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Workstyle Freestyle - 'Hoxby HR'

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Hello! Welcome to #WorkstyleFreestyle with me, Alex, and with me, Lizzie. And we're continuing our Managing Directors series this week and have got a special guest here with us Here, we've got one! So, would you like to tell us who you are, and why you joined Hoxby My name's Adrianne Sale and I'm a Learning and Development expert and I joined Hoxby because I wanted to find a great partner that allows me to deliver fantastic work and be a great mom, great wife and manage my own health challenges. Fantastic. That's what Hoxby is all about. So tell us about the part of the business that you run Adrianne. So that's our HR business and I just love this group of people we are a fantastic group of business professionals who have a real passion for people and that's making sure that we've got the right people in the right places and by doing that we can help every business fulfill their business strategy so we really get how all that comes together. Particularly at the moment such an important thing to do where the world is changing people have individual challenges to put people at the heart of businesses. So can you give us a few examples of the sorts of clients that you work with? Is it large businesses, small businesses? So we've got both. We have some fantastic clients such as AIA and Merck as well as Community Brands which is a smaller business in the UK and we've loved working with all their challenges and being able to deliver some wonderful pieces of work for them. That's awesome, I'm going to press you what's been your favourite project would you say, for those clients? You guys know I love every piece of work I get my teeth into but my favourite thus far was our project with AIA and that's because it was a collaboration across our business units and it was so important to see how we got the right behaviours of people, so that we could deliver on the brand strategy work and that is the most refreshing to me really seeing how our work plays out to deliver a strategic goal. Really fascinating, so important and such a brilliant thing that Hoxby can do as well bringing together different business units to collaborate and if there is one thing that people watching now could do to help what would you like them to do? Bring us some more clients! We really have a pool of very talented people who can deliver on a whole host of solutions and we're just looking to bring that to more people so whether or not you think it's too big or too small I bet we can do it. That's it, loads of amazing HR Hoxbies led by the fantastic Adrianne if you've got a project, let us know Thanks for tuning in we've been #WorkstyleFreestyle we'll see you next time Bye for now! Bye!

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