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Capitalist conspiracy

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Conspiracy - One of the darkest words in human language. However, there is hardly a single page of history that is not partialy shows the deadly eye of conspiracy at work. It was a conspiracy that directed Brutus against Caesar in the Roman Senate. It was a conspiracy ploted the betrayal of West Point by Benedict Arnold during the American revolution. It was a conspiracy that led John Wilkes Booth to the assassination of President Lincoln on Good Friday 1865 The past record of man is burdened with accounts of assesinations, secret combines palace plots and betrayals in war. The presence of conspiracies has been an dominant force in all history. But despite this clear statement that has a large number of people started to mock at the possibility of conspiracy at work today. They dismiss such an idea that only one conspiratorial view of history. The purpose of this pressentation is to show that the konpiratorsika view of history special contemporary history, is the correct approach. That there is a secret and powerful plot in force today. That it is the unseen government of the United States and that it may correctly be described as The Capitalist Conspiracy. Production and speech by G. Edward Griffin. Subtitling of microwave from We would like to announce that this film is inspired by Cleon Skousen's book, The Naked Capitalist, which we consider to be one of the important documents of this decade. 1963 as the country was bound by magic vitnesmålet from gangsta Joe Valachi when he revealed the internal functions of the National brotssyndikatet known as The Cosa Nostra or Mafia. No matter how carefully a criminal conspiracies is organized elf did they become finally revealed to anyone at innsidan go to the police and tell. The same is true with political conspiracies. For example, it has Over the years, been a steady stream of defectors from the communist apparatus. And through their vittnetsmål we have today a clear picture of how this conspiracy is organized and conducted. But a big piece of the puzzle has always been unresolved. It is clearly recognized that one of the greatest contributions to world communism often have come from the eminent and respected leaders in the United States. Of course, these men are not Communists. In fact, most of them are extremely rich and is viewed as capitalists who should have the most to lose from socialism and communism. However, the story is disturbing and konsikvent Americans have repeatedly asked why? Why have some of the richest people in United States, both within and outside government allied with the left's policy that provides impression of being the way to its own destruction? And if there is a conspiracy in work among these men - why have not someone on the inside exposed it? The answer is - Someone has. Dr. Carroll Quigley is a professor of history at Georgetown University. He is the author of the widely used textbook Evolution of Civilization. He is a member of the editorial board for the monthly journal Current History. He has been a frequent lecturer and consultant for groups such as the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, the Brookings Department, U.S. Navy Weapon Laboratory, The Naval College, the Smithsonian Institution and The State Department. Dr. Quigley has also been closely associated with the super-rich family dynasties. He is in his own statement, "An insider with a front row view of worlds money power structures ". When Dr. Quigley wrote this 1300-page book of dry history entitled Tragedy and Hope so it was obvious that it never would be read by the masses. It was designed for the intellectual elite and to a selected target group such as exposed gently Dr. Quigley is one of the best hidden secrets of all time. But he also made it clear that he was an extremely friendly apologist of this group and that he gives full support for its aims and purposes. On page 950 says Dr.. Quigley, "I know about operationena of this network because I himself has studied it for 20 years and had permission for two years at the beginning of 1960 - to study its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or most of its aims and have for much of my life been close to it and many of its instruments. In general my big difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown. " Dr. Quigley points out that in the past 200 years, while the peoples of the earth gradually won political freedom from monarchies the major banking families of the world were nullifying trend towards representative government by to setting up new dynasties of political control, but behind the scenes in the form of international financial pacts. These banking dynasties had learned that all governments, whether monarchies or democracies, must borrow money in times of emergencies. And that by providing such a funds from their own private resources, with some requirements, of course, they could gradually bring both kings and democratic leaders under its control. Dr. Quigley believes that people should be more familiar with the identities of these Smart banking dynasties. They include names as Barring, Hambros, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Selingman, Speyer, Mirabald, mallei, Fould and above all Rothschild and Morgan. It should be noted that while Rothschild and other Jewish families cooperated together in these deals, then this is the no sense a Jewish monopoly al some have said. Financiers of many nationalities and many various religious and non religious backgrounds have collaborated to create super structure of hidden power. Its essence was not race, religion