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Hawking an Eco-Friendly Bird Control Technique

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I've always been interested in wildlife as far back as I can remember, especially birds of prey. So, ever since I was little really, I know some of the species. With my job, working at pest control, it's always been something that I wanted to do, to fly up birds of prey and then the way things have changed over the years and the customer's demands, the opportunity has came up to get ourselves a bird and use it. Safeguard for hawking is the most eco-friendly method of bird control. There’s no use of chemical, poisons, guns. It’s a green method, which is there to scare the pest away and the clients may like that because you don't actually harming anything. All birds have got an actual fear of hawks and falcons, so it's the presence of the hawks that drives the birds away from their resting areas. Using a bird of prey is a cost-effective method of control to our clients rather than spending thousands of pounds on probing or using nets or spikes. Basically, you can use a hawking in most situations. This can range from large industrial units, waste sites to shopping centres. I first got Bo about it six months ago. To get him to fly was a matter of, you know, getting his flying weight correct and then basically, starting that manning process as we go, where I'm going to take him around different sites, getting used to traffic and people. So we'll go out with him to work. I know that he's not going to be frightened to my situations, which is always a good thing. There's an awful lot of time and effort and patience is needed really, to go into, to train these birds. So for me, for it's the greatest sense of achievement whatever I got that bird out and he's doing exactly what I wanted to do and the customer is happy.

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Posted by: rbanderas on Aug 21, 2018

Hawking an Eco-Friendly Bird Control Technique

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