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We're here in the Olympiysky Stadium The whole squad is here Ladislav, how are you? Did you fuck up the hobos today? You'll do it tomorrow S1mple, how are you feeling? S1mple: Not too good, today is Friday, not many people, everyone is in their schools/unis We'll have more people tomorrow How much time has passed since you left USA? S1mple: A month And how is it? Liking it? S1mple: Yeah Are you happy with your new team? S1mple: Yes Are you happy about your performance? S1mple: So far, yes So it's all good S1mple: We're playing tomorrow Vs who? S1mple: Loser of ex-CSGL/Godsent Who would you want to play? S1mple: ex-CSGL You want to revenge us? S1mple: We just win pracs vs them all the time S1mple: Now I want to win an official game Damn oskar hitting shots Who do you think will win, HR or VP? S1mple: Virtus.Pro 2-1? Seized: I think HR Denis thinks HR will win Why VP, did you prac vs them? S1mple: We played vs them And how are they looking? Who is the best prac-wise? S1mple: Na'Vi probably On pracs yes, not so much on LAN S1mple: Would be sad for you to go out that early Seized: We didn't play on pracs too well S1mple: NiP are sick right now S1mple: They're very good 4v3, no bomb, gonna be hard These AWPS though. OH LOL he missed, who missed? Oskar missed Ugin: Are your guys going to be in the lounge? Not today, tomorrow 1v2, let's watch He doesn't know his position 1v1, he has to insta-headshot to win this clutch 6-6, sweaty so far Everybody sits there, and up there This is our room Our lounge-zone, very nicely organized Why are you screaming? Starix:Who's phone is it? Edward:Mine Ugin: Vlada wanted to take an interview with you I'll take an interview with her instead Flamie: Zeus, take an interview with Andrew Are you waiting for me? Is this going to take long? Everyone is going to the hotel now Vlady: Tell them to wait 10 minutes Can you wait 10 minutes? Go downstairs Ugin:Are you with your family? I can get to the hotel myself Ugin:It's like a 5-10 minute walk Okay, can you leave me a car so I can get to the hotel? Babysitter: Yeah I guess Just wanted to show you the Twitch Zone HeyGuys Just wanted to thank for all this food and other neat stuff We're leaving soon Look at all of this delicious stuff Can you eat this? Babysitter: Technically no.. Eat it How is it? Nothing is there Okay let's go This guy he's always with us, never leaves us What's your role? Babysitter of Team Na'Vi Babysitter: I go everywhere with the team Babysitter: I escort to the stage, to any room I heard one of my teammates ask about girls, can you do that? Off the camera Honestly, thanks bro You're here all days? Hopefully it's not only tomorrow Okay let's go down Let's go down the staircase So this is the dude that helps us in everything Show us something sexy Vlady: What? With your tongue He's going to say "Hi Zeus" "Hey Zeus can I take a photo with you?" One dollar guys You got a dollar? *Photosession* Quickly quickly Gogogo, selfie Thanks guys, did you cheer for us today? Good job No time for signatures guys sorry You can shake my hand Thanks guys, let's go They overran us Those guys are OK actually, people in Minsk tore us apart It was fucking insane Okay bros, I filmed some of what's happening here Zeus you did a great job! See you guys tomorrow Yeah I'll take some more photos Is there a shuttle outside? Is this where the football players come out from? Guy: Looks like it yeah Who won first map? *SOUNDS FROM HELL* You guys are funny You guys are really funny Okay guys, you're too funny Kid: Give me your hoodie Later, bye

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