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April 7, 2019

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Three Friends What are you doing later? I’m going to watch some baseball with my guy friends at the bar You aren’t going to invite us? You guys aren’t interested in Baseball I love baseball! I don’t know what you’re talking about I want to go My friends are nasty… You guys aren’t going to like them Ah… Whatever Well we are going to make empanadillas and bake a cake and you are going to die of envy Well then, Bye! Call us when you get there ok?

Please, so we can know that you’re safe A Tragic call That class was…. Look at the video I found in class Phone rings*** Allen’s mom? That’s odd. Hello, Hello? Hello… Oh my goodness you girls have no idea. It’s allen’s mom What happened? Oh God! Allen just died WHAT? HOW? He was in an accident… a car hit him when he was leaving the bar. All his organs and bones are outside his body But, but… My god! What happened? Oh God.. I’m talking to the police I can’t believe my son is dead… My Son! **Crying*** What? A unexpected letter Ashly? What is this, someone left… a letter A game that would unite them with their lost friend Three words that changed everything Say these three words and I will live once again Papaya, Cassava, and Sweet Potato Papaya, Cassava, and Sweet Potato An illusion What is that? Thats Allen! Allen? The worst mistake of their lives Allen! That would end their lives I'm not allen. I died here 20 years ago You two have just woken me up And I am sure I shall not return Where is allen? I shall stay here Where is allen? I am not allen! Don’t play with death Soon in theaters

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Posted by: yakairacabral on Apr 8, 2019

No juegues con la muerte

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