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2017 - MyTupperware Downline Progress Report

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- Hey. - How are you? - I’m doing really good today. - Okay, so let’s go ahead and we’re going to start talking about what we’re going to do. It’s the Tupper Tech Talk. Um, but it’s all about some brand-new reports - Yes, - and some updates, right? this is a very exciting report. - Yes. - Yes. Super exciting, guys. - So are you ready, Anna? - I’m ready. Okay, so we’re going to delve right back into it, girlfriend, Alright. If we can get those slides up there. - Anna’s driving. Not me. - Okay. - Okay. - Alright, so now if you guys remember back when we first gave you the very first report that we gave you in My.Tupperware, was a progress report, and you loved it. but the very first thing you said I think you might have given us 2 seconds before you said, “this is great, but can I see it for my organization or my unit or my team?” - Right. - And we said, - “gosh, that’s a great idea.” You remember, Cheryl? - Yup. - And we’re like, yes. We’re going to make that happen. - Yes. And we’ve made it happen. So, we’re going to talk about that downline - progress report today. - Okay. Now, just like all of the previous reports that have been in My.Tupperware, this is available for all Sales Force members who have a paid account. So that’s Plus or higher. - Okay. - Right? And it is available from that Reports dropdown on the main menu up at the top. So let’s just make sure guys, so if you’re watching us - and we have over 200 viewers right now - Yup. This is not the My Sales part. This is on your - on your website. - Right. - Right? - You got it. And it’s accessible for everybody who has the Plus site or higher. - Yes. - Both in the US and Canada. Okay. So... So, I’ve just shown you here where you can go to the Reports, you drop it down, click on Downline Progress. And what you see right away looks a little bit like the contact list that we’ve talked about - in the past. - Yes. Right? So it’s the same kind of colors. It’s got the consultant IDs, got the first and last name. But now we have added the current title, their next achievable title, and a progress bar, Cheryl. - Okay. - Right? And I’m just going to show you right over here on the right. That’s a progress bar for each individual person on your organization or your team - or your unit, right? - Okay. And if I zoom in here a little bit, you can see those percentages. What that means is: let’s say you’re a consultant, Cheryl, right? And you are working to become a manager. - Okay. - It’s going to say you’re 53% towards becoming a manager. - Okay. - Or you’re 27%, or whatever percent that you are, that’s what’s going to show up in these bars. Okay. And so I’m going to I’m going to ask Anna the question I’ve already asked Anna. So Anna, where it says 56% completed, right? - Yes. - So I’m half way to becoming a manager. Yay me. Okay, this 56% includes all three of the KPIs, - right? Yes. - It does. Which is your personal sales, your unit sales, right? And my personal recruits in an active status. - Right yup. - Right? And this will be correlate with both the US, what their 3 KPIs are, and in Canada, what their 3 KPIs are. Right? Okay. It includes all 3, equally weighted. Okay. So if I have all my personal sales done and all of my unit sales done, right? Because I am a unit, right? I could be maybe 50%, or would I be higher, but I have no personal recruits. You’d be around 66-67%. Okay. So I’ve got 2 of the KPIs done, - but not the third, right? - Right. So it’s not going to go to 100% - until I have all three nets. Okay. - Exactly. You got it. - Perfect. Okay. - So let me go back real quick. Now up at the top here, there’s three gray buttons, and I want to concentrate first on the one that’s called ‘Advanced Filters’, right? This one right here. And when I click on that, it opens up some filters. Why this is really important and why I want to start with this is that you might, especially at the beginning of a month, click on the Downline Progress Report, Cheryl, and see nobody. - Okay. - And you go, wait a second. I have 20 people on my team. Why is there no one here? And the reason is that we default the report to show only those who are at least 25% towards their next achievable title. - Okay. - So if you see nobody there and you want to see everyone, you click on that Advanced Filters button, - Okay. Click that on. - right? - Yup. And then on the right-hand side - Right. about halfway down, you’ll see ‘Percentage Complete’. - Okay. - And then the 25 is in there, you can change that to 10. You can change it to 0, which would show you everybody. - Everybody. Okay. - Right? And once you do that, there’s a ‘Run Report’ button at the bottom right hand side. You click that, and it’ll show you everyone. So you have to hit that ‘Run Report’, right? You have to hit the ‘Run Report’ button. - So, okay. - It’s dark gray. So once I do that, Anna, then I’m going to see everybody with either 10% - or whatever percentage point I put in there, right? - Right. Whatever. Right? So, whether it’s 0 all the way up to if I wanted to put 75%, right? - Yes. I could do that. Okay. - You could do that. So that’s pretty simple. - Yes. - Right? Okay. And then another reason I want to show the Advanced Filters is this is like the Contact List. Let’s say you want to just see what one of your directors is seeing of their entire team, or maybe one of your managers, what they’re seeing of their unit. You can change the report to run as if you were them. So in that Advanced Filters you have that Consultant up at the top. It says Consultant Under. If you know their ID you can type it. If you don’t know their ID, which you probably don’t, you click on Find Consultant. You can just start typing in their name, and it will actually bring them up. So I’m going to search for this person here, San Juanita. - Okay. - Right? And when it comes up I just click on her number. - Okay. - And it brings me back to that screen with her number filled in. Now this is really important. Remember Cheryl, this is just like the Contact List. When I’m changing that Consultant under, whether I typed it in or whether I found them, I have to hit Enter or Return on my keyboard before I hit Run Report to make sure it changes. Okay. So let’s just go back. Okay. So this is so cool because whether you’re a business leader and you want to look at your entire organization. - Right. - Or you could be a 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 5-star executive director, and you want to look at your organization, or you want to look at one person in that organization. So if you’re a 1 star and you want to look at your director or any director in your org., this is where you would go in, find their name, right? - Right - Click on their 11-digit ID. - Yup. - Right? And then insert it back over under the Contact - the Consultant ID - Right. - screen. - It’ll insert it for you when you click it. Oh. Once I do it, it automatically does it. I don’t have to highlight it. I don’t have to copy it. - Nope. Just click on it. yup. - Yay. - Just click on. It populates right there. - Yup. Then I have to hit enter. - Yup. - Because even though I’m seeing it there, I haven’t manually put it inside - to be able to find it, right? - Right. Exactly. Okay, so you got to hit Enter or Return, right? And then you hit Run Report. - Then you hit Run Report. - Okay. And then once you hit Run Report, then I’m only going to see that one person I put in. - Whether it’s a director - Exactly. and her entire team, or whether I put in a manager - and her entire unit. - Right. Or even and this is the reason I picked this person this is a consultant, guys. This is a consultant who is on her way to becoming a manager. - Okay. - And she can even see - in her recruits what their progress is. - Right. So she can track, and you can actually help her - and coach her, right? - Yes. So as you can see here, I chose that consultant and now I see only her and the recruit that she has that’s at least 25%. Okay. - Right. That’s pretty cool. - Right? So now a consultant can even see what’s going on. I love that. I’m trying to catch up with Anna. - So - I know. We have a lot of slides. We have a lot of slides. Yes we do. So, oh I see. - So Brenda is part of Juanita, right? - Yes. So, and I can see that Juanita has 80% of her manager goals completed, right? So probably her personal sales and her unit sales are completed. She just doesn’t have her three active - personal recruits in an active status, right? - And we can actually look at that, and I’ll show you that in a couple of slides. - Okay. I’m jumping ahead. Sorry, guys. - That’s okay. I just want to we looked at the Advanced Filters, that gray button at the top. Now I want to show you the Add/Remove column’s gray button at the top because this can actually add a little bit more data to this report. - Okay. - So we show you the name. We show you the ID, the current title, the next title, and the progress. But you can actually add a few more fields. So you can add Director Name. You can add Personal Sales. You can add Team Sales. You can add Personal Recruits - and - So I can filter by all of these, right? Yes. Well, it’s not filtering. We’re just going to this is showing, - just adding the columns. - Like in Show, - right? So for example - Okay. in this one I’m going to add Personal Sales and Personal Recruits. And it just shows me the same report again, but you see over on the right it’s actually got their sales and their recruits. And you can remember sort by any of these columns by just clicking the header at the top. Okay. So let me just go back. - Okay. - So if I just want to find the one person, which we found Juanita before, right? So, and then I’m going to see like Juanita’s slide, right? So it has