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The Young Shaman Perspective Part 3/5

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What makes the 5 Platonic solids even more perfect is the fact that they are interconvertible. Or in other words, they are duals of each other. The cube for instance has the same number of faces as the octahedron has points. So they can be perfectly inscribed in one another to balance out the duality between them. The same is true for the dodecahedron and the icosahedron. Science has recently discovered that all viruses are in fact polyhedron-based structures. Which means that finding their duals could be the clue to curing all viral diseases. The last Platonic solid, the tetrahedron is its own dual. It becomes a star tetrahedron or a three-dimensional Star of David. This shape is the perfect formation for energy distribution. In Hebrew tradition it is referred to as Merkaba: The spirit/body surrounded by counterrotating fields of energy that can be visualized as wheels within wheels like swastikas moving in opposite directions. In Buddhism tradition the swastika moves clockwise to receive energy from the universe and counterclockwise to send out energy. By imagining two superimposed tetrahedrons around the body that distribute energy from the alpha point, or the crown chakra and from the omega point, the root chakra one is taught that the energy field known as the aura can be activated and one is able to transmit his light body into higher dimensions of consciousness. Plato examined the idea of higher dimensions in his allegory of the cave. If a light shines on a three-dimensional object in a three-dimensional world it casts a two-dimensional shadow. In this analogy, if a light shines on a four-dimensional object in a four-dimensional world, it would cast a three-dimensional shadow. This is how Plato came to describe a group of people who have lived inside a cave all of their lives with their heads chained, facing a blank wall. The people watch shadows projected on the wall by things passing in front of a fire behind them. And they begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. The shadows are as close as the prisoners get to viewing reality. Meanwhile the intellectual elite who believes to be governing the cave does everything in their power to manipulate the citizens so that they become used to being voluntarily governed by a codex of compliance. Plato then explains how the philosopher is like a prisoner who is freed from the cave and comes to understand that the shadows on the wall are not constitutive of reality at all. He admits that few climb out of the cave of ignorance and those who do not only have a terrible struggle to attain the heights but when they go back down for a visit or to help other people up they find themselves objects of scorn and ridicule. The current social media revolution of our modern cave is providing the ultimate opportunities for higher powers to entirely mechanize the society. Until every act of every citizen is fully monitored and then further manipulated by P.R. geniuses. On the one hand, the digital screens we stare at, day in day out they prove that we have now become completely used to being voluntarily governed by a codex of compliance. But on the other hand the Internet is also becoming our cave's window on another world. It is helping those who are seeking for answers to expand their consciousness enormously at an exponentially growing rate and it's liberating them from the mental imprisonment that we have all gotten used to during the course of our written history. Man's greatest intellectual challenge is to answer the question if artificial life can be made real. For if he manages to do so he will prove that he can become a co-creator of the universe. The fact that almost all religious doctrine has been collapsing exponentially since the Age of Enlightenment took off seems to suggest that we are indeed close to realizing are true potential free from dogmatic restrictions. But instead of asking how to create artificial life shouldn't we be asking ourselves first if this material world we perceive to make up our reality is really not just a cave? We can certainly understand its code but will it also help us understand ourselves? If we don't know or have lost access to our own golden route then we must be living pitifully in a cave of evil and ignorance. We use the binary code as the language for powerful computer systems that can do anything for us. But they're now becoming so intelligent and complex that we as human beings are becoming the objects of their studies. And moreover, the continuing attempts to crack the human Genome: the complete genetic structure of human beings to create an artificial biology and to turn our health into something which can be completely monitored and altered in case of flaws also implies that we would want to become the objects of our own ignorance. We are already perfect, but we don't see it because we are being kept from turning our heads around. The Sepher Yetzirah became the inspiration for rabbis to create artificial creatures from clay, called Golems. And this text conveys the same fundamental structure as modern science uses to create artificial life as well. Through the belief that the secret of life is closely related to the phenomenon of script out of the Sepher Yetzirah emerged the Kabbalah: a system of Judaism that hopes to obtain insight in the language of the Creator. The most powerful word of all, called Tetragrammaton by the ancient Greeks was used to signify the most sacred name of God, composed of four Hebrew letters: "Yod He Vav He" (YHWH) which has been variously rendered as Yaweh or Jehovah. Just as the fundamental structure of the genetic code and the I Ching is based on forming combinations of three out of four symbols So does the name YHWH embody the essence of three and four simultaneously. Although the name has four letters, two of those are the same. Which is meant to imply the sacred relation between three and four. 4 represents the earthly and the mundane. The four elements. 3 represents the divine and heavenly. The Holy Trinity. The word Tetragrammaton played an important role in the most famous legend of the Golem. That of rabbi Loew, the Maharal of Prague. Loew received a vision that the Jewish community was in great danger and so he decided to use his knowledge of the Kabbalah to create a Golem. The Golem was activated by writing the word 'emet' on its forehead which means 'truth'. But when the Golem turned against its creator it had to be deactivated. This was done by removing the first letter, the Aleph. Thus changing the inscription from emet: truth to met: death or the death of God. The word 'met' is also used in the genetic code where it's short for the Amino Acid Methionine. This is the so-called 'start' codon that initiates any type of protein translation. There are also two stop codons that are used to terminate the translation process. In addition to the 22 Hebrew letters there are the so-called 'end' letters which are used only as the last letter of a word. The Methionine cycle is known by scientists as the 'Yang cycle'. In the terms of the I Ching that would suggest that the initiation of making a protein is the start of the pure masculine cycle. And in relation to the Golem it would suggest that the death of God is the start of genetic research.

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Multi-layered collage of found footage.
Story written & narrated by Rubin van Kooyk.
This video was part of my graduation work.

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