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for this project, our group is going to use four Coke bottles of different temperatures to determine how fast each one reacts with one mento before we explain our experiment, let's discuss the science behind the coke and mentos reaction mentos are covered with small craters, when the carbon dioxide from the soda comes into contact with the surface of the mentos it will grip onto the pits and start forming air bubbles the small bubbles quickly turn into a foam, and the pressure builds up to a large geyser. Our hypothesis states that if the temperature of the soda is increased then the rate of the explosion will also increase, because the gas molecules will aggregate faster and create more pressure. The materials that we will use for this project will be a timer, to time the reaction rate of the soda and mentos a thermometer to measure the temperature of each soda bottle, a pack of mentos, and four Coke bottles. Our independent variable will be the temperature of the soda. One bottle will be tested straight off the shelf, another will be tested after resting for thirty minutes in the heat another bottle will be tested after one hour and the final Coke bottle will have been chilled in the fridge overnight. Our dependent variable is the reaction rate. Three trials will be conducted for the four different soda bottles. First, we will start with the bottle straight from the shelf as our control and continue based on the order of lowest to highest temperature. We will add one mento to each of the coke bottles and then time the reaction rate immediately after in seconds. After averaging the numbers for each trial, we’ll be able to find out if our hypothesis was correct.

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