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Elijah Wood

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Became about his son journey and finding his identity and sort of who he is. His way to express himself and I love that. And I love the idea that Mumble's kind of grown up. And is trying to figure out his role as a father. Is a real luxury to go to Sydney and record as a group. And I think it was more transportive the fact that we were in Sydney outside of our homes in LA or where else we live. Made to really feel united creatively, I think for everybody and also made the experience a lot more fun. We where in Sydney for a month, it was beautiful. But what's great about the way also, I think, that George and the team work is the writing specific and constantly working on the writing. But they are also a lot of freedom to play with the words, particularly with Hank and you know, the Adélie penguins, the Amigos, and with Robin. And so we had this wonderful feeling of play with the text and working this things out, and seen where they will go. George will get physical with us. He to create as realistic reaction specially if it was something that was physical occurring with the character. He would often times, he come up behind you, and graph you or pull on your pant legs soft hit you, he do a number of different things depending on the scenario. The Kriller play by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. Which is amazing. I remember I came in for the first day of recording, cause we did a weeks recording here in LA before we went out to Sydney, and they just finish with Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, and I couldn't believe that they got this two actors to play the Krill, that's something so hilarious about that and sort of perfect.

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Posted by: nabi18 on Mar 21, 2012

Happy Feet 2

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