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Wk 4 - Party Central Directors

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[♪ music ♪] Hey, guys. How are you doing? Thanks so much for joining us. This is our Party Central Directors and Above Week 4 training. We weren't here last week. But we're calling this Week 4 anyway. And we are going to have some training next week.

But thank you so much for joining us today. Let's get right into it. We've got some important information to discuss, and then we'll get into the training. So first, we're going to talk about if you missed last week, where you can go and get the training— or actually two weeks ago, right? We'll review some important information. And then today, we're going to go over entering orders and talk about Host and Guest Access.

So if you did miss last week, you can find the video and the PowerPoint to go along with it in the Training section at My.Tupperware. And we split it up so that there's an Introduction. And it just explains the Party Central Playground and also Party Central in general for any of the Directors who hadn't heard yet. Of course, only those who had been to Leadership knew.

So we did that Introduction. And then we have a Week 1 and a Week 2. So those are all out there in the Training section if you go to Digital and Social Media Support. And then you have them right there in the middle listed together, Party Central Week 1, Week 2, and then the Intro. All right?

I'll go over the dates again really quickly. You guys have all of next week and then one more week that you, Directors and above only, are in the Playground. And then on July 26, that's when we're going to allow all of the Sales Force in. And we won't be able to have a TupperLive that day because we're doing our pre-Jubilee event TupperLive. But we will have an Intro video with some slides posted for all Sales Force.

As you're going through Party Central and the Playground, we want to hear your feedback. And the best way to give us that feedback is not to call Customer Care, but instead to go to this form at And just fill in the form with your name and your info, and then whether it's a comment, or a suggestion, or a bug report. And then you can put in the details and even attach images if you need to. So please go in there and give us your feedback, all right?

We've actually had quite a bit of feedback already because we have a little bug. When you're entering in your Host Name, the little popup that comes up if you're on your phone— that little popup is actually disappearing sometimes. It doesn't happen every time. It has to do with hitting space, or tab, or that sort of thing, hitting backspace. But sometimes it disappears.

So we've actually already got that bug ready to go. And that's going to go in, hopefully, a couple of days before all Consultants go in. So we do know about that bug, but just keep trying, all right? We do need to hear about them, though. This is how we know, by you guys filling out the feedback form.

And then the Training Schedule. We already went over the Introduction. We talked about Dating a Party and Adding Guests. Today, we're going to do Entering Orders, Guest and Host Access. And then next week, we're going to talk about Closing a Party. And then hopefully, we'll have an update for you next week as well about things that will be added right before the Consultants come in.

So Entering Orders. Entering Orders, we're going to always start on that Party Summary page. So here on my Dashboard, I've got a party set up. I'm going to click on that party and aim to get into the party. And then that's when I'm going to click on that blue Action button that's in the top right hand corner.

Now, this is a Desktop View. And we'll go over the mobile screens as soon as we're finished with these. But you click on that Action button at the top. And it drops down all the actions that are available for you when you're in the Party Summary. And the first one is Add Order. So we're going to click on Add Order.

And now the first thing we do— just like you do in My Sales today— when you go to add an order, you have to enter in the customer's information. It's the same thing here. We have to choose the customer.

Now if, when you set up your party, you added the Guests to the party, then everyone's going to be here, and you're just going to click on their name. And you'll be able to continue on. If you did not enter the Guests in, that's not a problem. You just click on that Add New Customer button, and the little Add Guests box pops up. You enter in their email address, their name, and their phone number. And then you can continue on with the order.

But for simplicity's sake today, we're just going to click on my name here in the Guest List— I've already been entered— and continue on. Now, when you're entering in orders, you have three different views that you can look at the items with. And the very first one is the most like what you're used to in My Sales. Because this is our Form View. And it lets you type in an item number and a quantity and then click add, and you can just keep coming back and doing that. And then it adds those items underneath in an ever increasing list as you add.

