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science interview

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Hypertension What is treatment that the patient receives and how effective is it The treatment is individual depends on the patient There are not very expensive generic drugs with social insurance. We really want the same. There are medications that control many things but they are not safe How serious is it and how does it affect the patient's life Usually when the patient realizes its has already caused something The problem is that it increases blood pressure what is the short term and long term prognostic about this disease There are patients who have no symptoms in the short term dizziness, headache and loss of memory Long-term blood pressure occurs and can have a cerebral hemorrhage until analysis can bleed into the eye but its always an artery that’s why its called blood hypertension What was the main complaint that patients present There are patients who discover in the Checkup and you note it with high pressure they are young people children have to be careful because they can have hypertension but not many symptoms , it is usually because its usually a discovery unless they have a crisis and faint and bleed Rare symptoms that the patient may have Dizziness or changes of pressure dizziness alters the circulation in the middle ear the heart contracts and blood comes out very fast and gives the heart a hard time how can the patient get tested what do they tell you in this tests You have to be careful sometimes people say we are going to check the pressure at a drug store and tell you that there you have high pressure and get scared and go to the doctor , and dont have a true hypertension Its normally detected in normal revision Its normally detected above 40 years old but its bad What are the treatment options There are very direct drugs that go to different places but the best are those that help the heart to not contract a lot they have more ability and the heart works less quickly arteries dilate and have more tolerance What if the patient does not receive treatment arteries explode and causes bleeding and can be fatal. what new technologies exist for this thing : the studies help a lot you can see if the heart has not grown a lot or if its working properly there are many current studies to help us discover diseases that exist and many ways to treat them depending where are you avoid caffeine people speak as if they only offer addiction but also gives cause you severe body problems

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science interview

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