or nationality. It was simply a passion for control over other people. Dr. Quigley identifies this group as "The international bankers". These are not the same as the local commercial banks that we deal with in everyday life. International banks do not deal with the general public but with the industrial giants of the world, with other financial institutions and especially with governments. The key to their success has been to control and manipulate the money system of a nation, while it gave the impression that it is controlled by the government. The net effect is to make money from nothing, lend them to the Government and then collect interest on it. A pretty good transaction to say the least. For example, in 1694 international banker William Patterson obtained the charter of the Bank of England and power over England's money system fell into private hands. During a swagger and an opportunity to say Patterson, "The Bank has the advantage to take interest on all money that it creates out of nothing ". 230 years later, Reginald McKenna, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer said, "The banks can and do create money, and they who control the credit of the nation direct policy of the government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people. " We turn to the United States. Dr. Quigley says to us, "Structure of Financial control, created by the giants from big banks and big business during the period 1880-1933 was of extraordinary complexity. One business built on the territory another. Both being allied with semi-independent partners. It all moves up to two peaks of the economic and financial power. One centered in New York was led by JP. Morgan & Co.. and the other in Ohio was led by Rockefeller family. When these two cooperated, as they generally did so they could influence the economic life of country to a large scale and could almost control its political life, at least at the federal level. " In the U.S., so it was inevitable that the international banking interests would try to establish the same kind of private monopoly over money system that they had reached in England, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The same formula would be used. To get it to look like a government run operation, but keep the control in private hands. Jon D. Rockefeller had purchased the Chase Bank and his brother William bought the National City Bank of New York. Rockefeller Chase Bank was later merged- closed with Warburg Manhattan Bank shaped and Chase Manhattan, one of the most powerful financial organizations in the world today. Acting in harmony with the Morgan banking dynasty they spent unknown millions of dollars to promote legislation that would grant to them a private franchaise over this nation's money system. To sell this scheme to the voters the monopolies created a propaganda line that the proposed banking law somehow would work against the monopolies. Politicians took up the cry "banking reform" and "down with Wall Street". And then to make it look convincing the financial giants publicly pretended to oppose the messure all the while financing it behind the scenes. On December 22, 1913 the Federal Reserve Act finally was passed in a law. Something that is known as the Federal Reserve System was created and with it total control of the nation's money fell in private hands. Federal Reserve System was alone responsible for creating money in the U.S.. The Treasury prints only what Federal Reserve asking it to print. The greater amount of check book money is also determined by this group. However, it is not a government agency and are completely out of reach from the American voter. Technically, so are shares of the Federal Reserve System owned by 12 private National banks that constitute the system. These are in turn owned by the preliminary private banking dynasties who worked so hard to get the system implemented. By law, they were seven members of Federal Reserve Board appointed by president for a period of fourteen years each. Despite the incredible length of these appointments they are supposed to create the illusion that the people acting trough their elected leaders have some voice in nation's monetary policy. In practice, in any case, every president since the beginning of the Federal Reserve System just appointed the persons has been kind to the International banking dynasty.There have been no exceptions. It is now known that the original Federal Reserve Boear was handpicked by Col. Edward Mandel House, who early in his career, had represented British and U.S. banking interests. The intimate writings of Col.. House, edited by Charles Seymore, reveal House as an unseen guardian angel of the Federal Reserve System. In Mr.. Seymore words, "Schiffs, Warburgs, Kuhns, Rockefellers and Morgans had faith in the House. " In 1912, Col. House authored this book in title Philip Drew Administrator. The hero of this thinly disguised version of himself in real life was a man who, from behind the stage, manipulated prominent political figures. In a disguised form of a novel that shows Paper, the general strategy that has been followed Ever since then, and continued until today. It tells of how a small group of insiders causes a depression and then bring election victory for a man named Rockland. Rockland gives upbeat speeches and launches a program called New Era to strengthening government control over the masses. Eventually the insiders who control the government weaken the country deliberetly to the point of civil war which provides them an excuse for establishing a dictatorship under Philip Drew. Col. House was the man who chose Woodrow Wilson for president and then became his senior advisers. Willson was completely