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Paul Hawken - Changing the Dream of the Present

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global oneness project Changing the Dream of the Present I think we should be a little careful about fantasies of a hopeful future. Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author I think we should be equally careful about fantasies of a dire future as well. Those are very easy to create, to describe, and the hopeful ones tend to be projections of, with all and profound due respect, white people. And I think they prescribe and they limit. They actually don't necessarily open up because then we start to perceive the present through the lens of the future, and I think that's upside down and backwards. The only reason you ever try to imagine any type of future is to give you a better sense of how present you are, how authentically you are living in the moment you are living, in the times you live. So I don't have a hopeful future, and I try not to have a dire future. I'm just like everybody else. I have real fears and concerns. I'm a father; I have children. And even if I didn't, I would have the same fears. But they're more pressing because of that, like any parent knows. And for me, I keep going back to myself, which is am I the person, am I the human being, that will create a livable future? Am I that person? And I fail every day. And what I think I know--and I used to work at SRI and wrote books on the future-- is that it never happens the way you think it will, and it never happens when you think it will, and it never happens how you think it will, so you can just forget about it anyway because it just never happens that way. It is fundamentally unknowable. Unknowable. And the gift, if you will, of climate science, of the predictions that are certainly there now that are based on physics, are that they change how we see ourselves, how we see today, who we are, what we're doing. But I am very wary of semi-Panglossian attempts to paint a future that is humane and livable and good and comfortable because that's not how it works. I think it comes right back to the original vision, which is changing the dream. Now, the dream isn't the dream of the future. The dream is the dream of the present. And we often think of dream as being prophetic dreams, but that does happen to certain people-- they have this ability to cross time and space in a way that they can see the future-- but for the rest of us it doesn't happen. It's not a valid thing to attempt. For us it's about the dream of who we are today, right now. And I don't mean to, in a sense, dismiss those visions because I think aspirations are hopeful, but I think in some ways that they can take us away from the grief that we need to feel, and I actually feel it's in our grief that we find our connection to each other, to ourself, to the smallest things that we overlooked, and that we can start to see the world again with new eyes, through those tears that wash away the illusions that separate us from each other. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Sep 25, 2009

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