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Our Employment Value Proposition

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Are you ready to grow your career, at a place that’s dedicated to providing real growth opportunities? It’s time to consider a career at Dell. Here, you'll find a place that hires and develops the best and brightest people, and presents them with challenging, rewarding work that makes a real impact. This is a workplace where a higher standard of excellence isn't just talked about-it's lived and exceeded. We invest in our teammates, and develop inspiring leaders to help cultivate a winning culture. A culture where smart minds and cool people collaborate, and lead us to breakthrough innovations and team victories every day. We recognize and reward entrepreneurial spirit and integrity. We do things a little different here, but, as a founder-led company with the resources of a large corporation, we do them thoughtfully – and well. We don’t believe in strict hierarchy, we’re open and transparent, and we’ve been named one of the world’s most ethical companies three years running. All while we remain committed to our communities -- and our planet. Whether you're looking to sharpen your skillset, deepen your knowledge or try something new, there's an opportunity for you to do it here at Dell. We trust our leaders to give their teams the option to work when, where, and how they work best – if possible. So come join us! We welcome teammates of all identities and backgrounds. You'll do big things with great people, and be part of a company that’s shaping the future and making an impact across the globe. Does this sound like you? Visit, and let’s see if we can’t start something big together.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Oct 27, 2017

Our Employment Value Proposition

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