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Montato Poste Italiane V2 Loghi

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Information systems are a fundamental tool for sales operations. A CRM system should contain full information about customers, from their revenues to the history of their contracts, past and present, and their credit position. This enables the CRM system to become a tool for communication between the company and the customer, via the sales force, as well as a tool for implementing sales strategies through action plans. Nothing like this existed in the current CRM system. The customer file was practically empty and the sales processes were unbelievably long and complicated. Just ends in themselves, in many cases. So it really was time to change. The project for the new Sales Force Automation platform, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, gives our sales force a new way to manage the customer relationship and draw up sales offers, with continuous opportunity tracking through to completion and management of the contract. In an innovative multichannel environment, with a strong emphasis on mobile access in line with the new model of the digital enterprise. Thanks to multiple real-time integration with the main Poste Italiane systems, the platform provides sales personnel with access, at the various stages of the sales process, to all the information they need. On the new SFA system, we don't just have information about customers. We actually meet the customers. With their history, past and present, all their contracts, their credit position, their revenues, Even better, besides meeting customers and their needs, we have processes to support our sales operations that are incredibly simple and easy to use. From entering customer data, to managing the negotiation, through to signature of the contract, with the possibility of errors reduced to a minimum. All this frees up time for the sales force and enhances their work. Ultimately, it improves the win rate. This really is a watershed for the Poste Italiane corporate market. The Sales Force Automation project is not just a new way of working, it is also Poste Italiane's first cloud project. We are moving along the path of digital transformation, connecting people, processes and data, starting from a re-formulation of our business models. The cloud is more than an infrastructure change, it takes us into a world where data is fully available, and stored in an environment that is secure and, above all, integrated.

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Montato Poste Italiane V2 Loghi

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