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How to insert a cidr

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this presentation is a production of the animal science department ay Purdue University hello, welcome to the purdue beef team series on reproductive management I'm Dr. Allen bridges, assistant professor in the department of animal sciences and the state extension specialist on reproductive management. for todays video series, were going to go over proper insertion of cidrs in cows or heifers. laid out before you are the materials you'll need to properly insert a cidr into a cow or heifer these items include, laytex gloves, paper towels, the cidr insertion device, or cidr insertion gun, lubrication, preferably a "non" spermicidal lubricant, The cidr is avalible through Pfizer animal health and stands for : Controlled - Internal - Drug - Releasing device the CIDR contains 1.38 grams of projestrone and is inserted into the vagina, as i will demonstrate later to release a constant source of projesterone to the cow. additionally, you will need a bucket of water that contains a mild dissenfectant. some of the mild dissinfectants commanly used are Novasan, or effrasan. both of which should be mixed at the recommended dilution level to the water this allows you to clean the CIDR applicator between each cow to minimize the transfer of infection or disease from animal to animal Now im going to demonstrate how to load the CIDR into the CIDR applicator the CIDR applicator is in the water which contains the CIDR applicator Remove the applicator from the water, shaking to remove excess water The CIDR, has a tail, the body, and two flaps. Insert the tail of the CIDR into the applicator as such trying to ensure that the tail is pointed down out of the groove Next, fold the wings of the CIDR in, colappsing them together.

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How to insert a cidr - bovine reproduction

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