dependent on the House for all policy decisions, he was his alter ego. The president himself has written, "Mr. House is my second personality. He is my independent self. His and my thoughts are one. If I were in his place I would do just as he suggested. " When the federal government goes into debt it borrowes the money from the Federal Reserve System. The national debt is for currently $ 400 billion. Just to pay the interest on these debts taxpayers are forced to contribute more than 20 billion dollars each year. And remember, there is interest on money which is created out of nothing. At the time of national convention $ 20 b. can determine far more politics than all the shouting and waving placards together. One can only imagine the economic and political pressures imposed on a candidate seeking public office. Pressures and commitments to make sure that, if elected, the new president will make the right appointments. Not only the Federal Reserve Board, but also to ambassadorial posts, government offices, cabinet and also the supreme court. This is why over the years, administrations have changed, parties changed, but major policy's do not. 1870 was a wealthy Socialist named John Ruskin elected professor of art at Oxford University in London. He taught his students that the state must take control of the means of production and organize them for the whole society. But he punctured the need to place control over the state in the hands of a single dictator. He said, "My continuous goal has been to show the infinite superiority of few men in relation to the other. In some cases, a man in relation to everyone else. " Dr. Quigley says, Ruskin accused students as members of the privileged ruling class. He told that they have a magnificent tradition of education, beauty, law, freedom, decency and self-discipline. But this tradition could not be saved if it does not spread to the lower Classes in England and to the non- English masses beyond the world. Ruskin's message had a sensational impact. His lectures were uppkopierade of Ceacel Rhodes, a student who then had them with him for 30 years. Cecil Rhodes made himself one of the world largest fortunes, with the help of international bankers, he could in principle create a monopoly over all the diamonds came from South Africa and most part of gold also. Throughout his life spent Cecil Rhodes most of his considerable income to propagate the idea of a ruling class by Jon Ruskin. Many people are familiar with the world famous Rhodes scholarship, created to implement the less controversial Parts of Jon Ruskin's dream. But very few are aware of the fact that in 1891 established a Cecil Rhodes secret society for the propagation of the rest of the dream. Dr. Quigley explains, "In this secret company would Rhodes be the leader. Stead, Brett, Lord Asher and Millner would shape an executive committee. Arthur Lord Balfour, Sr.. Harry Jonston, Lord Rothschild, Albder Lord Gray and others were listed as potential members of a circle of initiates. It would be an outer circle known as association of the helper, later Organised by Millner who Roundtable Organizations. Here we have the classic pattern of political conspiracies of all time. In the center, often illustrated by the all-seeing eye, there is a small group in total control with a single man who is the undisputed leader. Next comes a circle of secondary leadership for the most part is completely unaware of an inner core. They are cause to believe that they are the innermost ring. Over time, as these plots are built from the center out to create them additional rings of organizations. Those who are in the outer segments are often poor idealists with a sincere desire to improve the world. They never suspect an internal control for sinister purposes, and only the few who exhibit a ruthless capacity for higher Leadership is ever allowed to see it. After the death of Cecil Rhodes fell, the internal nucleus of Cecel Rhodes societies in the hands at Lord Alfred Millner, guvenörsgeneral and High Commissioner in South Africa. As director of several publicly traded banks and corporate predecessor of Bank of England Midline so he became one of the biggest political and financial forces in the world. Millner recruited into his secret joined a group of young men, mostly from Oxford and Twain B Hall. And according to Quigley, "Through his influence as given these men the opportunity to gain important records in government and international finance and became the dominant influenced by British imperialism and foreign affairs 1939. In Millner in South Africa as they were known as Millners Kindergarten until the 1910th 1909 to 1913 so they organized semi-secret groups known as Round Table Groups in the biggest British outposts and in the United States. Round Table Group in the United States created the prompt an external organization known as the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations. It is through this organization Nissa conditioning and outwards through skattebifriade funds, universities and city agencies as the international capitalist conspiracy has dominated the domestic and Foreign Policy for the United States for over 50 years. If there is any doubt as to which ones are behind the CFR will tell Dr. Quigley blunt, "New York is known as the Council on Foreign Relations and is a front for JP. Morgan & Co. in association with a very small American Round Table Group. CFR building is located on the west Apart from the fabulous Park Avenue in New York. Although it is definitely not the center of conspiracy, and although in principle none of its members are aware an internal control, as is the semi-secret in its operations. It avoids publicity and members