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Workstyle Freestyle 056 - 'F20 Impact'

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Hello Hoxbies! Welcome to #WorkstyleFreestyle with me, Alex Hirst and with me, Lizzie Penny. We are so excited to be talking to you today about our first Impact Report. Yes! For the financial year ending the end of March 2020 so that is our F20 year we have had a terrific year a record breaking year for Hoxby but how we measure our impact is not just in terms of financials they're actually more about the work we're doing so how we're helping our clients, helping Hoxbies and helping the world. Shall we take each of those in turn? Yes, shall we give you some little stats to go with those? So we've got less clients than we had last year we've got less projects but we have grown our organisation by more than double so what we've been doing over the year is reducing our client base to those that are more aligned with what we are trying to do and the impacts we are trying to have in the world so we've actually got 35 clients in the last financial year as opposed to 86 the year before but they're perfect clients right? they sure are it feels great as a result we've been able to increase the percentage of Hoxbies that are doing paid work as well, so that's gone up to 32% from 28% which is fantastic and obviously significantly greater than the average for most freelance platforms which are around 4%, something like that so very pleased with that to your point Lizzie about growing overall we've also increased the revenue by Hoxby as well from about, I think, in fact, we've doubled it from about one and a half thousand to three thousand pounds per Hoxby so that's also a great step forward this year and then helping the world we have launched the Hoxby Foundation recently which you will have seen and we moved from we introduced a 5% profit contribution to the Hoxby Foundation during the year so far, we've contributed £26,000 to the Hoxby Foundation and we are thrilled to be starting to partner with other organisations in order to deliver impact there so as you hopefully know we're a social enterprise impact is at the heart of what we do and we exist with a vision to create a happier, more fulfilled society through a world of work without bias so please get stuck in and read the whole impact report it's a fantastic, refreshing read and it explains a bit more about what we're trying to do with everything we do at Hoxby quite right, thanks for tuning in, we'll see you soon. Bye bye! See you soon!

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