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Introducing Raffles

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Raffles Hotels and Resorts Raffles Hotels is one of the great iconic hotel brands of the world. Over 127 years old. Steeped in history and certainly very rich in meaning. The best brands make an emotional connection and people come to us for emotional luxury. They come to us for authentic experiences for refinement and quality, for elegance and charm and for the most discreet service. We are fairly wide spread. From Singapore, we trek out through Asia. We are in China: in Beijing and Hainan in Cambodia: Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. We're in Dubai, we're in the Seychelles, we are in Makkah and we have a Raffles in Paris also. What makes it different from other hotels? I think it's a compelling mixture of cultures and styles and a strong sense of place. We very much focus on the city that we are in and the cultures that exist. There is a new type of luxury traveler. They are more sophisticated, they're more demanding and they're very discerning. We found that this is being driven by six key trends, Personalisation : people want a bespoke experience. Seamlessness: It is important that everything works. Time is precious. Relationships : people want a relationship with a brand. Connectivity and connecting with your customers is so important today. Authenticity : today people want the real experience. They want to connect to the local culture and to the local people. It is such an important part of a journey and the destination. And finally heritage: Heritage we know gives people confidence. It's about credibility. And we are so lucky because this is what Raffles is all about. Brands inevitably evolve and we have seen a shift from the head to the heart, and that is at the center of our focus. We say we are an oasis for the well traveled, offering emotional luxury. A destination, a beacon, it's a place where people come together and meet to tell stories. We combine the familiar with the exotic. And it is marked by the welcome of the Travelers’ Palm. Well the Palm has great meaning for us. We use the words 'an oasis for the well-traveled', as such the palm has had great meaning over the centuries. Past travelers would have regarded it as a source of water, but the way the leaves are orientated, they always faced east - west. So depending on where you were coming from, or where you were going, you were able to orientate yourself with the direction of the palm. So obviously a great, great history with travelers. And obviously has a great deal of meaning for us. For our hotels and for our brand. Our promise is to be an oasis for the well traveled offering emotional luxury. It shapes everything we do, in our communication, in our behavior and culture, in our environment and in the delivery of all of our products and services. We are the custodians of the Raffles brand. The decisions we make, the actions that we take and the thoughtfulness that we put into everything we do is how our guests will perceive us. And why the time and the effort that goes into that is so critical. So we are guided by our attributes. We're graceful and we're charming. We're thoughtful and we're welcoming. Emotional luxury is engaging with our customers. We engage and we share. We understand their individuality. We offer them generosity in time and in spirit. And we make them part of our ongoing story. It’s not about what we give our guests, it’s about how we make them feel. And it’s giving them that lasting memory that they will go away with. Raffles has gone beyond Singapore. When we ask our guests how they describe a Raffles experience, they always talk about a feeling, and not the physical. Coco Chanel famously said that “luxury is what you don’t see”. We think she was right. The Story Continues... Raffles Hotels & Resorts

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Introducing Raffles

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