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Hi, my name is Mr. Nash I teach American Sign Language As part of the World Languages I'm here to explain or share An experience we had with a field trip It was actually called Field Experience. With that Field Experience My class and another class at Beavercreek Same level class, level two. They had been doing the same learning process our kids So, with that Field Experience, they needed to check whether their skills were enough or they needed to improve their skills So, we decided to have this Field Experience and combine the two schools together and have them socialize with each other. Hi, my name is Sela. I'm a senior. Hi, my name is Maddie, and I'm a junior. Hi, my name is Lauren, and I'm a junior. Hi, my name is Tenae, and I'm a junior. All of us have been taking ASL Class for two years. Hi. My name is Jason. And I'm a junior. I went on the trip because, at Springfield High School you kind of get used to all the signing, like Mr. Nash signs, how Ms. Donna signs I thought it would be pretty cool to see, like how my signing and other people's signing were similar and different. We went on the trip to Meet other sign language students You know, get the chance to see how they sign versus how we sign Because you know everyone signs a little bit different get used to more people signing than just Donna or Nash At first we did introductions We asked them like, how long they lived their house and what their favorite color was So when they did their socialization and that was over When they came back here we discussed what their experience was Do you think you were good enough did you need to practice more What were your weaknesses what were your strengths do you think I would say the skits were the hardest part The hardest part of the skit I think, was no voicing the whole time We expected more songs and skits and not just one for each, like class (Fight Song by Rachel Platten) With that Field Experience my expectations were to make sure that these things were met their signing skills their receptive and understanding skills they understand what they were reading what they were seeing their cultural behavior, understanding deaf culture such things as using facial expressions paying attention, how to get somebodies attention not using your voice One difference that I saw is that in our class since we have a deaf teacher we are constantly having to sign to him like we can't verbally ask him something and him verbally respond. On the trip I saw how their teacher she isn't deaf so when they asked her a question verbally she was able to respond and that's just something we don't get to do, and that's something different. Can they socialize and be confident approaching another person using sign Instead of just here at school, they're used to socializing with each other So maybe at first they'll be a little bit nervous but then we wanted to see if they can show confidence when they were out meeting other people who were using the same language So, we had a really great experience over at Beavercreek, it was wonderful.

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