her name and it has Brenda Lee - underneath, right? - Right. That means it’s she only has the one recruit, - correct? - No. That has met the 25%, yes. Okay. So but if I wanted to go back and I’m looking at one person, right? Within my team or my org., then if I want to see everybody, I would have to go back to the beginning and change the 25% cause this is always going to default to 25%? Yes. It’s going to default. Okay. So do I do that before I select who I want to see? If I select let’s just say I select 10%. Right? So and then I’m going to go in and I want to look at one of my directors, right? And I want to look at her future managers, right? Then do I go back and do it at the beginning? Or do I have to go back every time I just select one person? It’ll stay at 10%. It’ll stay at 10% until I and then if I close out - and then go back in, it defaults to 25% again? - Right. It does. - Right? Okay. - And that was going to be my tip. If you’re diving down and looking at some people, and you’re like you know what? I just need to get back to my org., the fastest way to do is just go back to Reports and click Downlink Progress Report. - Oh I think. - That’s the fastest way to get it. - I think we have – yay. - Hey look, we have visitors. Okay, so you guys need to come over this way. We can’t see you. You need to there you go. Okay guys, so we have our council in right now, okay? And these are the elected council members from each one of the regions that were elected in by their fellow business leaders. And then we have our other council, which is our number 1 in each region, coming in tonight. We have a dinner tonight, and then a meeting tomorrow, and then the other council meets on Thursday and Friday. So they all just wanted to say hey. So there’s Terry, Marta, Kris, Debbie, Debbie, Naomi in the back, and then we have Lisa, and we have Cora. So hey y’all. - So okay. - Cheryl, this means that when they get back, you’re going to have to teach them - what we’re learning today. - Yea. There you go. - So - Bye guys. Okay. So okay, that was fun. That was fun. So then it’s going to go back and it’s going to default back to the 25%. - Yes. - But once if I change it to 10% at the very beginning, it stays that way even if I want to filter out and see just one of my directors, or if I’m coaching a director and I want her to look - at all of her managers, right? - Yes. Or future managers, it’ll always stay at whatever that percentage I put in at the beginning. - You got it. - Okay, good. - Right. - Good, good, good. That’s good to know. And guys, I think of stuff, and when I think of it, - I’m going to ask Anna, okay? - Yea. Oh you know what we talked about earlier, Cheryl? - We forgot to talk about - Well I was going to bring it up. It’s right here. - Okay. - It’s on this screen. Well we talked about the filters. We talked about Consultant Under. We’ve talked about percentage progress. But we forgot to talk about what a manager can see. Well I was going to ask you that. Okay, so let’s kinda we’re going to backtrack just a hot second, okay? So this report, Anna, is you’re going to see your next title up. - Right. - Correct? So Consultant to Manager, Manager to Star, Star to Executive. And then Executive to Director. Okay. So right now for the DIQ, you have to go into My Sales, right? You have to click down your dropdown menu. You gotta click on DIQ, and you can see all of that. But you can also see it - in here, right Anna? - Right. Yea, let me show you. So we’ve looked at this report where it shows everybody and that little gray bar on the right with their percentage, but when you click on their Consultant ID over to the left, it actually brings up this little modal window we call it, a little pop up window, and there’s an option called Progress Report. And if you click that, now you’re seeing the actual Progress Report that that Sales Force member sees the same way they see it. So in this case it’s a Consultant, and so I’m just seeing their progress towards manager, or they’re a manager going to star manager, I believe. - Okay. Right. - But if I was an executive manager Then if I clicked on theirs, you see it’s a little more involved. It’s got more criteria. It’s got all of those DIQ criteria - there at the bottom. - Okay. And you know guys, this is a big deal, okay? This is a big deal because when I was asking Anna about this before we actually came on Tupper Live, I said, “Can I see a DIQ?” ‘cause remember guys, DIQ is not a level. It’s a program, okay? So I want to point out a couple of things ‘cause when Anna, she’s like, “well let’s go check it out, Cheryl.” And so we did, and she actually pasted this in. and I want to walk through this with y’all because Anna, I think this is a big deal. Okay, I think this is a really big deal because when your progress report you’re showing the consultant, right? It’ll tell you your 3 KPIs, right? - Right. Yup. - Personal sales, unit sales, - personal