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Hi, I'm Liz Kelsh and today, I'm going to be creating an eye look that's super versatile. Okay, so I've already prepped Remy's face. I've used a little foundation, some concealer under the eyes, and I've prepped the eyelids with Wild Shadow Pots in Savage Rose, and then of course, our perfectly groomed brow. I'll be using a Black Kohl pencil. It's really important to start with a sharpened pencil. It just makes it a lot easier and you get a lot more precision. With your pencil, do short strokes into the lash line. Now, work about three quarters way across look at your face in the mirror and decide where you want the point to be. And then, join the line. This is where it gets it's name, the cat flick. We're going to take that point and bring it right down to the inner eye and create a little triangle. Take the eye liner and I'm going to line the water line. Again, I'm going into the lower lash line to just smudge it in. And it helps to hold the pencil at a slight angle. Next, taking my pointer brush I'm just going to smudge into the lash line. And this just smooths it in, gets it right into the lashes. Make sure there's no white marks at all. I'm going to use Expert Liquid Liner. And we're simply tracing the shape we've already created with the pencil. If you are a blinker, just simply put your finger on the crease of your eye and that will stop you from blinking. I'm using 2000 Calorie Mascara. I start on the bottom lashes first holding the brush vertically and then paint each lash. Now you can have as many coats of mascara as you like, the trick is to apply them one after the other. Don't let your mascara go dry in between coats. That's what can give you that spidery look. For a daytime, keep the line quite small and clean or for nighttime, add a bit more shimmer to the lid to give it a bit more judge. Find out how to get perfect brows that will frame your face and draw attention to your cat flick eyes. Check out the other tutorials.

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Posted by: howdini on Dec 18, 2017


För en förförisk och kattliknande look. Den internationella makeupartisten Liz Kelsh visar hur du skapar perfekta kattögon på proffsens sätt – och hur du lyckas varje gång. Förbättra symmetrin i ditt ansikte genom att lära av proffsen. Rama in din eyeliner med oklanderligt formade bryn.

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