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global oneness project The Four Fold Song A lot of what we are seeking to do here in the Holy Land is to weave together and create new narratives... Rabbi Eliyahu McLean Jerusalem, Israel Co-Founder Jerusalem Peacemakers ...of what it means to live in this land and what it means to live in this world, rather than having a story and a narrative that is just based on my particular tribal story. Nowadays, the entire planet, the entire globe ecology, is disintegrating and falling apart and we're all interconnected, and its no longer possible for each one of us to have a story that's exclusively concerned with our own history and not at all dealing with the interconnectedness of all beings. I wanted to give teaching from one of the great mystics of the Jewish tradition, and I would argue, one of the great mystics of the last century that is not very well known around the world. His name is Rabbi Abraham Isaac Cook. Rabbi Cook was the Chief Rabbi of Palestine in the 1920's and '30's in the Holy Land. He came from Eastern Europe and he settled in the Holy Land, and he wrote many poems about the underlying unity of all reality, and he in particular wrote a poem, or a spiritual teaching he called the Four Fold Song. Rabbi Cook taught that to be a true Israeli, to be of the people or the community of Israel, the word Israel, in the Hebrew language, is spelled Israel, and if you take the first 3 letters in the Hebrew language and you switch it around, it literally means the Song of God. He said to be a true Israeli is to sing the Four Fold Song of God. So he taught that there were four levels, four songs that each individual and each of us can sing. The first song he taught is the Individual Song. The song of each human being and their uniqueness, their distinctiveness, and their unique individuality in the world. How am I, Eliyahu, how am I, whoever I am, singing my song in the world. Then he said its not enough just to sing our own song. We also have to sing the song of our own people, our own tribe. Or in our case, the people of Israel, but this could also apply to any group, whether its Palestinians or Native Americans, or Shamans, anybody in the world, is to sing our tribal song. But even that's not enough. We also then need to sing the song of all humanity, of all human beings. Regardless of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation; to sing the human song. But even that's not enough, he taught. The Fourth Song is a song of all of creation, the song of all existence and that is the ultimate song, and to be a true Israeli, he taught, is to sing all four songs in perfect harmony. He called it the Four Fold Song. So its the individual, its the tribal, its the human, and its the existential song. And rather than having, or focusing exclusively on each, if we can see that all four songs can be sung in perfect harmony that then becomes what you call the Four Fold Song. So to sing and to express myself in a universal way is also to be fully human, is to be fully Jewish, or whatever my tribe is, or to be fully my own unique individual. And I bring this teaching because the Four Fold Song is a way I look at the world in that the new narrative that we have to create as human beings is one that honors each one of us in our distinctiveness, in our uniqueness, honors us in our own unique tribal and communal identity, and at the same time, fully expresses who we are as human beings, as members of this planet and of the universe.

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