recruits in an active status, right? - Yup. - Just like that. - Same thing for star, same thing for executive, right? Okay, but now we have an executive manager, right? And you click on and you can see her unit, right? But you can also see the progress of the dream team, - Exactly. - right? Okay. So I don’t know if y’all can see this or not, but do you see where it says 66% completed, - right? So - Yup. if you look at it, guys, it has her personal sales. She’s at $2,924. She only needs $500, right Anna? So that’s the first number is what they have. The second number is what they need. Okay, Then the third is her dream, her monthly dream team sales are $10,380, but her unit sales 3 levels deep are $7,500. Well she needs $7,500, but she has $10,380 in dream team sales, right? Then you come down here and if you see guys, it says 3-month cumulative dream team sales: $10,380 out of the $30,000, right? So she’s got this much, and it’s a cumulative, - and it’s a rolling three months, - It’s a rolling 3 months. right Anna? So it’s going to drop a month, add a month, drop a month, add a month, right? So this would be January, February, March ‘cause we’re in March right now, right? Okay. And then it says ‘Paid as manager or consultant that achieves manager level’. She has one out of the two, correct Anna? - Okay. Now - Yup. if we go back up to, do you see at the very top, guys – I don’t know if you can see it or not. Do you have a red thing, like a laser on there if you can show it? But it’s right next to the 66, that very top line where it says Requirements, Enroll, and DIQ Program. This one actually is checked. - Yes. - Meaning that she has gone on in, and she clicked the DIQ button, which you have to do that in your MySales. - Right. - Okay. The one we looked at before, she had even more sales, right? But she had not clicked - the DIQ button. - Right. And so it had a little red X next to it instead of the green check. Right. So it’s if it has a check mark, - that means they’ve clicked the DIQ button. - Yes. If there’s an X, it means they have not. So I’m doing this right now this way y’all, ‘cause if this was Anna and I was going in and looking Anna and I was the business leader or I was a director, I’d be like, “Anna, shoot doggy. You need to click the DIQ button.” Because a lot of times they think they’ve done it, - and they haven’t, okay? - Right. So y’all, this one screen right here for all of y’all that are working with your future directors, this is invaluable. It is a bell ringer because you don’t have to go back into MySales, drop on the dropdown Reports menu, go into the DIQ. Now you can actually do it, and you can filter it by your directors. Right. You can filter it by all of your executives. Right. All of your executive managers, so all of you org. leaders, you can filter this to see all of your executive orgs I mean your executive managers in your personal team - and your organization. - That’s right. Like this is huge, okay? So I love this. I am so excited about this because it gives you all of the KPIs that they need, guys. And it actually tracks the progress of them getting to. And I think the biggest thing that Anna is having the managers at the bottom, - right? Because that is a lot of times - Yup. where they’ll have the sales but not the two paid as managers. ‘cause remember, they gotta have two managers who meet or exceed qualifications to be paid in order to get title once they’ve achieved the role, the $30,000 or the Canada level, okay? - So, pretty exciting stuff. - So I don’t think anyone’s going to be on the phone coaching without the screen - in front of them going forward, right? - Yea. So are y’all excited? Linda are they excited? So she’s like just you can do a hand signal. Like do this. Are they excited? Okay, yay. Okay. So sorry. I just really wanted to make sure that we pointed all of that out, Anna, ‘cause I was really excited when I asked Anna about it. - Okay, so I’ll let you keep talking and I’ll be quiet. - Well, we’re basically we’re pretty much done, Cheryl. I just want to point something out. I think we have most of this fixed, but just in case you see a difference between that first report that had all the gray bars and the report that you pull up like this. If you see one that says 59%, and then you pull it up and it says 60%, don’t worry. They’re – you could see a 1% difference, but it’s not – once you click on it, you’re going to see exactly what the Sales Force members sees, right? - Okay. - It’s just a rounding thing. - Okay. - But you’re never going to see like 99 when they see 100 Right. ‘Cause if it’s 100% it’s going to say 100%, right? Right. And you shouldn’t see too much of this, but just in case, just want you guys to know it’s just rounding and it’s still right. So on this progress report that Anna has showed right here, guys, this is basically showing this consultant, - right? This Juanita. - Uh huh. Right? And so and