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Bruce Lee backs from AfterLife/Death, teach you:When is Self Forgiveness Useless

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Self honesty without Self Forgiveness is useless - Bruce Lee This is Bruce Lee Self-honesty, without self-forgiveness, is useless you, will not be able to self 'realize' you in self-honesty, living self-honesty practically 'Here' as yourself, without assisting and supporting yourself 'effectively', within self-forgiveness assisting and supporting yourself, with 'self-forgiveness' 'speaking' self-forgiveness aloud or, 'writing' or typing self-forgiveness is you, 'within', applying self-forgiveness assisting and supporting yourself to see what you have accepted and allowed, to exist, within you and what you have accepted and allowed yourself to 'participate' within you and within seeing 'this', within seeing, what you have actually, done and become, within you, and 'your world' within that point of actually seeing it, herein, self-honesty existed because, when you actually 'see' what you have accepted and allowed, to exist within you, and your world self-honesty is you, self-correcting in practical application - who you are and, it is 'impossible', for you to actually 'see' yourself! the truth of yourself, as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become, without self-forgiveness and within that, self-honesty is impossible, for you to 'self-correct', yourself, in practical application to purify, the nature of you as what you have accepted and allowed yourself, to be and become therefore beings that do not assist and support themselves, within, self-forgiveness and believe, and perceive themselves to be, 'self honest', is self-dishonesty is self, deception because, you have, for your entire existence, your entire 'Life' within this world existed, within and as and through the mind you are the very manifestation, 'of and as' the mind and, for you to say that you're able to be self-honest, without actually apply self-forgiveness is ego! because self-forgiveness, 'is the key' is the 'door' that opens, and unlocks the opportunity, for and as 'self' to be self-honest and I am 'specific' when, using the word opportunity because within applying self-forgiveness, and, in seeing what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become, within yourself meaning the 'truth' of you the nature, the beingness of, what and who you, 'have become' as per definition of yourself through, 'the mind' and within the seeing, you accept and allow yourself to justify, or excuse - yourself and to in 'such' a way attempt and trying, make yourself 'feel better' when seeing, the actual truth of you and, within that Not, allow yourself, or give yourself the opportunity, to be self-honest this is also, self-deception and, self-dishonesty there's an opportunity, within self-forgiveness for you to be, and become and Live, self honestly as there is an opportunity for each one and it is always 'Here', as yourself all that is 'required' is for you to actually take that step and assist and support you to, practically, to actually Live, self-honesty by self-correcting yourself! within, when you're applying self-forgiveness and you're seeing what you have, accepted and allowed yourself to be and become therefore self-honesty, without self-forgiveness, is useless thank you very much, this is Bruce Lee Please join us for Discussion: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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