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The Coming Intifada

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OK, OK I'd start at the initial idea drawn from the Convention of Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel, the state that is the self declared state of the Jews. A state that is for a certain group of people and not for other groups of people. I think that this has to be traced to centuries of anti-Semitism that have been prevalent in Europe and in most of the wide world. At the end of the 19th century, a group of people led by Theodore Hertzl got together and decided they were looking for another nation, at least where the Jewish people could establish a nation. They looked at various ideas... Argentina, places in Africa, and eventually thought that they could make circumstance to establish the Jewish state in Palestine. People also driven by anti-Semitism in Europe started coming and settling in Palestine, but small numbers of people, And these, because Palestine was first under Ottoman rule-- that is under the Turkish Empire at that time and then Palestine, historic Palestine, at that time was under British Mandate. And eventually, of course, after the horrors of the Holocaust, more and more increasing numbers of Jewish people made their way into Palestine. The problem of course, is that unlike what has been presented, to the Jewish People themselves, and to the whole of the world, this was a land where there were people. there were people called the Palestinians This was not, as people say, "a land without people for people without a land." This was a place where there had been people there cultivating the land being famers, being grazers, being merchants... They had their cities, and the problem was that, for the Zionist movement, this was something that was not acceptable. The Arabs and Palestinians had to be expelled from Palestine before the state of Israel could be created and this is what they set on doing. Sure, I think Apartheid is a very mild way of putting what is going on and what's gone on in Palestine. Apartheid is the division of rights, of geographic space between people. Where some people get more rights than others because of their ethnic belonging, because of the color of their skin in South Africa. Zionism is much, much worse than apartheid. Apartheid is part of mild Zionism, But Zionism stands for the replacement of a people by another people. The expulsion of a people and its replacement by another people who have no links with the country in which they are inhabiting. In South African apartheid, the black people were placed in Bantustans. In Palestine, the Zionists expelled, forcefully, through massacres, which we remember every day, because this was the time that we remember al-Naqba, the Great Disaster that had struck the Palestinian People. And there was a movement of expelling them, of scaring them, of committing murder, masacres such as Deir Yassin-- --and this is very well documented in the world of Zionist historians themselves. Palestine is of course divided into two places. The place that is currently called Israel, which is what we call '48 Palestine, which is part of the land that had gone to the Zionists, when Palestine was partitioned by the United Nations. And in there, of course, you have Israeli Nationality and who are Jewish and people who have Israeli citizenship who are Arab. And these two identifications are clearly reflected in their identity papers. If you are an Arab, in '48 Palestine, you're not allowed to establish the same majors that somebody who is not Arab can study. You are not allowed, for example, to hold many jobs because many jobs require you to have military service and the Arabs, who I repeat, make up 20% of the population today-- --more in a few years-- are not allowed to hold these positions, because they do not go to the army. There are also other forms of discrimination like, for example, refusing access to live in the same neighborhood as people who are not Arabs. There are Arab neighborhoods and non-Arab neighborhoods. Now, in what is known as the Occupied Territories, which we call the West Bank, These are territories that are occupied, That is, even if you recognize the state of Israel, --the Israelis themselves recognize that these are occupied territories-- illegally occupied In which there are settlements that are constructed illegally everyday in clear breach of all international law and where you have roads that are for settlers and roads that are for Arabs and water wells that are for settlements and small springs where the Arabs can hardly and barely get their water from and where the lands are divided under occupation where the Arabs, which are in their own occupied lands and can not circulate freely. The issue of double standards and mediatization of liberation struggles is not new and does not apply only to Palestine The empire is not going to be gentle to who ever is standing up to it and by empire I am not only talking about the US I'm talking about the way the world is ruled as a combination of large corporations, the economic interests, as well as the political interests that rule the world and these are not going to recognize your struggle. Which ever it is. In my opinion and the opinion of the United Nations any liberation struggle--anybody who is being attacked and occupied has the rights to use any means available in order to fight occupation. It is rediculous that the onus is on the victim to justify the use of violence, when it is the oppressor that is armed to the teeth and that, as you put it, pummels the victim and then asks for the victim to be peaceful.

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