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The Tillman Story (2010)

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[crowd noise] (George Bush) Pat Tillman loved the game of football. Yet he loved America even more. (male voice) Pat Tillman was the most famous enlisted man in the military. (female voice) He thought that going into Afghanistan was the right thing to do. (male voice) At times like this you stop and think about just how good we have it. And the flag is a symbol of all that. (anchorman) Pat Tillman, who gave up a multi-million dollar contract in professional football, has been killed. (tv reporter) Tillman ordered his men up a hill to attack terrorists that had pinned down part of his platoon. (another tv reporter) Tillman's voice was heard issuing commands to take the fight to enemy forces. (tv reporter) Tillman's family will receive the silver star... (male voice) Pat sacrificed himself so that his brothers could live. I knew that things were going to come out that were going to make that ceremony... ...invalid. They told me, "you need to keep your mouth shut about it. I was told, "your career is on the line". Now when somebody tells me something in the Army, you salute, about face and go get it done. (female voice) What they said happened, didn't happen, and so, you have to set the record straight. (father) Danny committed herself to trying to figure out exactly what happened to our son. (male voice) People started asking questions, and then all of the sudden, the Tillman story changes. (male voice) I just remember Pat yelling his name - "I'm Pat Tillman - Why are you shooting at me?" (male voice) Every piece of evidence that could ever be used was eliminated. (female voice) All the generals were lying. (generals) You can't be sure >> I can't tell you. >> It's a guess. >> I don't know. I don't recall precisely how I learned that he was killed. (male) This goes pretty damn high. (female) To find out that the military were the very people to lie to us... ...It's outrageous. [Captions by]

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