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2016 1 20 Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI MOD4 4g

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Frequently users after they create their dashboards and reports want to share these with others outside of Power BI. We enable two ways to do this. One, if you are, for example, going into a meeting and want to have everyone in the meeting have a physical copy of your dashboard, you can print it. To do this, you go into the ellipses on the top right and you click print dashboard. This will open up your dashboard's printing UI, and you can do things like change the orientation to portrait or landscape depending on the layout of your dashboard. And if you want you can add on the header and footer, and if you do this you'll see both the name of the dashboard, the URL it came from, and also the date it was printed. If your browser has the ability to print to PDF, you're also going to do that here. The other option you have to share the work you've done is to export the data that you have back into a CSV. To do this for any individual chart, you open up the ellipses and click the middle button, which allows you to export the data. Once you click this, the CSV will download and you can open it. Once it opens, you will be able to see all the aggregated data from that tile. Both of these functionalities also exists inside the report. When you open up the report, under the file menu you'll see the ability to print your current page. And the same functionality exists there. You can also for any individual visual be able to export the data by clicking on the little ellipses on hover and click in the export button. These are two quick and easy ways to be able to share all the work you've done with others outside of Power BI.

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Posted by: csintl on Feb 9, 2016

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