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So, the course of time is really very much like the course of a ship in the ocean Cause here's the ship,you see And it leaves behind it a wave And the wake fades up That tells us where the ship has been Just the same way as the past about memory of the past tells us what we've done But as we go back into past We go back and back to prehistory with the use of all kinds of instruments and scientific methods for detecting what happened We eventually reach a point where all record of the past fades away in just the same way as the wake of the ship Now the important thing to remember in this illustration is that the wake doesn't drive the ship any more than the tail wags the dog ???? neurotic difficult child And err... One school of thought used to say "Well bang him about, beat him up, and um.. maybe he will change Then they said "Oh no! It's not fair to the child to beat him up because of his parents" "they didn't bring him up properly" So then they said " Well, punish the parents" Well the parents said "excuse me, but our parents were neurotic too" "and they brought us up badly, so we couldn't get what we did" and so since the grand parents are dead we can't get at them And in any case supposed we would pass the whole blame back to adam and eve and the garden of eden And then say "they started all this nonsense" And then Eve would say " No! The serpent tempted me and I did eat. It's the serpent's fault" And you know when god, in the story of genesis, asked Eve "Did thou eat the fruit of the tree where of I told you thou should not eat?" She said "Oh but the serpent tempted me and I did eat" God looked at the serpent and serpent and the serpent didn't make any retreat ??? Thus, the serpent, being an angel Was wise enough to tell where the present begins You see, if you insist on being moved, being determined by the past that's your game But the fact of the matter is it all starts right now But we like to establish a connectivity with the past Because that gives other people the impression that we're sane If you asked me why am I talking I could say I'm making a living this way, or I have a message I want to get across to you but that is not the reason I'm talking for the same reason that birds sing and the same reason that the stars shine This idea. Why do you do it? Well, I could go on answering all sorts of questions about human motivation and psychology, but they wouldn't explain a thing because explaining things by the past is really a refusal to explain them at all All you are doing is postponing the explanation You're putting it back and back and back and back, and that explains nothing What does explain things is the present Why do you do it now Now... This is a slight cheat, because that doesn't explain it either Because what happens now, just as the sound comes out of silence All this come out of nowhere This is in connection with what I explained to you in my other talk about the power of nothingness All life suddenly emerges out of space, bang, right now And to ask again why does it happen Is an unprofitable question, because the interesting thing is not why, but what What happens, not why does it happen I can say, well, I'm doing this now because I did that then And so I'm producing for you a continuous line of thought But actually I'm doing it backwards I'm doing it always from now, and connecting up what I do now, with what I did so that you can see a consistant story If i define myself as the whole field of events We'll say the organism environment field which is the real me then all the things that happened to be may be called my doing That is the real sense of karma But when we speak about freedom from karma Freedom from being the puppet of the past, that simply involves a change in the field It involves, in other words, your getting rid of the habit of thought Whereby you define yourself as the result of what has gone before And instead getting to the more plausible and more reasonable habit of thought In terms of which you don't define yourself in terms of what you've done before but in terms of what you're doing now And that is liberation from the ridiculous situation of being a dog wagged by it's tail

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