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NetApp_NFL_Technical Video

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Every day is game day. Our storage cannot go down. We support the thirty-two club teams with technology that keeps a level playing field but encourages innovation. [NetApp] [The Official Data Storage Provider of the NFL] I'm Aaron Amendolia, Director of Infrastructure for the National Football League. We're a private cloud provider to the thirty-two clubs providing infrastructure as a service, including hosting email, identity management and sequel databases, virtually. We provide access to 1.6 petabytes of information including video, and metadata around video. We provide each club with a NetApp FAS2240 for league business. They can take this technology and extend it within their environment for innovation and competitive advantage. We're 90% virtualized, so storage is a key component of our infrastructure. We chose NetApp technology for agility and reliability. NetApp's Data ONTAP simplifies our IT management by providing a single storage OS. If we want to offer a new solution, we can develop and simply multiply it times thirty-two to deliver to all the clubs. We have a great deal of sensitive information— contracts, personnel data and medical data. It's critical a solution deliver high performance, security, tiering, and stability. We use NetApp SnapMirror for site to site replication. What used to take us eight hours to recover now takes minutes. We use NetApp's deduplication feature to get more efficiency from our storage. We receive on average 30% deduplication, and 80% on our most aggressive volumes. This saves us disk. We're able to overprovision by a terabyte on some volumes and get more from the storage we have. We plan to use NetApp storage to offer disaster recovery as a service to all thirty-two clubs, mature our private cloud, and connect key data to our public cloud partners. Whether it's providing video on-demand, high performance databases, or having simple email recovery, we can do all that with NetApp technology. NetApp is a strategic solution for the NFL for balancing innovation with tradition. [NetApp] [The Official Data Storage Provider of the NFL]

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Short video about NFL IT

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