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Living in the Network Society (New York Meetup)

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So thank you all for coming again I think I've met about the half of you guys so far just fantastic I'm Alex, I'm one fo the coorganisers of the meetup group along with Alice she works here already we can thank her for the awesome venue and the food Kirg is also a coorganiser here this guy and David when he is on trial also helps out So this is our forth event since we're taking over and everyone's got progressively better really good, really really great We will have another event in two weeks So we're going to start ramp up the event frequency going forward at two weeks we will have a lighting talk event where about four people going working on really interesting projects come speak with us we've got three of them booked right now so think of anyone else want present can meet late and talk some feedback discussion that will be great, just come to speak with me afterwards that's going to be October 9th and then October 22, I believe you will have someone of IBM Watson come here and speak as well as Stewart still here will also give a presentation on October 22 a final note that i have is that we also, many of you guys knows that we have a website in development that's called sutura it's a website focused on a stepped content we create image every week that's called: "this week in tech" and "this week in science" that goes viral pushed by million through our site what we are designing right now we're trying to become the hub for all the scifo of content so if anyone is interested in contributing whether it's submitting articles that are relevant, really popular or actually writing original content speak with me, that would be fantastic we can get your workout to a lot of people and we also starve for a new staff So, that would be fantastic i will give the way to David here Thank you Thank you Alex, thank you very much everybody as you can see on the screen we are streaming live and then I also activated a q&a function of google hangout on air so if we see questions coming in from our life audience we will also give them the opportunity to receive and answer to their questions We will have two segments tonight one of them about themes that are closer but not less relevant by thinking how we are shaping our future and the second one much more speculative maybe closer to the hearts of the hardcore singularitarians among us and I hope that there will be a lot of questions about both I will try to talk for hopefully not to much more than twenty minutes for each segment and then heretically we can have up to 40 minutes of conversation for each and if you guys don't have questions, then I will just segway into the second part and then we will se how it goes Alex is that how you think it should be going to? very good So, let me start with the first segment which is Living in the Network Society I will now activate the screen share is always funny those infinite Absolutely and then I will go to presentation mode and my friend over here will confirm that, but I trusted, that also all my audience is seeing the screen on fullscreen as they should please, feel free to follow the Network society project on this various platforms Twitter, we have a very lively Facebook group that is growing on our website and I would love to keep the conversation going after our meeting as well So through whatever means feel free to reech up and I will be very happy to engage you in other discussions My name is David Orban and I am an Advisor and a member of the faculty of Singularity University which is based on Moffett field in California right in front of Mountain View where the big hangar is it's a beautiful place and very exciting as well what we do there is to teach people about exponential technologies how they can get a key in deciphering the near future of how our lifes, our businesses, enterprises organisations, societies in it's inegrity are reshaped by rapid technological change I am also the CEO of Dotsub which is based here in New York it is an online video platform that allows Video caption then subtitles in any language we worked with Youtube we worked with Amazon we worked with a bunch of companies as well as we allow any of you to freely create your accounts upload your videos and have your passionate croud of followers caption and translate your video so that it becomes searchable, it becomes findable it becomes engaging and most importantly it becomes understandable by the billions of people who don't speak english even if most of the Americans believe that they (...) what we are going to talk about today is the Socioeconomic evolution that I see coming complementary to the exponential changes that we are familiar with My fundamental thesis is that Socioeconomic change can only happen when there is a solid technological bases to make it sustainable without this it is that's time to be a dream a failure tha changes around us are extremely rapid it has not always been the case when our society where living during the egiptian civilisation or in the middle ages in feudal times there could be generations going by without a lot of change in the lifes of everybody concern 80-90% of the population was occupied in producing food for the 100% Today we have incredible achievements around us visible to everybody the most important is that that 80-90% of the population who where not soldiers or kings or priests or merchants today is 2-3% 2-3% of the world population is capable of generating the food for the 100% an additional 12-20% is working