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Lara Aragon - Magaluf, Spain - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~13:15:00-13:44:59

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If they leave us some glasses... They used up my glasses last week... You can drink the juice in them. Another one, Punch? Punchy, will you have more? Tell me. A simple one or something else? No, I'm washing my teeth. Ah! - What's up, dear? - Nothing. Take one, then. - Here, mum. - This... No, this one is for dad. - I've drunk it. - Very well. Who's that for? Juice. I'm always the last one. But you eat. Sure. Anyway, you know I don't eat much. Yes, that's why I ask you to eat. Tell Jeni... To come. Ah, don't! Look. The plastic. I didn't catch on such a good idea. - Can you give this to Jeni? - Okay. - Have you called, mum? - Eh? Have you called me? - No, Fer. - Ah! Boys?... They have all fled. - Jeni, do you have any eggs? - Yes. Can you lend me some? I'll buy you more on the next site. Yes, how many? Like... Four. - Already here! - Fine! - Mum. - Yes. Have you seen a blue package of ham? Yes... Up there where the cold meat. Where is it hidden? Eh? It's very well hidden. Stay here a little with me, okay? - Me? - Yes, don't go, just a minute. To take a few things. Here. - Angel is already here, isn't he? - Yes. Okay, Gaby's is ready. Mía's is ready. Gil's is left, the light wire, the power switch and that's all. Now I call him to hook it up and that's fine. Do I help you? No. - Is that one for Angel? - No, Angel's is that one there. - Is this one for you? - No. A minute. - Jeni, isn't she? - No. What happens, my little? Give me cheese. - Fuc... - I shouldn't have washed my teeth. It tastes weird, I don't care what it has but it tastes like... Something. Like something but not cheese? No cheese, yes. - Hey, is there aluminium? - Yes, dear. Can you lend me some, please? In the second cutlery drawer. Okay, cool. Yikes, this one got stuck. - Do I take this? - What? The bowl. No... I haven't finished. Those, do you know what happens? I have to put the cheese on it because I couldn't put it within. Punchy. You know? - Love! - Hello, daddy. Hello, Angel! - I'm back. - I see. That's love. That's "lov". - It is... - Your sandwich is there, wrapped. - This one? - The wrapped one. - What's up? - Well... Here... I had to make all fast and in a hurry. Okay. - At least some sandwiches. - How was the journey? Long, yes, after the night before... Later, at dinner, I'll compensate you. No, at dinner we'll see how to compensate ourselves. We'll dinner outside. You can't go back to the kitchen. Lara is cooking lunch, eh? Sandwiches. No, no, Gaby and Judith have said they're having lunch outside. Yes, but it's not about going outside... It's to tell Angel... As there're so many problems with... About the journey. Just take something quick to eat and... And eat it here, do you know? Gaby, I can make you sandwiches. They're great, eh! Well, I didn't... I didn't want to trouble you, but okay. No dear, I make you one without omelette because it isn't good for the liver... A normal one for Judith and that's all. - Can I have this one? - Yes, dad. Oh, yummy! - Then... - I had just a coffee this morning. Punchy, look. This is... For... The new performers who came to the circus. - Okay. - You know? They're five. Apologize to them because I couldn't put in the... The cheese inside, because it got closed ahead of time. - Have they asked, or what? - Eh? They're for the new performers who came yesterday... - They're here only since yesterday. - Ah! Here. Ouch, it burns! Let's do... A number of... Here, instead of cakes, we give omelettes and things like that. Among all we help preparing food. Have you eaten, mum? No, I'm always the last one. For Gaby... I can use... Sausages or chicken. Sausages. How's the grandmother? She is out of surgery. - Is she already causing trouble? - Eh? Is she causing trouble? They say she's making such a... They were going to ask the doctors... Alzheimer isn't a good thing, Angel. We don't want to realize but... We believe our grandmother is the same and she... She isn't. Do you know who's dying? Divina's mother. Divina's mother... Sirne's grandmother? - The grandma? - Yes. Damn! - She's ninety... - Yes, I know her, oh! I know her very well. She was very well, mentally and all. I know them since I was a child. She complained, about her stomach... Cancer. Thank you, you're the best. And it is... It's killing her. At least that's what I got. Russians don't vocalize very well. Russians don't vocalize well, do they? - Well, if they say "spasiva"... - Yes. Eh... Judith. Judith's one is with everything. I'm going to Olga's place. No, but... Give me a minute, okay? Let's see if we have hot dog's bread... It's going to be easier for Judith. - Of the mobile? - Where does she put them, the chargers? - Who? - Who... - No, the charger of your mobile... - The chargers are now... - ... In the caravan. - No, I have two, one here and other in the caravan. All the chargers are there. I have looked there. Ah, okay! Not in the wires' box. Oh, what I've found! There isn't... Bread. What's that? Pork rinds. - Yummy. - Yes, I love them. I've been already talking to Jesus, eh? On the moment and just up in the morning... - I owe him a beer. - Oh, okay. No... It's been me. Then... He will have to wait because here... Eh... I'll need to take some cheese. When we arrive to the other site I'll buy some. Because I've run out of cheese. And Gaby... Well... - Tonight we have to babysit. - I