But this form is a lot better than what we have today because it's smarter. And what I mean by smarter is it can actually try to find the item that you're looking for as you start to type it in. So where it has that item number, you can start typing in an item number or you can start typing in a description. And it will actually start to guess what you're looking for after you've entered in three characters or so.

So to show you an example here, I typed in "Chef." And we don't have all the items in Party Demo yet. But from the items that we do have, three of those items have the word "Chef" in them, and so it brought them all up. And so now I can just choose, from the items that dropped down, the item that I'm looking for. So I'm going to click on that griddle. And now you can see that it has filled in at the top.

Oh, actually—sorry, wrong screen. This is what happens—I'm going to show you an example if you type in an item number. So in this case, I typed in "090." And you can see it already popped down underneath the two items that we have open right now that start with 090. And in that case, it's the 6.2 quart and the griddle. So I chose the griddle here.

So whether you searched with a name or an item number, once you choose it, it's going to prefill across with the item number and a quantity of one. And of course, you can change the quantity if you need to. And then you're going to hit Add Item. And then the item appears below.

And what's great is that you have it with the item, with the thumbnail, actually showing there. And you know, we're all visual. We like to see that. It lets us know, yes, I've got the right product in there. And you can see across, it's got the price and the quantity. You can change the quantity there if you need to. And then it's got the total price. So it multiplies it out if you have more than one.

Now that's the Form View. Up in the top right hand corner, underneath the Add Item button, you'll have these three icons. The Form View is the last one. You see it's grayed out in this screenshot right now. But if I click on the first one, I go to the List View.

The List View is going to have categories of filters on the left hand side. And those categories are going to be the same ones that you have in the catalog. And if you click on a category— here, I'll click on Prep, Prepare. And it's going to show me all the items that are available in the Prepare category. Now up in the top, those icons again, if I want to switch to the Grid View— that's our third option— I click on the little Grid icon.

And it brings me here. And it's similar to the List View. It still has the categories on the left. But now, in the middle, it's going to show me the big thumbnail items, like you kind of see on an e-commerce site when you go to, or wherever, to shop. This is more of the e-commerce-y feel. And we feel like this is going to be very helpful, especially for our newer Consultants.

So I clicked on Prepare again. You can see those icons there. And let's see. One of the cool things in the Grid View— if you hover over one of the thumbnails, you have two options. And one is Add to Cart, and the other is View Product. And if I click on View Product, then it's going to bring up this Product Detail page.

That's something we've never had before in our Order Entry system. This is going to give you more detail on the product. It has the item number there. And you can expand it out for more information. I really like this. And you can Add to Cart from here as well.

If you don't want to add it to cart, we have a breadcrumb trail up at the top. And you guys should be used to the breadcrumb trail now because we have it in My.Tupperware in the Sales Force website section. So the thumb—the resource—oh, I'm getting all tongue tied. The breadcrumb trail is the best way to navigate back and forth. Any time you're given navigation options on a web page, you want to try to use them instead of using the Back button in the browser because it's just a better flow, a better user experience.

So I'm going to click on Prepare in the breadcrumb trail and then show you what happens if I'm hovering over, in the Grid View, and instead of clicking View Product, I choose Add to Cart. It's just going to add it to cart. And then I get a little blue message at the top that confirms that the speedy mando has been added to my cart.

Now any time I want to see the Shopping Cart, I click on the icon at the top right hand corner, and it just pops out from the side. And from here, I can keep shopping, I can click the X in the top right hand corner to close the Shopping Cart, or I can click Checkout from here.

So let's go back to the Form View. I think that's probably the way most people will enter orders. And you can see that it's still got the two items that I added, and you can see how it's starting to build that list one item on top of the other. If I had 10 items, it would just keep going. And from here, I can click Checkout.

Once I click Checkout— similar process that you guys are used to now— is this order going to follow the default that I chose when I set up the party? If you remember, when we did the party setup, you choose whether the party should come to you or go to the Consultant. And we chose Consultant in this case. So I can choose from that option, or I can choose Direct to Customer if I'm in the US.

