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The Story of Guy Fawkes

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[Trumpets playing] [Tweeting noises] The plotters put barrels of gunpowder under Parliament. But the guards heard about the plot. Guy Fawkes went to the barrels in the cellar of Parliament with a large matchstick. The guards found Guy Fawkes and asked him, Why do you have so much gunpowder? It's not mine. Guy Fawkes was stuttering nervously. The guards didn't believe him and arrested him. [Squeaking noises] [Marching noises] Guy Fawkes was put in chains that were hard, rough and heavy. Oh these are so heavy I can't walk We don't care we want you to answer our question. He was held in the Salt Tower that was made of rocks, with no windows and it was cold. He could catch diseases from the horrible grey rats. Guy felt frightened and furious because he knew he was going to die. [Squeeking noises] The dungeon was under the White Tower. It was cold and dark with dry blood on the floor. Guy Fawkes was taken into the dungeon. He was tied to the rack. The guards stretched the rack that dislocated Guy's arms and split his skin [Shouting] Ahh! I will never tell you what you want to know. We'll see about that. Guy Fawkes eventually admitted to being involved with the plot. He was taken to the King's House in the Tower to sign his confession. Don't do it Guido! Guy signed his confession though with a shaking hand it was difficult to read. Guy Fawkes's hands were tied together with a chain and other chains were put around his neck. He was led from the Tower into London like a horse. Guy was hanged and everyone started bonfires.

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