to create the physical objects around us and everybody else works at the service economy up to 20-30-40 years ago this was inconceivable and the shift is not stopping it is progressing the name of our Time is the Antropocene the geological era defined by the fundamental impact of humanity on the planet it was created as a term by Paul Crutzen the Nobel prize chemist who discovered the Ozone hole and rappresenting this form by phylosopher Daniel Dennet you can see in ten thousand years the proportion between the terrestrial vertebrates biomass and humans and our pets (...) switches from 99% in favor of what we would call wild life to the 98% in favor of whatever is not wildlife our humans bodies, our dogs, cats, pigs and so on this is the kind of shift that we have achieved or impacted the world with now evidently this is not sustainable in all kinds of ways just few days ago the united nations so a big push towards changing the parameters of our entire planetary civilization it is not going to happen unless there is a solid technological bases to make it sustainable and my hypothesis is exactly that we are in the middle of a shift that happens only every few hundred or thousand years that is a civilizational shift the reason this shift appear is because we are capable of prooving ourselfes different than the dinasaures this difference being that we have telescopes they didn't are we going to use these telescopes both Phisically to see whether there is an asteroid coming to hit us and then do something about it, hopefully. they way they couldn't, and metaphorically as well are we going to keep using our reason Science, to build the technological civilization that we have achieved up to now including the necessary changes that many people realise are so important that if we do not view them everything we build will crumble So, if we assume that I'm right and this shift is coming What is the shape of the new socioeconomical organisation? and how is it going to be different from what we are living now? Today we are living all of us and everybody on the planet in a Nation State in various nations states about 500 years ago this new type of organisation arrived on the planet and it has been so successful that except for Antarctica there is no piece of land that doesn't belong to a Nation State where you have you know some variations, show your papers there is little recourse you know you can say well it's my planet I cannot move the entity that you are in front of and that you confront yourself with will still basicly ask to justify your existence there and then our Nation State is organised centrally and in a hierarchycal manner and the shift that is happening will supersieve this in a decentralised, Network based organisation I will show you several examples of how and why this is going to happen I call them the pillars of the Network Society Energy generation for example is going to be disrupted by the rapid diffusion of extremely cheap and available and easy to deploy and manage solar energy if 20/30 years ago be recognised that centralised power plants Gas plants, Carbom based power plants where not that great at that time we could do very little about it but today even if there will be and there are areas where there are protectionist measures put in place by politicians through new policies in order to maintain the status quo of the incumbent industries just a shire economical force of a more effective and efficient energy generation platform is going to sweep them aside and sweep them away In manufacturing 3D printing is local it allows new ways of designing, producing, prototyping, iterating incredibly valuable solutions where the complexity of what you can build is not proportional to the capital that you deploy contrary to what it used to be with the previous generation of industrial solutions a 3D printer can build a stupid slab of plastic or a beautiful complex piece of art with the same speed, with same power and the same cost our food production has seen an enormous increase in what was called The green revolution that postpone the (Audio not clear) that already by the 80's or so the possibility of world wide famine that doesn't mean that the deplish of pop soil the extremely intensified use of fertilizers that cause Algae blooms in lates and over nutrition of cost (..) areas is not a bad thing with new ways of producing food hydroponics, urban gardens, vertical farming 3D printing of meat, that are becoming available not only we will be able to produce food more localy with greater variaties, with little or no use of pesticides but most importantly the transform agricolture from production proportional to the area occupied the square of it's bases unit to a production proportional to the volume immagine if here in New York ruther than just having a store dedicated to wandry in the high rises we have another couple of stores dedicated growing the food that it's consumed in the building itself how does that change the entire equation of how we percieve food security in a more resiliant, in a more vast organisation the quantified self movement personalised health the capability through our smartphones, applications, connected devices to monitor our parameters of being healthy changes the equation around an industry that is perversly incentivized to cronisize what is the state of illness instead ...) evolution showed us that the (..)approach of universities that dictate what are the subject matters that in four years of study prepare you supposedly for a life work is basicly (..) and this is totaly demonstrated by the protectionist measures put in place in order