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The Heart of the Matter Class #6 : What is Anger ? By Karen Berg

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We know, those of us that read, there was a story prior to that saying that when Rachel died Reuben had made a decision to honour his mother. To move the bed of Jacob into her tent, into her place and he had created a situation that wasn't according to the rules that Jacob understood. And he says that because of that, he lost the birth right, he lost the double portion and he lost the priesthood. For such a small thing, he should loose everything? Including his place, that only was redeemed again through the eyes of Moses? That he had to suffer and the answer is it was because he was angered. It was because he had decided, he created a space between him and that which was his and just for that alone he lost everything and we learn from this that one of the key conditions, one of the most difficult things in the world is to control our anger because what is anger? I don't believe in the light. What do I get angry at? Somebody doesn't respect me. Somebody tells me something I don't want to hear. Somebody puts in a situation that I don't like. I form myself with a partner that I don't have a relationship with I get angry and sometimes, I even get angry with the Light itself. Why do I deserve this? Why isn't it somebody else? Why don't I have what this one has? I get angry. And when one get's angry Chaim Vital, tells a story. That when his anger, he went to The Ari and he said to him and he was a married man by the way, when am I going to find my soulmate? He said that when you loose that anger inside of you. You will be allowed to reach your spiritual level and then you will be entitled to to marry Rachel. Who was the wife or Rabbi Akiva. But not until you would accept the Light and therefore Reuben lost. He gave the kingdom to Yehuda, which we'll talk about, we gave Yosef, became the first born and the 3rd part was given already to Aaron the Cohen. And the reason that it was given to Aaron, it says that he was a man of peace. That every place he went he tried to make balance among the people. He tried to bring peace. The biggest quality in the idea of the priesthood, should have been a Libra, is to make balance. Okay? Now. So Reuben looses his entitlement. What he was duly entitled to because he, because of his anger.

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What is Anger _ By Karen Berg Short

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