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System Demon - Peace Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demons - Peace demon I am the peace- system demon oh yeh I am the- ok so let's look at the definition of peace has actually being lived in this world today that people don't see but in which they lived ok two countries got themselves into each other they have a war, then they come to an agreement which is called: We have now made peace isn't that fucked up? first have war! kill! millions of people screws out their anger, and apparent just because an agreement is made now peace exists you have got peace keepers peace keepers only exist because war exist ok? second point then you apparently your day is extensively rough, you have to meditate to experience peace but that peace- only exists because your rough days exist then you will experience peace only that moment, the rest of your day fucked you have got- monastery ok? with people apparently live in peace beautiful lovely ok? now question is then: Why can't the rest of the world live in peace? but is that peace really what is peace? do they really live in peace? no they don't, they got conflict from the government and shit they don't live in peace, they've got financial worries and concerns they've got concerns about their religion, inner conflict you think- monks are the most un-peaceful people in this world they have got their most inner conflict you can't believe but apparently when they centered themselves within that inner conflict they experience peace you know buddhist monks are the greatest deception and pictures presented in this world why? because I am peaceful- I am peaceful you know they are not peaceful, that's not peace peace has never exist in this world they are 'peaceful' because they meditate- that's where they get their peace from that's where they apply their peace from so, something occurs as a outer manifestation, for peace to have to exist which is polarity manifestation of consciousness so in other words hello! again I greet myself to you because I am a peace system demon in other words, peace is a system peace is not a manifestation of the expression of man as who they are buddhist monks, sorry I am not taking your personally here I am not attacking you or anything I am just saying as an example that peace has never existed and not even you have experienced peace and there is no being in existence - that's the point I am making because buddhist monks from a perspective of that you're seen as the most peaceful creature in this world you are also not, why? because you use something as an outside source for reason for you to meditate and then experience peace which is not what it's about so you've got some fucked up idea about peace, have a look in this world you really do! if you really look at the definition of peace - it is screwed up war then peace, conflict then peace stress out day then peace (laugh) the starting point in this world is not peace please, peace doesn't existed you've got really an illusional idea of what peace is I think this whole world needs to get into a mental institution seriously! I mean just transform this world into a mental institution because peace! doesn't existed you know if a being said: Oh I experience peace go mental institution, no- peace doesn't exist sorry so you have to do something ok so that's what peace is peace doesn't exist if you use the word peace, tell yourself peace doesn't existed, I probably belong to a mental institution walk yourself to a mental institution and say: I believe in the illusion of peace I need to sort myself out now I am just kidding don't do that I am just making a point I am making a point that peace doesn't exist at all you can discard the definition of peace because it doesn't exist it's been illusion it's an illusion for your government to control you that's what it is peace has been used now for your government to control you watch that space, that's what's been happening war and terrorism war and terrorist, fears of crime bullshit making agreements money, support for the country we have to instill peace, isn't that peace? no! people open your eyes and open your ears discard peace it doesn't exist do your self a favor you are being controlled by the word peace and you're allowing it which is me, thank you, bye Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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