know. Babysit, who? We're to... A little girl, a friend of ours. - We're babysitting her. - Yuck! Have you seen, for Punchy, the...? No, no I haven't seen anything. The truth is that it's being a pretty tiresome day. - The mobiles? - No... So that... If you can look for it, but anyway... We should go. If you want it... So, if you are suddenly in a hurry. We should go to Palma's airport. Am I in a hurry... What hurry? You're the best, mum. I love you more each day. I'm hungry but I have already washed my teeth. Okay then, I'll make you one of sausages. - You're on time. - Okay! And take more cheese for me, please. - Yes... No... - A little more... I'll take it and then... - But, hadn't you already eaten? - Who? - Yes. - Yes, but... You're talking about Punchy, dad. Eh! This there. My days are quite bad lately, as soon I'm not hungry as I eat a lot. I find it very funny because the same happened to me. At your age, you gobble. Let's see. Yuyita! My pretty girl! Here you have, love! - The little one answers. - Yes. We have laughed because... Claudia and I were counting shoes. But, every time she gave me one she said: Thanks, thanks. She already says "thanks". A friend of mine says that... What she has learnt the fastest was that of the laces. It is amazing how fast she has learnt the laces. The children, they fix on something and... I don't understand. Yes, she ties her shoe laces by herself. Yes. And it made them laugh. - To the doctor? - Yes. Good morning! This is for Gaby, as he is so big... It has to be really, really big. Angel's dad has come. He must be here to pick him, to take him on holidays. Very handsome. Oh, you have the same smile, you both! You smile the same. That's what I was saying. Hello! They smile alike. Your uncle Gaby likes... Ah! I thought I had, but I don't. Nothing. Okay, another then! You said turkey and cheese, don't you? For the second. For Gaby, please. - Did you get yours? - Yes, I have already eaten it. - Do you want another? - No, no. Sure? You look sad, Jeni. What happens? The hot... No... - Ah, so hot! - Yes. I've cut this one thick. Do you want ketchup or mustard? - Punch... - What? Mustard or ketchup? Okay, both. - Both? - Yes. Do you want the bread on the pan or normal? Normal. Look, mum. You're peeling off. So you really got burnt. You really got sunburnt. Look, we recycle. That's nothing, Punch. Our first day of holidays... - We took everybody to... - Yes, I saw it in the pictures. What bubbles! Horrible. Right! With stretchable cheese. Here! - You want more? - Thanks, mum. - You want a yoghurt? - I came to drink water. There. Here. Here you have, there's juice too. Jeni, kitchen roll, is there any? Eh... Where did I put it? No, no matter. It's fine. I... You know I can handle. I think I'm the only one left. This is what I like the most from cheese. Here you have. - Yuya! - Yes? It seems the baby is hot. Bring her here, if you want... I can lay her next to your cousin, who is humming. I lay her down. Don't worry, Yu. We clean it now. When we arrive the other site we have to clean and order everything. That's very important, it's the gold medal we won in the gymkhana... In the school. Really cool, you have to come one year. You give her to me? Oh, what my wife is worth! Come here! My prettiest doll in Spain. - Honey, can you hand me a yoghurt? - Yes, my love. - Have you eaten? - No, I'm on it. No, then eat. Get some fresh air here. Will you get some fresh air? To catch a little cold. Who loves you? Gradma Lara. Yes. Who loves you? Grandma Lara. Come on. Come. Wow, how strong is my little! She's really strong! She's a supergirl! Hi supergirl. Hi, supergirl, hi superbaby. Can you put this there? I want four or five of these, when...? No, no, not yet. - No, no... - But you have to make me grandma, eh? - Tell Fer. - Of crowds. Crowds of babies for me to take care. I love you. Yes. What beautiful feet, "miss foo"! Now I know why your dad says "foo"! Because she says "foo". Let's see? Yes... Have the dummy. Right, there! Wow! Do some exercise. Take your foot, look how cool! You have a foot! When you are forty two, like me, you won't be able to do it. Right, let's see. You... And you... Ah, Jeni! They came to mow the grass... Dear, put that down there. Do you want anything else? - Yoghurt... Water? - Mum. This one is room temperature, this is fresher. It slips from my hands. Take it. - Give me the glass back, the glass... - Okay. Hey, handy! Oh, you're so loud-mouthed! Is the water there? - What? - Me. Let me handle it. What happened? I handle it, leave that! - Leave the headphones. - She wants the headphones. Come with uncle Punchy! I'm a baby... Oh, it's fresh here! It's fresh here! I've always said... Punchy. I don't mean now, but... In the future... - What? - I know you don't want... But when you want, you'll be a great father. 'Cause you like it. And I've seen how you take care of your brother. And now of your godchild, the chubby one.

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Duration: 30 minutes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Mara Pérez
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Posted by: globallives on Oct 29, 2013

Lara makes sandwiches for her husband, her two children, her brother and her niece.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Lara Aragon.

This video was produced by Mara P̩rez, Chino Saavedra, Pablo Barrientos, Paromita Dhar, and Carlos Rodriguez.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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