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Okay, guys, -- we're going to learn how to do that -- four-ace trick -- All right. It's an astounding trick because it all takes place in the other person's hands which I love If you can do magic from that place, it's fantastic. So, first of all, it involves a slight set up of the deck, okay? We've got that four aces on the top of the deck. That's where they need to start And that's where they need to stay. It's very, very simple. This is actually a simple trick. But don't let that fool you. You could see the impact, okay? You'd start with the four aces on the top of the deck, and then, you tell people you're going to shuffle the cards. Now, This is a false shuffle. That is... I'm going to show you that it looks completely like a real shuffle -- A lot of us have been doing it before. I know. And you couldn't tell -- right? -- I'd completely watch it carefully. -- Exactly. So, what you want to do this false shuffle maintains the status of the top card or cards, okay? Let me show you very simply and clearly how to do this You do it in a standard overhand shuffle like this. The first time you come over like so You're going to jog this card in up to an inch Okay? And then, you're just going to shuffle off the other cards on top, everywhere, all over Okay? -- To jog means between that a little bit? -- Towards me. -- The first one. -- Exactly. You're going to jog it in towards yourself about an inch and then just shuffle off everything on top of that Now, look what that gives you. It gives you this whole area This is the top of the pack underneath. -- This top part right here. -- Mm-hmm. So, here's what you're going to do. You're just going to come underneath take up that whole packet and stick it on top. It's that simple. Let me show you what it looks like in normal action. Guys, I'm going to shuffle the cards first. reshuffle Mix them up really well. finish it with a cut I'm ready to go. The aces are completely still on the top of the pack. -- Wow. And you're ready to go. Very deceptive false shuffle. Learn it well. It's very, very easy. But just practice it to make it look very, very good. So, now, we've got the four aces on top of the deck. Here we go. What you do is you have the person cut into four piles, wherever they want But you explain to them, cut into four more or less, equal piles They don't have to be exact but it doesn't matter So, they're going to pick up the cards and they're going to cut them across like this three and four And if you're following your aces, we've got the aces over here. . Exactly. Where you're going to have them pick up the first pile. Three cards from top to bottom. They're going to put one card on top of each other's piles That puts another card on top of the aces. -- Yeah. -- Yeah. Then you have them pick up anything but that. That's going to be last. So you say, oh, this one would be good. Transfer three cards from top to bottom. Put a card on top of each other pile. This now puts two cards on top of the aces. You've got this pile over here. Three cards from top to bottom to three other piles Now, you've got three cards on top. You want them to do the same thing with the last packet which you see now they've got these three extra cards on top -- Ah, yeah.But guess what. That's part of the instructions. -- Amazing, right?. Transfer three cards from top to bottom You make them put the four aces on each packet -- Oh, cool. -- You are totally set. -- Amazing, I could do this. But here's the main part of the trick. You've got it done. No one knows that it's completely done yet but you. Now, it's the time to add the showmanship. And hesitation that's building up. So, here's what you say, Okay? You say, by the way, after I shuffle the cards, You run through it. I put them down. And from that point on, the cards were completely in your hands. Am I correct? -- Absolutely. -- Okay. Did you cut the cards into four piles wherever you want it to? Could I possibly make you a cut to a certain place in the deck There's no way, right? Then, we put took the cards and we shuffled them around in the weird way We picked up piles at random. We put three here, three there. Cards on top of each other's pile. You just get them going. And all are... "Yeah, you're right." I mean, we did everything to these cards. And then, you step back. Did I touch the cards? No. And then, you just say, "What were those four most wanted cards in the game of poker? -- The aces. -- One, two, three, and four. -- Oh, that is cool. And people just... blow up.

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