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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~18:31:56 - 18:46:57

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I'll put the bucket down. -You didn't pray! -I thought I prayed! You didn't pray on purpose? This nsima seems like it's not well cooked! -You'll taste it! -Yeah! -Is it salty? -Yep. You'll taste it. You should taste it. Just eat it without anything else. -You'll eat it that way. What? -It's made of cassava flour. -Made from cassava flour? -Cassava flour! Whoever causes a disturbance should be beaten today. I'm so tired, I'll just fall asleep right here where I'm sitting. Yeah. Let us pray. Are you talking? The old lady that was passing by in the afternoon... -Did you see her? - Where? The mouth. hurts here, Mama... She was coming here. She was going to her house. -Why is it tied here? -Huh? ...tied. I wonder where she's from? Aunt? Aunt? -Yes. -Are you not going to eat? -So is it Aunt's too? -Aren't you waiting? No, we're eating. -What did she say? -I don't know. How did she answer you? She said she didn't know. But did you warm up the side dish? No. I think the food wasn't warmed up. So where's the rest? -It was dirty! -There's a smell in there. -Right! He says no. -But these things? What did you see? Did you go ask Naomi's mother? She wasn't the one who cooked! Aunt? Where are the beans and the egg? -What? -Where are the beans and the egg? -I don't know! They might be outside on the drying rack. -It's not with him? I thought I left it on the rack when I was going to the river? Should I go check? You think you'll find it right now? Is it there? You don't want to share with us, Aunt, just a little piece of meat? Which one it is? I didn't go get it? Maybe we should scrape up the leftovers! Is it finished? Lipwato! -Is it finished? -Yes. The sun's up. What? -The sun's up! -Yeah! -Where's Wanda? - Huh? -Wanda. -Yes! Maybe there are people here? They're leaving. -We have come to ask for a loan! -How much? -100 Kwacha! I thought... Hey, can we have some of your side dish? There's nothing left. But I saw a lot left in the pot! No, I'm sure there's still some! I thought there are only two people! This won't make us full. Give us the pot, we should finish what's left. He's scraping for the meat as well! He'll keep it there! Lentiwa will eat with her friends tomorrow. Aunt, until taking it to Naomi's mom... ....they'll eat there! I thought you knew! They won't eat. I thought I will tell them to keep some? -Angela, eggs and beans. -Angela? Did you take them? Aunt, you forgot when you were saying don't take them? It doesn't matter! We bought it with the money we got from the job. -We should look like this. -Oliver? -I'm going to take some more. -Everyone's washed their hands right. I hope you are not thinking you'll eat more when I come back! So where are you going to get it? Hey Lipwatowas... Have you finished all that food? But that's too much! You've finished all that food, just the two of you? I've already started scraping the pot. Turn off that lamp. Can you believe they finished all the food! Considering what they gave us... If they came to the point of scrapping the pot, that shows that they took a lot. Considering the food that was in there... -One day I should be the one in the kitchen. -Maybe it will... Remove the pot from the plate. Aunt, he won't eat. Eat the rice! He says you didn't eat using the arm.. What were you saying, Lindiwe? Can I have a little? Those guys just started scrapping the pot. He's taken some more food. Isn't he the one taking a bath, showing that he was still eating. If I oversleep, will it come back? -Whatever was going to come back is finished? -I don't know! What's he asking? Don't think that we have also failed. Can you bring the nsima, we should finish it off. I thought he was eating! Wanda's eating, she says she has some food! Ours is finished! Now what's not finished? Does that mean that the food's all gone? It's all gone! You are asking the answer to the question! He kept it! Now that the nsima is cold, it's become hard! Is Naomi's family asleep? But I thought Naomi's mother was coming here? Did she just tell you she was gone? Can I borrow that? What should I lend you? One lamp? But just this! I'll take it... There's also need for... When you are done with the lamp, he wants you to pour it out. Will that finish? I thought when it was finished, you should pour it out even a little? When the lamp just sits there, it gets cold! -So you think it's possible for one liter to relight the fire? -Just ask them! No! -Are you crazy? -He couldn't even hear them! He's not going to hear them, I thought they're speaking English? Yeah! I thought they were wearing headphones? Should we do it? No, just go! I thought they bought candles... Hey, I thought the lamp wasn't turning on? I thought I bought the string, now it works! So it's ok? Yes! I'll take that lamp, it's mine! Gift's mother fixed it for me. She put in a new string for me. That's all! You said you would let me use the lamp! -No. - I said, 'Oh, just take it. But I'll fix it because it's broken.' You said that it was ruined. So I said, 'Oh! Fine give it to me, I will get it fixed and I'll use it'. How much does a string cost? Per meter. You cut it by the meter. I think I bought it for... maybe 20 kwacha. I'll give it to you! Per meters... -Kilometers or decimeters? And you cut little pieces? -Yes! Or in decimeters? In decimeters? Or in meters? Or in kilometers? Or in hectometers? Or in millimeters? No millimeters is too small! Or in Centimeters? Or in decimeters? -Did he just take it? -Who? What's it called... The kerosene? He poured it in the lamp. Pour out the water in the flowers. -Will they be up all night again? -Yep. I thought today was the end. The end of my tiredness. I thought it was because of the food? I poured this water on the flowers, the ones that didn't get watered yesterday. I'm going to go sleep! No, put that there. I didn't know that I should put it there, so I moved it. Aunt, I'm going to sleep. I'm coming soon. Aunt, aren't you going to bed?

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Director: Jason Price
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