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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish (Global Lives Project, 2013) - 14:00:00-14:29:59

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Here we are. Miss Tuğba. Miss Tuğba. Hello Miss Tuğba right?—Hello. I brought your medicine. —Thank you very much. Are you fine?—I am fine. How are you?Thanks.—Thank you. Your welcome. See you.—See you. Bye.—Have a nice day.—Get well soon. Thank you. I think this is the place. Hello. God's speed. Hello. I brought Miss Asiye's medicine. Thank you dear. I am so thankful.—Are you Asiye?—Yes that's me. How are you? Thank God I am ok but still a little unwell. May you get well soon. Here is your medicine.—Thank you. Thank you.—What have you been up to? We are coping.—How is your spouse? He is fine. He is over there.—Working? He is working.—What is he doing? He handcrafts furniture. Really? Can I have a look?—Of course you can. What was your husband's name?—Dursun. Uncle Dursun. Ok. Is this your garden?—Yes. It is so beautiful that all the houses have gardens here. Thank you dear.—Uncle Dursun right?—Yes. Ok aunt Asiye. See you. Get well soon.—Thank you dear. Uncle Dursun. Hello. Hello.—God's speed. I am Başak. Your wife told me that you are handcrafting furniture,I got curious and wanted to have a look. What are you doing? Carving wood? These are sofa carvings.—Top part of the sofa. Handcrafting, carving. It is great that your work place and house are next to each other.—Yes. You have the garden view. This is quite beautiful. It must be very hard right? I am carving this since the morning. This is a one piece wood.—I am carving it since the morning. After carving for hours, this shape is formed. Do you make any mistakes? If so, does the whole work go in vain? No.—So you have a chance to fix it? It is compensable.—It is compensable. But we try not make mistakes because we are so used to carving. —What are these? Are these the chipped heads? I got very curious, let me have a look. What were these called?İskarpina.—İskarpide. It is very sharp right?—Yes. Do you whet these?—Yes. I whet them myself. We haven't been working much. Are you delivering special orders?—It belongs to the company. We have orders from a company. —A company wants these. We gave them to the company.—This is polyester. It is not wood?—No it is not wood. But people don't like polyester that much. Everyone asks for wood.—Wood is better. Those are the legs of a table.—Yes. How are you going to carve this?—This is carved. It looks beautiful. These will be carved as well.They come out of the machine like this. They come out of the machine like this.—Does the machine give this shape? The machine shapes it like this.—Do you carve this entire thing? No no. We can but it will be too hard.—It will be too hard right? We can but it will keep us so busy to do it from scratch. It comes out of the machine like this but we give it its final shape. We go over it again. Very beautiful. Do you beat people who bother you with this?—No, I beat this with the mallet. It requires a lot of hard work. Yes it does but I make money off of it. Very nice. May God give you health and wellness. I have been doing this job for 35 years.—Really? Have you learned it from your father? How did you learn to do this? Not from my father. I got curious and learned it myself.—How amazing. In a sense you are making art. This is art but there is nobody keeping up with it. That's too bad.—Nobody keeps up with this line of work. As a matter of fact, it is a beautiful occupation. I wish someone had taken over and continued to do this. We have retired. I have been working since 78. How many days does it take to finish this piece? I started this in the morning. I finish two of these in one day. Yes. Until the evening. There are simpler ones. Some leaves us more money. Is there a small piece of wood? I'd like to try as well. Can I carve this? How do I do this? We need to clamp it. Vice keeps it fixed right? Turkish telecommunications company has lost it, they are calling me 10 times a day. You need to carve this. You need to beat it like this. Beat this part and this part.—That corner as well? Hit it with the mallet. Use the other side. Hit it hit it. Don't be scared. After that, you need to hit here. Am I doing it right? Now here. One more time. Hit here. Now hit it. If I slip this, my hand will...—One more time. Then it will become art. Hit it. Now hit it with less pressure and carve the bottom. Ok. Hit it towards the back. Towards the back.—From here? Lean it outwards. Hit hit. Should I angle it? Like this. Hit it slowly. Ok.—Hit. Practice. You can adjust the pressure right by constant hitting. Our hand is used to it.—Exactly. You make it look so easy. Hit it slowly.Ok. Hit it. When you hit it like this it gets deeper.—Yes. Look now. Let's see how you shaped the wood. That's the fine tuning. This is such a hard work. Very beautiful. Your hand must have been like a mallet by now uncle Dursun. Worse. I got a callus. That shows how much energy you put into your job. You need to learn these tools in order to know which one to use? Look how you shaped the wood. Very beautiful. Thank you. Your welcome. I took your time uncle Dursun.—No worries. You depend on those hours. Very beautfiful. Very cute.—I did it right?—Of course you did. God bless your hands uncle Dursun. It is very beautiful. This has blood,sweat and tears all over it. Thank you for giving me your precious time.—Your welcome. See you. Have a nice day. Bye. Goodbye aunt Asiye. Thank you dear.—Thank you.—Thanks for coming. Bye kids. Here ı am. Hello.—Hello. Welcome.—You are Miss Özlem right?—Yes I am. Here are your drugs. I am Başak. How are you?—Thank you. Thank you I am fine. How are you? Thank you. How is your health?—I am pregnant, I couldn't go out. Thank you very much.—How far along are you? 5 months.—May God bless. Is it a boy or a girl?—Boy. Boy.—Is he your first child?—Second. Second. Oh great.I have a 17 month old girl. May God bless her.—Thank you. How is the pregnancy going?You look well.—It has been tough. But I am getting better while resting at home.—I wish you a healthy labor. Thank you. See you then. Thank you very much.—Bye. Thank you.—Have a nice day. Let's see who is next. It is so hot. Wait for me aunt Hamide. I will be there shortly. I missed you.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Producer: Mutlu Vrysopoulos
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Posted by: globallives on Aug 19, 2014

Basak drives around for work.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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