to make it impossible for students clones to be part of the personal (...) student clones for a trillion dollars are again the income for the industry feeding on the believe that the four year degree is going to give you a positive ROI ("Return on investment") which according to the calculations of my friend Micheal Robertson hasn't being true for over twenty years Finance had a late start in the Anti Fuel technological revolution the credit card systems that centralize the banking and everything we understand about money including the monopoly on it's creation by each individual nation state are extremely vulnerable vulnerable to centralize manipulation vulnerable to crysis that periodically hit us apparently without the capacity of anybody fully understand their origin and blandly able to explain it after the fact the revolution of cryptocurrencies is lable the fad very eagerly by the same people or their equivalents who twenty years ago would wanted to wish the Internet away and the Internet even after the first bubble pop will not go away only the unsustainable business models that profited from it and we are now living in a society that understands how fundamentally the Internet and what it enables are useful to us and that is why anybody you talk to with the key that the Network society vision need to unlock the future we can very easily respond Bitcoin is not a fad cryptocurrencies are here to stay the block chain is a true innovation is a mathematical invention that is going to enable interactive fundamental benefits in a decentralized and distributed manner not only in the field of finance but in other complementary fields the legal profession notories the stock markets and so on trust platforms is what we should call airbnb, Uber and other networks that a priory allow us to trust a total stranger anybody who would ask to stay at my home here in New york or in Italy I would say Yes as long as we both knew that the cost of destroying our reputation respectively is higher than any gain that short term on of us could gain from a criminal or negligent activities constrast this to the progressive radical militarization of police forces especially in America where the present industrial complex is incentivized to make sure that as many categories of population are labeled as criminal as possible they cannot compete because we can prove that society has an advantage it is not that you earn some gain our civilization evolved on progressive increase of levels of trust and the virtuos circle of reliable responisble behavior the hardest one of course is policy and goverments because it assumes to have the power to define how everything else works and would pause it that just us you don't let an alcoholic close to boots and you don't let a drug addict close to heroin we shouldn't let politicians close to policy and goverments they are addicted to money and power just as strongly and unstoppably as other addictions and maybe we don't have a clinical name for it but the reason why protation marks normal people are repulsed by how that system works is the same reason why I don't go to try and find my next fits on a street corner wherever that would be I just don't care about that but I do care about society I do care about implementing novel solutions to our new problems rather than pretending that all solutions work and anybody in a startup scene understands how important it is to quicly rapidly iterating after designing and implementing a solution where you measure whether it works or not and this is not the process by reaching a transparent open manner politics has been working for to long time So we have to step up to the challenge and find ways that the process can be made better and can narry the other pillars where we organise social economical realities create an unstoppable change if you don't do that is not that the change won't happen it's just that is gonna be much more conflictual than it should be otherwise So in the Network society project we are creating a toolbox for both individuals, entreprises, cities Nations, to unlock this future that is rapidly coming we will be releasing gamified knowledge acquisition and application systems on your mobile phone that are going to help you understand and implement these behaviors both in your day today live as all as in your businesses So How it is gonna look like? whether it is gonna take ten or twenty years How will people live? in the Network society many of you have heard the expression "Mainframes" Some of you might have seen one Maybe one of this room of people have touched one or programmed one none of us think that they matter they are still around mainframes are still several billion dollar business for the companies chiefly IBM that produce them and support them it will be the same with Nation state it will still exist it just won't matter new organisations based on the network society model are going to be the frust through which individuals and groups of individuals they will realise their full potential and these organisations are going to be non local Bluember former mayor of New York is working on establishing such a network among cities recognising that the 10 million people city like New York has more in common with another 10 million people city maybe Beijing, maybe Sao Paulo maybe London, than not with the nation in which they belong and comparing what are the measures what are the challenges, what are the solutions that work fast and rapidly through communication, coordinated action will work better than not going pleadingly to the capital city asking for some measure where the answer is: Ok, what do I