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Episode #16 Refugees

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So, Ahmed, what is a Palestinian refugee, and what is an Israeli refugee? So, a Palestinian refugee is anyone who is Palestinian who was kicked out of his land in any way. Being kicked out of your land could be silently, by laws, discriminating laws against Palestinians it may lead to them to be kicked out of their home in a way, and being outside of their home. So, there are still some until now there some people who are being displaced and for me Palestinian refugees are anyone who was kicked out of his land. Israeli refugee maybe I would call it more 'Jewish refugee' this is Jewish people who were expelled also from their homes. maybe from the Arab countries from Europe. This is how I would define an Israeli refugee. Do you see yourself as a refugee? For me, I'm not a son of a refugee, and I'm not a refugee myself. But maybe if I go out of Jerusalem and travel to any other country Palestinians who live in Jerusalem - you can't travel abroad and stay for seven years if you stay more than seven years they would take away your ID. Which is not the same for Israeli citizens. So and sometimes it is even less. In law it says that you cannot stay abroad for seven years; but in practice sometimes it is even less. So I'm afraid of being a refugee, but I'm not a refugee. For you, what is a Palestinian refugee and what is an Israeli refugee? So for me a Palestinian refugee is a person who in the '48 war was banished from his home. and is now not living in Israel or Palestine. So in Lebanon, I know that there are refugee camps and so on, and in other places in the world. An Israeli refugee - I would never use that term but I guess that - my grandparents came here from Iraq so they could be considered as refugees. But it is not that they have any wish to go back. So, I wouldn't call them refugees. Arabs in refugee camps in Palestine - For me... I think that for such a long time there should have been homes built for them already where they are now, even if the conflict is ongoing, just so they won't stay in that horrible situation. that they are in now. They are technically in the land that is defined as Palestine whether or not people should go back to the territory of Israel, I think that if it's possible demographically obviously I would support that; While the State of Israel is still a Jewish state just because I think the Jewish people want a place to practice their religion solely.

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Episode #16 Refugees

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