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The Six Laws of Customer Experience (Temkin Group)

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Dave is a senior executive. His company is doing well, but he knows it could be doing much better and can improve its customer experience. Dave has sponsored customer experience improvement projects in the past, but they only provided short term benefits so he's not sure what to do. One of Dave's colleagues recommended that he read an e-book called The Six Laws of Customer Experience from the Tempkin Group, a leading authority on customer experience. Dave really enjoyed the e-book because it helped him understand why his company often delivered sub-par customer experience. Dave realized that he had been focusing on isolated issues instead of thinking about the dynamics inside of his company that were causing the problems. Dave pulled together his staff, and shared his thoughts about what they could learn from each of Temkin Group's six laws of customer experience. CX Law number one: every interaction creates a personal reaction. It turns out that experiences are in the eyes of the beholder, not the company. And what's good for one customer may not be good for another. Dave wants his team to better understand how customers feel about the company, and develop unique strategies for different customer segments. CX Law number 2: people are instinctively self-centered. Dave told his team that they are naturally inclined to look at things through their own eyes, not the customer's. Unless they overcome this bias, then they will continue to make things too complicated for customers, who know a lot less about the company's policies, processes, and acronyms than they do. CX Law number 3: customer familiarity breeds alignment. The lack of cooperation across different groups in the company has been a real problem. But Dave now sees that this is often caused by differing assumptions about customers. The team discussed how they could create more alignment throughout the organization. They decided to undertake cross-functional customer journey mapping project, using the effort to build shared common understanding of key customers. Dave was particularly animated about CX Law number 4: unengaged employees don't create engaged customers. He told the staff that employees are the company's biggest asset and the key to ongoing success. In order for employees to consistently deliver great customer experience the leadership team needs to make sure that employees are valued, supported, and buy into the company's mission. CX Law number 5: employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated. Dave realized that the executive team often asked employees to make changes without adjusting what it tracked and rewarded. Dave wants his leadership team to identify behaviors that align with the company's values and find ways to publicly recognize employees who demonstrate those behaviors. The last law made Dave feel a bit uncomfortable. CX Law number 6: you can't fake it. He now understands that the organization gauges what's important based on what he and his leadership team does, not on what it says. In the past, Dave relied too much on email blasts to proclaim the importance of customer experience. Dave decided to block time on his calendar every week to meet with employees and discuss the focus on customer experience and he encouraged staff to do so as well. Dave and his team are on the right track, building plans to conform with the six laws of customer experience. If customer experience matters to your organization then why leave it to chance? Contact Tempkin Group, the customer experience experts by emailing [email protected] or visit our website at

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The Six Laws of Customer Experience (Temkin Group). October 18, 2014. Retrieved from: ----- No changes have been made to the video except the addition of accurate close captioning. ----- The six laws of customer experience are meant to empower highly effective customer experience efforts. By understanding these fundamental truths about how people and organizations behave, companies can make smarter decisions about what they do, and how they do it. If you want to create sustainable CX change, then you need to understand and conform with these laws.

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