swear not to tell about its conferences or meetings. It has a formal membership of 1400 elite personalities. In Harper's Magazine from July 1950, there an article entitled Schools for Stadsmän written by CFR member Joseph Craft. Craft reveals that one of the key architects of the CFR was none other than Edward Kurnel Almond House. At the time of writing of this article boasted Mr. Craft of the CFR membership already included the president, Secretary of State, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Director of the CIA, Chairman for three of the five largest industries, two of the four richest insurance companies and two of the three largest banks and senior partners of two of the three leading law firms. Publisher of the two largest news magazines, the country's most influential newspaper and the leaders of the three largest of both the university and funds and also a bunch of other heads of for training, a selection of top-scientists and journalists. CFR has dominated the scene from behind the country for decades. CFR members include top-president and Journalists for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Dayly News Harpers, Look, Time, Life, Newsweek, U.S. News and Word Report, CBS, NBC, MGM. Judgement included the director of Ford Foundaton, Fondation Rockefeller and Carnegie and Down Basement Found. They included President Hoover, Eisenhower, Jonson, Nixon, Secretary of State Stetidius, Adgeson, Dulles, Curtur and Rusk. A great proportion of the president's Cabinet, the Secretary, the Federal Reserve Board, Ambassadors to other countries, Supreme Court justices and presidential adviser. The average American has never heard of the CFR, however, it is the unseen government of the United States. It is a fact that the hidden maktstrukturera of international finance has got incredible power of the general opinion in the country by its near total control of higher education and large segment of mass communication. The human brain is like a computer. No matter how efficient it may be, is its reliability only as good as the information as it is packed with. If it is possible to check flow of information to the men's league brain so it does not matter how intelligent one person may be, it is still entirely possible that programming thing what he should believe. And yes, it is also possible to program people laugh just someone mentions the word conspiracy. Such programming can be understood to work in both directions. While one group has been conditioned to not see any conspiracy in performance as a different group led to to believe that communism has been behind practically everything. A position that is readily available to look ridiculous. These well-meaning anti-communists have been correct in its allegations of conspiracy, but incorrect assumption about who have debt. As far back as 1907 it was Trotsky finances of British banks. In 1917, came the major funding for the communist revolution in Russia from Lord Alfreed Millner, head of the Internal nucleus in the Roundtable Group and the CFR. In America, so did Jacob Shift from Coon Lobe & Co. $ 20 million to Trotsky. From Germany got millions more from Max Warburg. The communist movement, not just in the U.S. but around the world, has always been funded by the International bankgättarna. Dr. Quigley explains why the establishment never really cared about the communist movement in America. He says, "It must be recognized that the power who left the movement has never been used their own power or Communist power but was originally the power of the international finance companies. In 1950, people outraged over evidence Communist influence in the federal authority. It was then suitable to have a promising young congressman from Califonia to dramatically exposed a Communist agent. The established media gave it extensive attention, people were reassured and the unknown congressman became a national hero of almost overnight. But when Congressman Rees from Tenesee began investigating links between Algiers Hees, Carnegee & Delmund, Morgan Bank and the interconnected exempt funds so joined the established media and Administration strongly against him. The pressure was so great that he had to discontinue its investigation and no one has dared commence the following. After a man has far more money than he possibly can spend for pleasures, what will then continuing to encourage him? For those with mentality of the ruling class is so response power. The raw power over other people. Money can buy such power to a certain point, since politics is the sport and world politics is the ultimate game. The purpose of this presentation, we referenced to those in the international maktstrukturera as capitalists. But these Men are not really capitalists in the classical sense. They are only rich socialists. They have not been given its large wealth through honest and free konkurans enterprise, but by political influence and favoritism. Reproduction of State protection to eliminate bankruptcy and the gigantic fraud the money system backed of state power. These people strive to create a global super-state with expectations that behind the scenes so they will be those that govern. It is not free enterprise without large state that is conspiracy viability. World government is its ultimate goal. But what is the best way to sell a big government and then world government to a people like ours, historically devoted to an independent republic with limited powers? The answer is simple. The revolutionary literature this is the tactic known as pressure over the front and from below. It is a strategy Kernel House as presented in a late book, Philip Drive the Administrator. Deliberately create problems and