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V1 - SOF Team Weeks Challenge

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Well hello everyone, and yes, welcome to the home office here in Orlando. I tell you, I am really excited because we're going into... team weeks! And every year when we get into September, we focus on really building into creating the best record breaker ever which is in October. And how do we do that? Yes, we build our team weeks. And everyone works together to really create these amazing moments. That's why when you come to the home office, you see right outside my office here, it says, "We do not remember days, we remember moments." Yes, and this is what team weeks is all about. It's about creating those moments together to really build the rest of the year through an amazing record breaker. But in team weeks, yes, we have all of this and this is why we might wonder, well, why team weeks? And why is this trophy so important? It is important because when a company, so when your business leader and all of you work together, to really build to that 10 percent sales increase over the last years' team weeks, you get this amazing trophy. And yes, every year you want one beside the other one beside the third one because that shows that we are sharing this amazing opportunity with everyone. And that's why we want to have that, so you can celebrate what you do together as a team. And, as I keep walking around in the office here, I just saw Cheryl just a while ago. She was working along and I was like, so come along with me. Cheryl. Hey. Hey, how are you? You know, I was just looking at her jacket, I said, I love your jacket! I love your jacket, it rocks! That's a bell ringer. But this is the thing, what are we going to do with this jacket, I bet you all want a jacket! Say yes. Yes. Say sí. Sí. Say we. So it's super simple to know that okay, -Yes, tell me. It is team weeks is September the 9 through the 29. All of our established consultants and higher, you all can earn by just submitting six standard parties. You all can get this amazing jacket. That's a bell ringer! I'm sorry. I'm visualizing now, all of you as you're watching here today. All of our established consultants and above, can you imagine seeing an ocean of blue? Yeah, blue oceans. I'm like, I'm excited about this. -Yeah. Because we all work together and that's how we get it. It's pretty cool, can I just show them what's really cool about it. -Oh yeah. Look you all, so it's got the place that you can put your thumb through, so now you can hold your phone and text. But not while you're driving. It's got the zippers in here, right, so you can unzip, right. -Yes. So you can put your phone in there, put you car keys in here. How great is that. And it's lightweight you all, it's just perfect for the fall okay. And because we're so on-fire, and we're out there running, sharing the opportunity with everyone, and of course partying on, -Absolutely You need something that just gets you going. -It's the bomb. It's the best. -I love it. But we have more -Yeah, because that's at 6 parties That's at 6 standard parties during that three weeks of team weeks. So, but, something starts before that because I've seen you holding something, It does, yes. -which is pretty cool when you party isn't it. This is pretty awesome you all, okay, three standard parties, both in the US and Canada. Okay, this is the bag that you're going to get I love it. -for all of our established consultants and higher. And this is a great bag to take to any tailgate party, right. But you know what else guys, this would be a great kit bag too. So you're going to go in and do an office party, you're going do just like a small weekend party. Or maybe you're just going to go in and demonstrate a couple products to your friends or your neighbors. This is the bag that you're going to have. But you all, look how cool this looks. It's a perfect match. It is, okay. Now, I'm even more excited because now we're all going to walk around in our team jackets and we're going to have this incredible bag, and we're just going to look smashing. Absolutely. -I think so. It's walking talking advertisement for you. And it's so perfect we're standing here because, as you're sitting down, planning right now, it's about think big, start small and begin now. And we're preparing for record breaker. -Absolutely. If you really see what this says, for all of our new one's, that's watching today, you know, you see this is bold [BIG] bold [START], bold [NOW]. Because when you do think this way, it comes out to as we're preparing for record breaker. Big, start, now. And that's how we go about and make great things happen. So, everyone, as I always pass by here, every day we're here. We all need this amazing trophy. -Yes. Because we do this every year and this is just a symbol of success when the team comes together during team weeks. And we are, yes, I just love this map, we're almost over to Asia, and all over US and Canada. So, I'm going to put it right here, so that we know that in team weeks, great things are going to happen Oh, Patrick, I need for you to turn around here too. This is quite amazing too. -That's right. These are our swards. Because when we come together, one thing is for the company, but we all, all of the companies, all of the sales folks come together, and you see here, it says down here, Coming soon. Because we're going to go for a three-peat. So, with that, thank you everyone. I'm so looking forward to this ocean of amazingness in the weeks to come during team weeks. -Absolutely. And while, and I'm going to say it again, think big, start small but begin now. Bye everyone. -See you all.

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V1 - SOF Team Weeks Challenge

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