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Tina's Activation

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>> Audi: Alright, there we go. That's loud. >> Tina: Yes, that's loud >> Audi: OK, I'm going to turn it down >> Tina: Yes >> Audi: Turn it down. Don't worry, there we go, for you, it's very loud >> Audi: Is that still loud? >> Tina: very, very loud >> Audi: OK, I'm going to turn it down. How's that now? Is that a bit better? >> Tina: Yes, that's more comfortable >> Audi: Good. OK, right. So tell me, what does it sound like?... He's apprehensive. >> Tina: Well, it just sounds like beeping. There's just no way I can make that out to be a voice when I first listen to it. It's just beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep beep. >> Audi: That's fine, that's very normal. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: And, in the beginning everything is going to sound like beeps and whistles. It's because your brain doesn't know sounds. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: Eventually, the beeps and whistles will start to make sense. You'll hear the dog barking, you'll hear my voice talking, and everything will start to have a beat after a while. >> Audi: We're going to switch on one today. Can I turn it up a little bit? >> Tina [hesitates]: OK, but don't turn it up too much, okay? >> Audi: I won't. Right, right, that's only 6 or 5, so that's a very small step. How does that sound? >> Tina: I think I can cope with that. >> Audi: You can cope with that? What we'll do, Tina, I'll give you 3 maps. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: Or 3 programs. >> Audi: And each one will be louder. Because you'll adjust to this sound by tomorrow morning. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: By tomorrow morning, this will be too soft for you. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: So, then you can go into program 2, which will be louder, and so forth. OK? >> Tina: OK >> Audi: Right, can you start to make out my voice, a little bit? >> Tina: No. Not a bit. >> Audi: Right. Well, you can lip-read me much better than before. Before I had to type everything. >> Tina: That's right. >> Audi: So now, you can sort of associate the lip reading with the sound. Is he anxious? >> Tina: Yeah. Good boy. >> Audi: Yeah, that's true. OK, I'm gonna make some noises, I'm gonna bang this, tell me if you hear that [bang bang bang] >> Tina: That's, that's a boom boom boom. >> Audi: Right. [bang bang bang bang] Is that uncomfortable? >> Tina: A little, a little bit. >> Tina: But, I'll just keep it. >> Audi: At that level? I'm just going to try a little bit more. >> [11 bangs] >> Tina: [cringes and laughs] There's no way I can tell what that is. >> Audi: That's fine, as long as you can hear the beep beep beep beep, that's very good. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: OK, now different kind of sound >> [rings bells] >>Tina: Nothing. >>Audi: Anything now? >> Tina: Your voice beeping, but that [frowns] >> [Shakes bells again] >> Tina: No. >> [Shakes bells again] >> Tina: No. >> Audi: OK, close your eyes. >> [shakes bells] >> Tina: No. >> Audi: Nothing at all? Fine. It's a very high pitch. It's quite a soft sound. And it might take some time. Eventually you'll recognize the sound. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: OK? How about my clapping? >> [claps 10x] >> Tina: Well, I think I hear a beeping [pointing to left ear] but I think I can hear it in my right ear as well. >> Audi: OK There is hearing there, but a bit different. >> Audi: A bit? Ya, they will be different, OK. Listen to the volume, is the volume OK now? >> Tina: The volume? >> Audi: Yeah. >> Tina: Uh, it's OK, but, um, I think when I have to go back to work, I'll take it off, because of the traffic. >> Audi: OK. I don't want you to take it off; I want you to turn it lower. Don't take it off altogether. Maybe today, because today might be a bit too much for you. You're going back to work today? OK [whistles in amazement] right. Switching off. Is that OK? >> Tina: [smiles] Yes. >> Audi: Right. Switching on again. There we go. Alright, how's that now? >> Tina: Fine >> Audi: That's fine, comfortable? >> Tina: [laughs] There's no wait, can you say that again? I might change my mind. >> Audi: OK, is that comfortable? >> Tina: I'm trying to understand. >> Audi: Oh, you won't at all, at all. >> Remember, you have not been able to hear without lip reading for how many years? >> Tina: 20 >> Audi: Tina, give it some time. It's been, uh, 10 minutes! >> [both laugh] >> Audi: You know? Let's be realistic. But you'll, you'll, I, I don't know if you'll ever be able to cope without lip reading. Um, I mean, we'll just see how it goes. But, uh, eventually, your implant is going to be so great, that sometimes you won't need lip reading. But most of the time, you'll always need a bit of lip reading. >> Tina: OK >> Audi: OK? Allright, that's it. Now I'm going to switch it off, and save it, and that it takes quite a long time. >>TIna: Okay. [clicking] [more clicking] >>Audi: Do you want me to keep on recording? >> Tina: Press the red button.

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Tina's Activation

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