then offer only those solutions that result in a expansion of the State. Create prevarication as is so terrifying internal and external to the surrender of their own liberties and national autonomy will be seen as a reasonable price for it to return to domestic tranquility and world peace. If those who seek world dominion can stimulate the left to the violent uprising confrontation with the local police and whilst providing comprehensive news reporting so that the whole world can see and horrified; then the peaceful and peace-loving majority be programmed to accept a broad expansion of executive power and also a national police force that claims to try to end the violence. If those who seek world dominion can raise fear of an enemy, armed to the teeth with superior atomic weapons, the grasses to start an atomic war and while offering a world government that measure, when millions of Americans will be programmed to accept a loss of national independence as our last best hope for peace. This is a function of pressure over and from below. In order to advance police action home so they need chaos, criminality and anarchy in the streets. To sell the idea of a world government so they need a constant threat of atomic war. Or as they say in revolutionary circles - The proper response is the backlash. 1968 published Random House inc. this book James Konen. The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary. The cone had the usual new left credentials It is a classic example of how a highly intelligent thinkers can be programmed the system to believe that the acting against the system. The cone was one of the leading supporters of the first student occupation of a American university, which occurred in Columbia, April 1968. Initially the movement was small and could easily have been stopped by a simple police action but as usual, anti- establishment's forces their biggest help himself from the establishment. In several days the police ordered that not intervene while the university representatives was inundated by insane propagandaankagelser and media did the rebels of the students to national heroes. MGM even made a movie of the cone book. On page 130 Konen wrote, "In the evening I went up to U: et to check out a strategy meeting. One guy gave a reporting over an STS seminar. He said that the seminar included men from the international Round Table. Meetings sponsored by Buissniss International, for their client groups and that government leaders tried to buy a pair of radical. They offered to our fine sera demonstrations in Chicago. We were also offered Esso or Rockefeller money. They wanted us to do a lot of radical commotion so they could look like that be more in the center while they were to the left. Jerry Kirk was while he was studying at University of Chicago, active in SDS, Duboys Club, the Black Panthers and Communist Party. In 1969 it broke Mr.. Kirk from the party and whitened the following years for the House of Representatives and the Senate Internal Security Committee. This is Mr.. Kirk told me, "Young people have no concept the conspirators' strategies of pressure from above and from below ... They have no idea that they play into the hands of the establishment they claim to hate. " "The radicals believe that they turned against the super-rich Powers which Rockefeller and Ford, and they do not realize that it is just These forces behind their own revolution. Finances and the use it for their own purposes. When Stokely Carmichael was the leader of the militant revolutionary group known as SNCC, he was invited to speak for University of Chicago. Jerry Kirk then still a Black Panther were among the who attended. Here is how he describes Carmichael appearance, "Mr.. Carmichael was clearly my in something very important, that made him more nervous and tense than before. He started talking about things that he said, not could have talked about earlier to his research has not been completed yet. Have talked about the false consciences of many Blacks who believed that judarena was instrument for the oppression of blacks. He took note of the fact that though many Jews tex New York took a lot of country you have to understand that the majority of husbelåningar in Harlem is not owned by Jewish people without the Morgan Garanty Thrust, Morgan family and the Chase Manhattan Bank, Rockefellers. He recounted a series of song that he liked so much - Something is happening here, but you do not really know what it is, do you Mr.. Jones? What he alluded to was that the Jews only was a part of society that are themselves are oppressed by people who are very richer and more powerful. In cooperation with these forces he described banks out of the biggest was Morgan Garanty Trust and Chase Manhattan and Funds that connected these giants. It was not long after this that Stokely Carmichael mystery was thrown from both SNCC and the Black Panthers. Apparently, he learns too much. More and more young radical starting to wake up to the fact that their whole life has been been carefully programmed by the same people who are its hatsymboler. They begin to understand that their so-called anti- establishments appearance is actually a planned product of the establishment's newspapers, media, entertainment industry and schools. Wealthy people's company publishes and makes popular revolutionary books and songs. By advertising will help rich people Revolutionary business journals. Rich Persons exempt funds pour millions of dollars into the leftist organizations. The federal establishment in Washington through the body tis which gives each week paychecks to thousands of hardcore revolutionaries. So again, the fundamental question, why? Why condemn establishment