get in return It is also going to be a situation where individuals are fundamentally empowered to seek their own way of living this can include ways of living that are far out from the meen and we have already seen that our society became more tolerant towards behaviors that were not only not tolerated but they were labeled criminal only a few decades ago The U.K killed one of it's most important scientist with the excuse of homosexual behavior it was Alan Turing Today that hopefully that would not happen at least in the U.K and also in the U.S It will be, the Network society will be characterized by a spectrum of behaviors that is even further pushed out from the meen then what we are already see and they will enrich the possibilities and they will enrich our solutions seeking within our groups of different sizes There are around the world billions of people who have very little choices still in what they are doing and what their children can achieve with the components that I described to you Solar power, 3D printing direct financial relationships that are not only disintermediated, but are completely unlicence they do not require authorisation by anybody new opportunities are going to be created and yes, this will benefit the so called first world or what is more properly labelled high and middle income countries or areas but they will most greatly benefit from the situation of today to tomorrow the low income areas and I'm talking about areas rather than countries because even where the gross domestic product is spread out supposedly evenly around there are pockets of (poderpi..) pockets of policies that keep people from advancing in their dreams, including the US It is much more proper to talk about communities that express higher or lower levels of income than not overging out too many countries the same it is also going to be a society that allows a lot of things to be just tried out there will be very little barriers to biohacking with new plenty variety in you garage there will be very little barriers to designing and releasing exciting and new applications that millions of 3d printers will print out all around the world there will be no possibility of stopping our information protocols that are evolving as rapidly as incombence are trying to stop them from spreading the information around Napster was centralized and killed Bit Torrent came and nobody can stop it E-gold was centralized it's CEO was a consultant to the secret service until he was arrested with the accusation of money laundering and aiding an (bady) international terrorism Bitcoin came and the Bitcoin protocol cannot be stopped unless you turn off the Internet During the Arab spring the Egyptian goverment tried to turn off the Internet they resisted 48 hours before they realised that they needed to turn it back on even with the risk of succumbing to the revolution which happened Today the world is such that Internet cannot be turned off just as we could not turn off electricity we could not turn off mechanized power the whole globlal civilazation will crumble and this consequence (****) learning is going to drive our costant discovery of new solutions it used to be the case in the 80's that would be told Oh, you have been working here for twenty years and, you know, we will now retrain you so that you will be employable further and the emplicit promise was ok for another twenty years you would work and then you would go to pension and then you would die none of this is true today already people coming out of university no very little, they're barely imployable when people work the average length of time of staying at a given firm is decreasing and unless you keep learning the probability of staying imployable is almost zero and even learning is not a guarantee because it is a question of differential advantages not an absolute advantage It will be possible to fundamentally overcome actually it will be necessary and if it will be sold(**) the (**) between for profit and nonprofit organizations which today are either ecologicaly or economicaly unsustainable and the new organizations will be able to bridge this one of the most important things to go back to a singularitarian perspective is give people dignity empower them to do the things they want because, there is there have been many examples in the past of civilizations deciding basicly that they couldn't face the future that type of changes that were neccesary were not available for them and as a consequence "revolutions" or ecological breakdown either way (***) civilazations So, it is our choice to say, are we at the level where we allow that or are we courageous enough to actually embrace the change that (***). And we are not the only one to realise burocracies are very resistant to change and already they are with the excuse of consumer protection, of safety and safe guards. Reacting in a state of panic to the changes. Which is very similar to the over reaction of allergies or even Hiv/Aids in our bodies in our immune system itself. The state of Hawaii, for a few months, prohibited new solar installations

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"Living In The Network Society" - Assume that the process of phase change in social organization to decentralized and distributed functions is complete, and the nation state has been mostly replaced, subsumed, or rendered irrelevant by the Network Society. As Google and Facebook get disrupted by the next generation of systems that practice sound data-ecology, what does the world look like, and how do people live, work and thrive in it?

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