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Peter is one of my favourite characters in The Bible. I love the fact that we have access to his life story and when Jesus first met Peter he was a fisherman along with his brother Andrew and they met on the shores of Galilee. When Jesus first met Peter his name was Simon, son of John. But Jesus said something really remarkable to him. “I want to give you a new name. Now your name is going to be Peter Cephas”. And the thing is Simon meant reed, which means weak like a reed blowing in the wind, but Peter means strong and rock and what's mind-blowing to me about the fact that Jesus gives him a new name is he is saying over Peter “This is who I say that you are”, but also the fact that his for telling something that we now know, that Peter was going to be the first church planter, he was the Rock on which the church was going to be built and the reality is that we see from the Gospels Peter and Jesus relationship was so close. Peter loved Jesus with a ferocious passionate love. He even said to Jesus, “I'm going to remain with you right up until the end”. Yet we see, don't we, in Mark: 14 that that's not the case, that as Jesus is sent to trial Peter watches from afar and people in the vicinity, in the area, start to notice him and say “you, you're a follower of this Jesus. You know him. You're Nazarene,” and Peter does not only deny this one time, Peter does not only deny this once, but three times he denies that he even knows Jesus and from scripture in Mark 14 we see that he denies it really strongly, “I have no idea who this Jesus is” and then rooster crows and Peter was taken back to a conversation he had with Jesus just hours before. When Jesus said to him “Peter you will deny me three times before the Rooster crows" and it says in scripture that Peter began to weep as he realise that what Jesus had foretold had come to pass. I wonder what Peter felt like at that moment, shame, guilt, pain? But yet a few days later when Jesus is resurrected from the grave, he appears to Peter and the other disciples and he asks Peter a really poignant question, not twice, but three times. “Do you love me Peter? Do you love me Peter? Do you love me Peter?” And Peter answers every time, “Yes Lord”. I don’t know about you but I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. A lot of times I have had to apologise and the word sorry is an interesting one because we use it on a daily basis don't we? Sorry that I didn't text you. Sorry that I missed your call. Sorry that I bumped into you. But yet when we have to apologise, when we have to say sorry for something that really matters it seems to cost, and I know that it has cost me, but actually it's really important that when we come to the feet of Jesus we say sorry. We understand what we have done and we repent for all the things that we have done wrong. But I want you to know and to be encouraged today and just like how Jesus was responded to Peter in that moment please know today that you are forgiven and that you are loved.

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