anti-establishment but public support the private? Former Communist Kirk responds, "The idea is creating a situation where people are so fear of violence around them so that they throwing his arms in the air and requires the the federal government, do something! " And the only option will to be of military rule. Communists, militant blacks and revolutionaries will never be able to overthrow the U.S. government, but if they do not stop they'll scare the American citizens into accepting socialism from Washington and the Government of the governance of inside of the establishment. This is what it all really about. In Bevaria in 1786 acted in a police tip from an informant and made a TERRACE of a prominent lawyer with the name Vonsvak. They seized documents and letters revealed that he was a highly ranked member of an extensive conspiracy called Illuminati Order. Over the centuries, various forms of orders Illuminati, meaning the enlightened used by many secret sects and occult organizations. The most famous of these was in Illumbradon Spain, Guerinets in France and Roshaniya in Afghanistan. But these groups were essentially keen psychological and spiritual objectives. A so-called inner wisdom and a mastered the secrets of the universe. The conspiracy that was exposed in Bevaria was a completely different type. Illuminati was founded May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a professor at engelstaths University. Weishaupt had clearly been a serious student of the occult for many of its bizarre features and symbols were incorporated into his organization. Weishaupt had been active in the Freemasons in Germany and found in them the perfect tool to recruit into his secret societies, which he describes officially as the highest degree of Freemasonry. Illuminati was formally part of Freemasons in Congress in Wilhanspat 1780th It should be noted that freemasonry in England and America is historically very different. Its members are described by the highest standards and integrity. However, it is a fact that from 1780 and Furthermore, it flourished as an Illuminati parasite in the highest ranks of Masonic Movement in Europe, especially in Grande Orient Lodge of France. There were eight conspiratorial rings of rings which advanced from the outermost inward Novice against Rex or King. The king was of course Weishaupt himself had been nicknamed Spartacus. Those who were in the outer rings were told that the order's objective was to of humanity, without distinction of nations, state or profession, one good and happy family. But at the time when a member had advanced to the degree of presbyter or priest became his oath of absolute secrecy and obedience deadly serious. Only when he was allowed to see the final objective of the order, it was the destruction of every religion has been replaced by worship of reason or humanism and the destruction of all independent governments exchanged for a new world order, one world government was ruled behind the scenes of the Illuminati. You do not mention that most members had never been allowed to see these goals. In Adam Weishaupt's own words, "This good people will increase our numbers and fill our money boxes. Start your job, these Gentlemen must bite the bait. But this type of people must always believe that the degree they reached the last ". The official record of the Illuminati is rather thin, but it shows that before the briefly became exposed in 1786, it had already achieved great success and had attracted to their outermost rings some of the most eminent men in Europe. Its membership list included important names from both government and finance. It was the most important single force behind the French Revolution. A few years later so did an unknown intellectual named Karl Marx in the conspiratorial organization called League of Right Shortly afterwards, the group transformed itself into a Another organization called the Communist Society and in 1847 it was Marx commissioned to write the policy's to the outside world. This was called the Communist Manifesto. On the surface, so appealing manifesto working class by encouraging them to rise up against their capitalist developers, but it should be noted that project over seen by Friedrich Engels capitalist with significant wealth. Marx himself was so unimportant that his name not shown on the manifest in the first 20 years after it was published. 1920, just three years after the Bolsheviks took control of Russia Winston Churhil declared, "From Spartacus Weishaupt days until Karl Marx to Trotsky, Belacoon, Rose Luxe Berg and Emma Goldman has this worldwide conspiracy has been the main source of blessed to any subversive movement during the 1900 - century and now, finally, they caught it russian people in a stranglehold. " Every year, celebrated on the first May by Communists worldwide a day of international solidarity As mentioned earlier, also relied Illuminati on May 1, undoubtedly, it is this is only coincidental. The symbol of the all-seeing eye is near associated with the Illuminati. Like many other facets of this conspiracy, it was account of Adam Weishaupt of the occult symbols from ancient history. It is found today among the symbols from Rosicrucians, Freemasons and many others around the world including Kow Odai in South Vietnam. Undoubtedly, it's just a coincidence that the all-seeing eye is now visible on the back of The Great Seal of the federal government and also on one-dollar bills from The Federal Reserve System. At the bottom of the seal, so stand by Roman numeral date 1776, this is so clearly the year of the American independent publication. Undoubtedly, it is only a coincidence that there also is the year of founding of the Illuminati. But