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Can You Enlighten an Animal? (Part 2) Sadhguru

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And a snake won't come looking for your food he doesn't care for your food. What you have to offer - your 'vada' and 'payasam' - he is not interested. So you choose the other two. So we also said you are not supposed to kill a cow or a crow or a snake. If you happen to kill, you must give it a proper funeral. Do you know this? We give a proper funeral to a snake in this country. If a snake dies, people give a proper funeral to it. Are you aware of this? Because a snake is very close in the evolutionary process of the inner being and these three animals - one bird, one reptile and one mammal are the three creatures who have emotions very similar to that of a human being. I don't know, these days living in Mumbai, you might have not been in touch with them, but people have very deep relationship with cows - do you know - in this country? It's not just a milking animal - people have a very deep relationship and.. if you go through any pain, if you have a cow in your house, it sheds tears for you. Do you know this? A cow actually sheds tears for something that you are going through. If you go sit with a cow, very sad, and talk to him about your problems a cow actually sheds tears. And because, in terms of energy, a snake is very close to the way your body reverberates if you have no issues about it, if you go in the wild... any other animal, in the wild, if you try to touch it, it will always repel. Snake is one animal, if you know how to pick it up, you can simply pick it up like this.. it will come with you. I have... you know there was a time when I used to have 20-25 snakes all over my bedroom. They are everywhere. You just have to not disturb them. But if I am sleeping, many times they want the blanket too. They are all in and everywhere. You make one wrong move, they will bite you. But they are very comfortable with the way your system is reverberating, because their system reverberates the same way. This is one of the reasons why, the snake is used as a symbolism for 'kundalini', because it's very similar to your own energies. There is a deep sense of perception in these things. Today you can just dismiss it off okay you are snake worshippers, cow worshippers, nonsense. It is not about worship. It is about recognising the qualities that are there in the nature. In the yogic lore and in the yogic culture, a snake has been used in many different ways for one's own growth. You won't see a single temple without a snake, is it so? Somewhere in the temple, there is a carving of a snake, because it's an important step in one's evolutionary process of the inner being. In the evolutionary process of the body, maybe a orangutan or a chimp or a monkey may be important, but in the evolutionary process of the being, a snake plays a very important step. It is an important shift from one level of life to another. So it is always recognised as such. So such things have happened, but they are very very rare and that particular animal...has a certain background, otherwise it cannot be done. But there are so many human beings who need to be raised. Right now we are not going to take the task of liberating animals, there are too many human beings who need it, isn't it? Maybe when all human beings get enlightened, we can go searching for that particular animal which has the capability to grow. But generally it is not possible. In general, we can say a clear NO to it. There are a few exceptions, where it could be done.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru comments on the similarities humans have with the snake, the crow and the cow. (AO48-P2)

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