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Mortgage Wellbeing Service launch presentation

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It all started with my problem gambling, so at first I kept hiding stuff from my wife, hiding stuff from everyone else, to the point where my finances went to ruins, with our house getting risk of repossessed. So, at first we tried to find help everywhere else, then we found this Mortgage Wellbeing Service, which we contacted and straight away they took us into their service and started helping us. I think it was within a week that we were able to get that appointment with Mortgage Wellbeing Service, then wheels started running and every now and then we got updated on what was happening. What happened was, our previous address before we purchased a home, we were unaware that we had to pay for 'Owners Corp', and after 8 years we got a letter from the Sheriff's office. They paid my husband a visit and we told them we didn't know who they are. They ended up just serving us with a paper and giving us a small period of time before we would lose our house. I was really gutted to know that some people we did not know could put our house forward and we thought we were about to lose it. I couldn't cope with a lot of the pressure, with how it was all conducted. It was just really shocking. I have cancer. I'm a terminal cancer patient. This is why I was really scared that we were going to lose our house as we also have our grandchildren, as I also said earlier. There is my husband, myself, our two youngest daughters, one of our young daughters, she also has her partner living here, then we have our son and his partner and their six children, our niece and her two children because she has nowhere to go. And we wouldn't be able to live anywhere, because we couldn't afford it. At this stage we are really happy with the outcome, the way the finances has been restructured, with our mortgage repayments, because they were able to set up on what our budgeting is like. It wasn't only legal services that was offered, they also offered social services such as psychological support, social support, financial services which they tried to delve into our finances, broke down our finances and help us do the budgeting and on the legal side of which we were totally blind. I could say that was one of the most rock bottom feelings that i've ever felt, in terms of finances, in terms of our marriage, because I thought i'd be losing not only the house, but my wife. Everything just turned out so my heartfelt thanks to everyone at the Mortgage Wellbeing Service. From the legal, the financial, the social support that you've given us. They helped us so much, the Mortgage Wellbeing Service, they helped us so much that they took care of our house not being sold underneath us. They also took care of my wellbeing, and my husband's, and all of our bills were all taken care of within the same matter. I was overwhelmed really, trying to find somebody to help us in the situation that we were in you normally wouldn't find somebody like that. The care and help they gave was just tremendous. Almost twice, you've made me kind of weep, because what you fellas have done was terrific. More than terrific, actually.

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Posted by: mortgagewellbeingservice on Oct 8, 2015

Accounts from former clients of the Mortgage Wellbeing Service, a free legal and health service in Melbourne's western suburbs.

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Clients use pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

Footage sourced from various locations and all provided without cost.

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