you some of the fantastic collaboration tools that are available within Office 365. And One Drive is an online storage drive that's available to you and your colleagues to whom you share out files, regardless of where you're located. As you can see here, I have a series of files uploaded while most of them are available only to me, I do have one files that I've shared with my colleague, Mark. If I click on this file, it's going to bring up the spreadsheet and allow me to view the contents of the file. If I want to edit it, I'm going to click the 'edit workbook' button. and there's two options here. To work on it online, if i'm working on a computer that doesn't have a copy of Excel installed locally, or, I can edit in the full featured version of Excel if I do have it installed. I'm going to choose to work on it online. You see the ribbon will pop up, allowing me to now work fully in Excel and you're also going to notice a red cell selector. This red cell selector is not me. It's actually my colleague Mark who's currently in the same file. If I look up here, this is where I can see the name of the person who's indicated by the red cell indicator. I also can work in the file. You see when I click, I'm green. As I enter information, Mark can continue to do so. I'll show up as a green cell indicator on his end, as he's shows up as a red cell indicator on my end. Allowing us to truly work collaboratively on this file as all of our changes are saved back to that route drive, in one drive in that file. It's really exciting what we can do with Office 365 and collaboration. I hope you've enjoyed this tip, and stay tuned for information about training as we get closer to the migration.

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