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Alice Human Sacrifice

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There was once a little dream. No one knows who dreamt it. It was such a tiny dream.. This made the little dream think.. "I don't want to disappear.." "How do I make people dream me?" The little dream thought.. And finally had an idea! "I will make people come to me, and they will make my world." Alice Human Sacrafice The first Alice was of the spade. She brazenly handled the sword. She loved it so when she cut all in her way down. She left behind her a blood-red path. Deep within the forest, she was taken. Imprisoned for all time, because of her sins. But, if not for the path painted red.. No one would even know that she ever existed. The second Alice was of the diamond. He tamely sang songs for all of Wonderland. Singing to all with false-created notes. His own song of insanity. This fragile Alice was of the rose. He was shot and killed by a madman. It bloomed a flower of a gloomy red. The once loved musician was forgotten with the wind. The third Alice was of the clover. Sweet and pretty, she was loved by all of Wonderland. The people came to her every beck and call. She created a strange country of green. This new Alice was the green country's queen. Taken over by a distorted dream. Fears of death taking her into its grasp.. She would eternally rule over her country. Meanwhile, two children entered the woods. They had a tea party under the rose trees. An invitation, for them, from the castle was.. The trump card of hearts. The fourth Alice was two siblings. They curiously wandered throughout Wonderland. Walking through countless doors.. While they had only just arrived. A suborn older sister. An intelligent younger brother. Though they were the closest to Alice's Wonderland. They were never woken from their deep dreaming.. Forever they wandered in the place called Wonderland.

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Posted by: chrytine on Jul 17, 2013

Vocaloid song that I wanted to subtitle for the original, instead of fanmade videos.
Original video, without lyric subtitles:

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