basically what it’s showing is Juanita’s personal sales are $554 of the $500 that she needs, right? ‘Cause she’s going from a consultant to a manager? - Yes. - Correct? And then it’s showing her personal active recruits. She has all three, and it’s got a little green check next to it. okay. And there’s a little green check next to the personal sales. And now right now, unit sales it says $1,000, but she’s in the US so she needs $2,500. So it’s got a little X saying you have $1,000. You still need your $1,500, right? And that’s why it says she’s 80% complete to getting the next title up. And it does this for consultant going to manager, manager going to star, which is going to then populate for the star personal, the six, right? And it’s going to populate for the sales, and then from star to executive, the executive manager is not going to have DIQ - Right. - Because DIQ is a program, not a level, okay? So it’s always going to register as an executive manager, but it’s going to give you all of the KPIs that you need for that person to become a director, and it’s even going to tell you whether or not that person has checked the DIQ box, - Yup. - right? And don’t forget you can go in and look at that report, and if you look at the headers at the top, you can click on Progress Percentage. If you click once, it’ll go from lowest to highest. If you click twice it’ll go from highest to lowest. So let’s say you have rally tonight, and there might even be another week left in the month but you’ve got two people who are already 100%, - you’re going to be able to recognize that. - You can recognize them at your rally. Yay. You can make a big deal about it and just say, you know what? We’ll be doing our promoting ceremony with everyone, but I just have to call out, you know, two of our amazing hot shots. - Yup. - You know, who’ve already stepped up to manager this month. So you know what, y’all? Let’s give it up for Anna Walker. Yay. And Linda Lappano. Yay. Right? So you can recognize them early and it’s the same thing as if they’ve gone from star to executive because it’s all right here - at your fingertips for you to have access to. - Exactly. So what the key, though, is Anna, they have to have a plus site or above. - Yes. - And you know what, y’all? It is so worth it for you to have a plus site. So if you’re watching right now, and you don’t have a plus site, you really need to go - and get a plus site, right? - Absolutely. - You’re leaving money on the table. - Yea, you are. So having a plus site because that allows you to have a paid website where you can actually now use Tupper Connect and Party Plus. - Yup. - You actually can have people go in while you’re sleeping, and they can shop on your website, and you can commission, right? Sales on that. And then at the end of the month, we’d actually take all of the unallocated sales from the site, right? And you commission off of a percentage of that, right? And you get a little enough to pay for the site. 99.9% of the time, I mean I think for me when I was out in the field, all of my people, it paid for it, right? And then even during the holidays, you even make a little money, guys. So really, it’s a self-funding site, okay? As long as you have – but you have to register and you have to have that paid site. - Absolutely. - Okay? Okay, so we have one more slide and then we’ll take questions, okay? Just to remind you guys, just like the Contact List, you can actually download this report. So a lot of us like to have the paper, you know, to carry around. Maybe you can get that pdf and print it out of everyone’s progress, right? So that – I mean even if they just call you in the middle of the day, you might want to remind yourself. This is a really good thing to have with you. You can export it to Excel if you want. It’s all there. Well, and I was telling Anna before, Anna and I are such a good team together because Anna is all tech, right? And I’m probably more not old, but I am seasoned, right? But I said to Anna, and I train this, Anna, at whenever I’m out doing training, is I always carry a calculator ‘cause the one time I thought I was going to be so cool at my Tupperware party. I’m like, I want to show everybody that I’m with it, so I’m going to use the calculator on my phone, right? Until my phone died, okay? And I have an iPhone. She had an Android. So obviously she didn’t have a charger that I could use, and nobody at the party had a charger that I could use. And I’m like, oh my stars and garters. And I go, do you have a calculator? And she goes, what’s that? And I was like, okay. So I always teach, you know, carry a calculator even if you’re using your phone ‘cause your phone could die. Same thing with this, y’all. If I’m out or I’m traveling and I’m going to be in the car, and I just want to make some phone calls, I can have this one piece of paper that I can be looking at because a) I don’t have internet service in my car, right? Or