So I choose that, click on Continue. And if I choose Direct— and I'm in the US and I choose Direct— I'm going to have to enter in that customer's mailing address because we haven't entered that yet before, right? When we added the Guests, we only added email, and name and phone number. So we enter in their address.

And then we go to the next step, which, of course, is how are they paying. And you choose—if you choose Credit Card here, of course it's going to ask you to enter in the card information. You do that and click Continue. And the order is complete.

Now, when you come to this confirmation, remember, today when you do a party in My Sales, you enter in all of your orders. But none of those orders are submitted until you submit the party, right? And we want to make sure that you have a chance to be able to come back and make edits to those orders, just like you are today.

So these orders, once you put them in, they're not complete until you actually approve them or confirm them. So if you look here, there's this little Action, Order Actions, button that's in the middle of the top of the screen. And when you click that, the first action is Confirm.

And so once you click Confirm, then that's when that order is completely done. You don't have to do it right away. You can wait until before you submit the party. And if you do try to submit the party and you have any orders that haven't been confirmed, then it will just pop up and ask you to go and do that. So that's going through an order on the desktop.

And we'll just quickly go through the mobile screens. The process is exactly the same. It just looks a little different. So once I'm in that Party Summary, I click on the Action button, which is, of course, in the bottom right hand corner on a mobile device. And I choose Add Order. And then I choose My Guests. Same thing here, if I've entered them in already, they appear. If not, I can click Add New Customer. But I'll click on my name.

And then I come to the Form View. It looks the same as it does on the desktop. It's just compressed. And I can still search by the name or the item number. If I want to look at the List View and the Grid View in the mobile, we'll have that as well. Those screens—I don't have them here in this particular presentation. But it all looks the same.

So let's just go to—we've added a couple items. We click on Checkout. We, of course, choose the Shipping Location, fill out the customer information if it's going direct, choose the payment, enter the credit card if it's a credit card payment. And then we come to the Order Summary.

Now, on the mobile device, you can't fit everything on one screen. So that does scroll up and down. As you can see here, everything that you need is still on the mobile view. And it actually looks, I think, really nice. If you want to get back to the— oh, sorry. I skipped a spot again.

Of course, it's the same on the mobile device. If you need to confirm the order, that's done— the button looks exactly the same. And then if you want to get back to the Party Summary from here, you can just click on the Party Number in that Confirmation that pops up. You see where I have the arrow pointing now.

So that's Entering Orders. It's pretty simple. Again, it's the same information we ask for today. It's just built on a new system. And of course, the ordering—we have the three different ways to actually choose the items. So I hope you guys enjoy playing around with those.

So I wanted to talk a little bit about Host and Guest Access. And then as we go later in our training, when we bring the Consultants in, we'll be showing you more screens. But I want to talk about it first yet, before we get there.

So Host and Guest Access is going to be a combination of using or .ca and using Party Central pages. It's kind of like TupperConnect is today, if you've used that, where your Hosts and your Guests engage with a TupperConnect party. They do so through a account. So there will be some places where that is required.

So a Host and a Guest will need to have a account, just like they do with TupperConnect. But now you're Guest isn't going to know that it's two different systems. It's just going to all flow really easily for them. The email address that's used when you set up for the Hosts in Party Central— it needs to match the email address that they used to set up their account in It's the same as it is for TupperConnect today. That's how we link it together.

So whenever the Host comes in, just make sure they're using the same email address that they gave you to use for the party setup. Now while they're in Party Central, Hosts are going to be able to add Guests and send invitations, if it's a TupperConnect order or a Party+ order, just like they do today. The screens will be a little different.

But if you have TupperConnect or Party+ selected, your Host will be able to send the invitations herself. Or you can choose to send them, if you want to do that. But that's not changing for them, OK? For all parties, a Host is going to be able to place their Host order if you want them to.

