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Fritay Banquet 2010

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(Music playing) This is the Little Haiti Cultural Center. This is progress folks. And I feel very encouraged by this. (Music playing) I said: You're young, the next generation. You're our future. If you're doing right, at least, I can say: We've been working fine. At least, I can say: I can rest. And let you all continue the work. (Music playing) You've got a $2,000 scholarship. Wow! (applause) (Music playing while scholarship recipients are happily coming forward) And I certainly hope that we will not only support them tonight but we will support them in their journey as they continue their education. Thank you. (applause) Interviews: My name is Romelito Charles. And I am very happy and very proud of the work that you have been doing. We want to say "thank you". In addition, we want to talk about our work. We are with "Fritay Foundation". It was created by "Fritay Restaurant". that started a conversation within the community. We want to stop ... Everyone is showing the issues. They are identifying the problems. We have decided to bring a solution. Even though it's a small contribution, we are doing what we can to do our part and help the community. The projects that Fritay Foundation has been implementing are: - Mentorship. We are working in partnership with an organization to provide Mentorship for dropout children, to help them stay in school. - We also have a back-to-school program. When schools open, we give away back packs. When schools open last year, we gave away more than 300 backpacks to help children go back to school. The parents were happy because they couldn't afford back to school - In addition, we have the scholarship program. which is only a small piece of everything we do. And we also have other projects. If you go to our website, you can see them. It's Fritay. It's: And You will be able to see everything you have given so far, We have lots of other projects. One thing about Fritay, is that we do not believe that we are the only one, we believe there are others that are doing great things too. We gave Marleine Bastien the Community Achievement Award. We gave Romany Pierre, the Student Achievement Award. We want to recognize those who are working hard in the community. We are part of Sacred Farms Ministry. And Fritay Foundation honored Sacred Farms tonight for the good work we are doing in Haiti right now. We started a feeding program after the earthquake. We are feeding, about 150 children a day, breakfast. And we do this through a very nutritionist, a breakfast drink, well-known in Haiti called: Akasan. We are called Sacred Farms because we are not only feeding, but we are cultivating. Our goal is to invest in agriculture and feed children and combat malnutrition in Haiti as Romanie said. So tonight, we are very very glad to be honored by an organization that is working in the community, young people that are impacting the community. They see the work that we are doing. It's a different type of work but we all have the same goal. It's to impact our community. It's to better Haiti. It's not about us. It's not about us. It's not only us. It's not about us. It's about the people that are doing something in the community. And I also want to make sure that kids go to college. This is why we give these scholarships to these three winners tonight. And we hope that we'll continue to do that. My name is Daphné Petit-Homme. And I just received the "Fritay Change Scholarship Award". And I am very happy, I am very glad to have received this award. And, it's going to help me pursue my college education. I am Joann Louis and I just received the "Fritay Change Scholarship Award" for $2,000. I am just very blessed and thankful to have received this scholarship. I received $2,000 and it's going to go towards my education. I am going to go to Miami Dade for two years. And I am going to transfer into UF. And I plan on studying Psychology. And I also plan on giving back to the community by providing free sessions and also building a community center; another one that's more related to kids of my age and what they would want. We have good programs: the scholarship program and we have the leadership program for the youth. Fritay Youth Investors Club. We meet here twice a month. The second and last Thursday of every month. We teach entrepreneurship. It's amazing how people have been coming and learn how to start their own business, how to invest their money. This is our passion to empower the next generation to do better. Transcribed in English by: Yanick Landess

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Year: 2010
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Posted by: koze on Aug 9, 2010

Fritay Foundation is an organization devoted to promoting minority youth education by providing scholarship, mentorship, and leadership training. On June 12, 2010, Fritay held the Fritay Change Fundrasing Dinner benefiting hungry children in Haiti and high school dropout prevention in Miami.

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