b) my laptop runs out of battery and I gotta charge it, right? - Yup. - So I really recommend that having this hard copy. Plus you can put notes on it and everything, guys. So I love the fact that Anna has made it available that I can do it in a pdf. I can save it, right? So I have it. it’s like, I would save mine every month, right? And then once they’ve done it, it’s just a really good thing. It’s a good tool for you to have, but it’s a great coaching tool. - Absolutely. - It’s a great coaching tool, guys. So anything else on here? - I think that’s it. - Okay. So if we have any questions. Do we have questions, Linda? - No questions? - No questions? Seriously? - Wow. - Actually, the majority of the questions have been answered by John Norel. Yea. Okay. He’s like really positive support. - Yay John. - Yes he is, John. - I love John. - Thank you, John. The majority of the questions that have been running have had to do with when is the best time to pay, sign up for a paid site? It’s primarily been around like new consultants. When is the best time to sign up for a paid site? And it is automatic that you have to do it right at the beginning in order to see - your paid reports. - No. you don’t have to sign up from the beginning, but we encourage it, obviously. - Right. - Because that’s the best thing. You know, even when you’re waiting for your kit, you can have your website up. - Right. - And a lot of times when you first start on your business venture, that’s when your friends and family are really going to be gung ho and help you out, and you want to have that website set up. So I think you know, right away, that’s just my opinion. Right. I agree. Now I want to clarify a couple of things ‘cause this has come up, Anna. And since we have y’all, and I know we’re actually going to cut this and put this in training, too, right? So there’ll be able to go back and watch this. Everybody has a free site, right? You have a free Tupperware site, and the free site gives you the ability to key your orders, right? It gives you the ability to go to your, - and you can see the last 14 days - Right. - Consumer fliers. - Consumer fliers, - recruiting fliers. - Product knowledge, - recipes. - Product knowledge, right? All of that, guys. You can click on the training tab, and the training tab if you click on the core, it’s going to open up and it’s going to give you oh my gosh, I can’t even There’s some great training out there. Awesome training. And it’s segmented by party planning, dating, recruiting, at the party, dating at the party, and then dynamic demonstrations. You can click on the more, and then there’s Anna and I are there talking about no, - Anna and Susan are there doing some tech talks. - Yup. I’m there doing a fundraiser overview video. Caryn Brown is there talking about branding yourself. You get all of that for free. That’s all free y’all. Your plus site, like we said earlier, gives you the ability to have Tupper Connect, so you can connect a party, and your hostess can have people that cannot physically attend the party order, and the hostess gets the credit and you do, too, the sales credit. - So you commission off of it. - Right. And it helps the host in order to get her party - up to however high she wants to go, right Anna? - Right. And then that plus site also gives you - the ability to have these reports. - These reports. - Exactly. - Right? - Yup. - Okay. So those are the two big reasons why you would want a plus site. - Would you agree, Anna? - Yes. I agree. - Absolutely. - Okay. So, and is there a good time to sign up? Right now, okay? So right now. That’s the best time to sign up. Right now. Because as soon as you sign up, guys. - It’s instant. - Yes. - Right away. - Right? It’s instant, guys, and then your credit card will be charged, right? And it’s a once a month charge. -And its charged based on - on the day that you signed up, that same day each month. so if you sign up today, today is March 27th - 28th. I don’t even know. The 28th, so I’m going to be charged on April 28th, May 28th, okay guys. So really the best time to sign up is right now, and I really do recommend that everybody have a paid site, okay? So any other questions, Linda? No? Okay. They’re excited? Say Yes? - Yes. - Say si. - Si. - Say oui. - Oui. - Oui. Okay, y’all. Well Anna, good job. So yay Anna and her team. - I know there’s a lot of people behind the scenes. - A lot of people, yes. That have been making this work, right Anna? So Anna happens to be the face of the team, but it takes a team in order to get this to happen. So thank you guys for joining us today. And we’re excited to see who’s going to Hemingway, - Yes. - right? Okay. We’re excited to see you. And have a great close to the month. We appreciate you. We love you. Bye, y’all. Bye.

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2017 - MyTupperware Downline Progress Report

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