So today, a Host tells you what their order is, and you go in and place it. But if you want to, with Party Central, we're going to have an enhanced view of the Host order process that actually walks them through to make sure that they don't miss any of the things that they qualified for. So you'll have the option of allowing the Host to go into Party Central to place her own order.

And it's up to you whether you would walk her through that and be there with her, or let her do it on her own. That's going to be completely up to you. But it's a really cool thing. It's going to help, I think, especially our newer Consultants who aren't as familiar with the Host program. Because again, it's going to walk you through and make sure you don't miss anything.

And also the Hosts, while they're logged in to Party Central, will be able to see the RSVPs for their party, and they'll be able to see a version of the Party Summary that's for them. And I'll show you a picture of that in a second.

Now while in, just like they are today, a Host will be able to see their order history. But now, they'll also be able to see their party history. So here's an example of what that Host Party Summary might look like in Party Central. You see, it's got your contact information on there. It shows them their RSVP information. It shows the Guests' names who have placed orders so far.

Of course, they're not going to be able to dig into the orders like you are. But it's just sort of a window for them to see how the party is going. And it also shows them what they've qualified for so far.

The Guest Access. Well, the Guest will be able to access Party Central through So while they're there, they'll be able to place an order, as long as it's within the party window. Remember, we talked about, in the introduction, that when you're at a party, it's actually going to be from when the party starts— when we have it in the system that the party starts— for a certain number of hours after, that they're going to be able to place an order through Party Central.

So when you're in that window, the Guests will be able to actually place an order from their phones at the party. They're also going to be able to view a modified Party Summary as well that's just going to show them their orders. And then, of course, while they're logged in at, they'll be able to see their order history. And this is just an example of what a Guest might see as a Party Summary.

Of course, in this case, we were testing, and so this Guest has multiple orders. A Guest, probably, would only have one, maybe two. But they'll be able to see everything there and also see some RSVP status as well about the party. And of course, the most important part— your contact information. And then this is a mockup of what the flow might look like for a Guest who's checking in.

So they're at the party, they've seen the demo. And at the point where you would normally pass out your order forms, you say, you can place your orders online. Just pull out your phone and go to You would give them your party reference number, and they would type that in. And then it would ask them to sign in to, if they already have an account, or create one if they don't.

And remember that a account— it only asks them for their email address and name. It doesn't ask for a ton of information. So it's really easy to set up. And then once they've done that, they'll come in to Party Central, where they can place their order.

And again, remember we talked about in the intro— they can place their order. They'll be able to enter everything in, enter where they want it shipped, their credit card information. But the order is not submitted until you approve it. So that process is completely up to you, how you want to do it.

Our recommendation, of course, is that you would have at the party either your phone, or a tablet, or a desktop, and that you would sit down with each customer, sort of like you do today with your paper order forms, when you coach them through that part— you would sit down with them as well. Because that order would come to you on your phone or your tablet, whatever you bring with you, and you can go through it with them.

You can make edits to the order, if you need to make edits to it, and then you can approve it. And what's really cool is they hang out, they place their order on their phone. They hang out, they talk to you, you approve it.

If they're in the US and they chose direct shipping, and they paid for the entire order with a credit card, that order is submitted immediately, which means it's going to be just like an internet order, and it will get addressed the next day, the next business day, which means they get their product early, which is awesome. And then this is just a screenshot of or .ca, the account.

So today if you go in, customers who have an account and who have placed orders on can see their order history. And now they'll be able to see their party history as well. So that's how we're changing that.

So do we have any questions, Germaine? Oh, do we? I'm trying to keep up. [laughs] There must be lots of questions. - I can go through some of them just so that you can talk about it. - Please.

OK, so I don't have the names. - I'm just keeping track of the questions. - OK. There's a couple questions surrounding the whole confirming orders. OK. So one question about that is one, does every order have to be confirmed? Right. - The answer to that is yes. - Is yes, yes.

Another question about it is what are the other options— and I think just because it's a little blurry, the screenshots. Yeah, and when you find it in the training section after we post it, it will be nice and clear. So definitely go look at those. What are the other options? When you hit that Actions button on the order, - what are all of the options in there? - Right.