maybe none of these are only chance. Is it possible that both the Communist and the capitalist conspiracy has another inner circle inside the circle common to both? Is it possible that both movements without knowledge for most people in them only is simultaneous motaktörer in a very older conspiracy? There is much evidence for it, much more than shown here. Which indicates that this is the case, but quite honestly know we do not. Until someone on the inside of such a main conspiracy decides to reveal its existence today, we have no way to find out. But we know actually that it is not impossible and that the certainly not absurd. What will then be our response? Fortunately, so is it is not important that we resolve the historical Questions about the conspiracy of origin. Regardless of whether there is a controlling group or two collaborators or three that compete or four or ten. In practical terms about what we can do about it so must our response be the same. Conspiracies as they act on the highest levels in the U.S. today is based on two hard grounds and enjoying a covering. If we could turn off its foundation so it would collapse if we could remove the roof so it would wither and die. The roof consists of secret knowledge and the basics is a large state, and the manipulation of money. No conspiracy can cope with light from a exposure. No conspiracy can control over the masses without the tool of a detailed government bureaucracy, and certainly no capitalist conspiracy may live long without control over its money. Exposing conspiracy, reduce the size of State, go back to a money standard that can not be manipulated. This must be our response. In the limited time available it has we tried to demonstrate that the conspiratorial view of history, especially contemporary history, is the correct vision. Let us summarize the seven major conclusions. 1st It is and has been for some time a conspiracy among some of the richest people in the world. A conspiracy of basically takes money systems of the largest non-communist countries. This monopoly protected by force from their respective governments and used to bring conspirators enormous wealth by create money from nothing. 2nd In the U.S., so has this money fraud conducted by the Federal Reserve System. Although the government has a theoretical control over this system through rare appointments, it is in reality system and those behind this as controls the government. 3rd The capitalist conspiracy in this country appeared in the audience Views in the form of the semi-secret Council on Foreign Relations. Its members formed the control of country by the government, tax-exempt funds, training and mass media. 4th On the surface of capitalist conspiracy out to be against communism. It spends millions of dollars on spectacular military displays of anti- communism around the world but never to the degree to seriously damage the enemy and certainly not to the degree to win over it. Meanwhile behind the scenes so has conspirators always nurtured and helped Communism, both domestic and international. They do so not because they are communists, but because it requires a seemingly powerful enemy, and the chaos created after a controlled conflict to pursue its goal of a totalitarian governance. 5th There is much evidence to suggest that both the capitalist and communist conspiracy is controlled by a single major conspiracy that may have continuity with Illuminatiorden which was founded 200 years ago. But this historical question is not close to so important source as the direct question about what we can do about it today. 6th Our response should be to begin to dismantle conspiracy machinery consisting of a great state. We have traveled American rant independent. We must restore our schools in local control. We must protect our Police forces from federal aid is a safe route to a police force that nationall controlled from Washington. We must withdraw the excess dividends that works as a transparent tool that leads to control over local governments. We must bring people to the political positions that are not just talking about reducing State, but that really does it when they will be selected. And that means people who are completely independent of the establishment's policies. 7th We must shrink The Federal Reserve System of a service function which only redeem checks between banks. To only shift the system as it is to the federal government, as some have proposed, will not solve the problem. The same people would check it in each case. The root of the problems is that money is created from scratch and the inside can make this today as easily by the government that they make it through The Federal Reserve System. The ultimate solution is to prevent all within and outside the government from manipulating amount of money and the only way to do this is to restore money for gold and Silver standards. 8th We must expose the conspirators for public. If somehow all Americans should be aware of the facts that this presentation included. If it were possible to circumvent the mass media and bring this message from person to person, to our friends, neighbors and club members would collapse as conspiracy a house of cards. Yes, the hour is late but it's not too late if we are realistic in our efforts. As Americans, we can still speak out without fear of imprisonment knowledge, we can still go together in patriotic groups and multiply our impact. We can still challenge the establishment's candidates. We still have the power to able to regain control of our own government. With spiritual guidance and with your means it can be done. Production and speech by G. Edward Griffin

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