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Pocket Signal

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Victor Alex Nic We're working on PocketSignal PocketSignal is an app that notifies your friends or family of your location in the event that you can't. It's a non-invasive way for everyone to make sure you're safe. You open the app, put in a time, choose up to 3 contacts, activate the app, then go do what you want. If you don't deactivate the app before the time you put in, PocketSignal will automatically email and text your name and GPS coordinates to your chosen contacts. Say I'm a new rider and I just got a fast sports bike and I plan to ride it out of town on the highway. My girlfriend's worried and wants to be sure I arrive safely so I create a new signal for when I think I should arrive and set it to notify her. On the way I crash into the bushes on the side and no one sees it After the time has passed my girlfriend will now know where I am and come save me. So say you're going to buy something from craigslist, which is not always the safest. So you decide to set a signal for 1 hour after the transaction should be complete. And during the transaction things take a turn for the worse. Your friends and family will be notified with your location and now be able to help you Let's say you're in Vegas with 10 of your friends and you all plan to paint the town red. Some of you might get separated but you should all be back at the hotel room by 5am. You all drank more than your livers could handle and when you woke up the next day at 3pm you noticed Amy was missing. Luckily three of you got a text and an email with Amy's coordinates at 5:01am and you eventually found her in the men's restroom. Now you can go drinking again! Thanks for watching everyone. Irma, Travis, we love you.

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Posted by: rodneystrong on May 18, 2012

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