That includes the Confirm, which you talked about. - Edit. You can edit the order. - Yep. You can print. - Or cancel the order. - Or cancel, exactly. So if you're at a party and someone's placed an order, if they decided to order cash and carry, or if they— if you talked them into hosting a party, and they want to cancel some pieces, or if they want to add some pieces, you can do all of that by clicking Edit.

You can print it, so that you have— if they want a printed receipt. Of course, they're going to get—remember, they're going to get an email as soon as it is submitted. So if they want that receipt, they will get it in their email. And then, of course, you can cancel it.

After I confirm an order, can I change it before I submit? - Would you like me to go over that one? - Yeah, could you cover that one, please? Once you confirm an order, it is finalized. The system won't allow you to edit that order. However, in a pinch, it can be canceled.

Right, so if you do find yourself in a situation where you've confirmed an order, but it needs changes to be made before you submit the party, then you can cancel it and re-enter it.

I just want to clarify. In that case, we just gave the example of in a party. - In a party, right. - Because the orders don't really start getting processed until the party is closed. But in the case of a non-party order, once you confirm, the order is processed. So you won't have that opportunity to cancel it and re-enter.

And the same thing goes for a Guest at a party in the US, who chose direct shipping and paid with a credit card. You wouldn't be able to cancel that either, once you've submitted it, once you've confirmed it.

OK, so we have another question here from Michelle. What is the Party Open time frame? That is a great question, Michelle. That's something that we're still working with senior management to completely confirm. But we're going to make sure that it's a big enough window so that there's no time crunch. But we don't want to leave it open too long, OK? So it might be—I don't know, maybe it will be an hour before and three hours later. We don't know for sure yet.

So that's something we're working with senior management on right now. If you have recommendations on that, that would be a great thing to go to the feedback form and send to us. Absolutely. Another question.

Will we no longer have paper order forms? Will the customer have to place order— will the customer have to place the order online? So this is a concern I've heard a few times. And I think I'm being clear, so I just want to be really super clear.

We aren't going to make you change to do this. If you want to do the paper order forms, please continue doing the paper order forms. This is all about giving you new options, not taking away old options.

I know we have a big group of people who use the shopping order forms because they like to do wish lists. And while we're not going to have the wish lists when we first go live, it's going to be added later. Until we do that, that shopping order form is a great way to collect wish lists.

So if you have a way that you do and you like to do those paper order forms, please—you know, again, we're adding. We're giving you the option. If you do the paper order forms and you have a customer who says, you know, I really just don't feel comfortable giving you my credit card on this piece of paper. Then maybe you say, you know what? There's an option. But it's all completely up to you.

OK, and one last one. Will the receipt email include the pictures of the products? Yeah, so the receipt email looks— it looks just like the confirmation that you see on the screen there. So yeah, it will have those little thumbnails. And if they go to look at their order history on, when they click on it, it opens it up as well. So they'll be able to see that.

- All right? - We're good. I mean, there are other questions. But they're variations of the same questions.

OK, awesome. So if you guys have more questions, you can come back to the, our TupperLive channel, here and read through all of those comments, in case you missed one. And then you have the feedback form as well.

And then if you're coming to Jubilee, we're actually going to be there. I'm going to have Germaine. And I'm hoping to have Mariah, who's over there helping us today as well. We're going to be set up at the TupperTech booth in the Expo all day Wednesday and the first half of Thursday. And we'd love to be helping you, answering your questions, for Party Central. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm excited about it.

So if that's all— all right. So if that's it, guys, I thank you very much for joining us. We are going to be back next Thursday at noon. And we'll talk about, again, Closing Orders and then anything that's coming up.

So again, thanks. Please go out in the Playground and play. Don't be afraid to click around. Try it on your desktop, try it on your phone. And let us know what your feedback is, all right? Thanks again. We'll see you guys later. Bye.

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Wk 4 - Party Central Directors

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