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Science in Seconds - Being Wrong

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Science in Seconds Know Everything RUMOURS - Being Wrong Rheanna Sand: Scientists are under a lot of pressure to be right. We're expected to come up with the right theories, make the right predictions, and most importantly, answer those inevitable science questions at parties. But what about being wrong? Have we all forgotten that science thrives on failure? The unique beauty of the scientific method is that, if the experiments are well designed, even failure is a success. Even if nothing happens, if done right, the results are just as informative as they would be if an effect were seen. And yet, research papers with negative results have a difficult time getting published. This only skews the information reaching the community, and goes against a long tradition of openness among scientists. In science, successes are always built on prior missteps, and what is deemed true now will eventually be shown false. We need to be wrong, so we can learn and look for new avenues to explore. We need dumb ideas, so we can prove exactly why they don't fit. Dumb ideas keep the juices flowing. In fact, if it's true science, everyone feels stupid most of the time. As Martin Schwartz wrote in his 2008 essay, "The Importance of Stupidity in Scientific Research," science involves, "confronting our absolute stupidity." And not the kind where you haven't read up on papers in your field, but the existential kind that makes you constantly push yourself into the realm of the unknown. So, it is with great pride that I say, I am one stupid scientist. Courtesy of Science in Seconds – All rights reserved Only for educational/non-profit purposes. (Translators are invited to put their name here)

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Posted by: tradottiinitaliano on Sep 10, 2011

When experiments are designed well, being wrong is an equally right option.

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