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Retratos/Voces Populares Bolivia

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"Leaving for La Paz" DEMOCRACY NOW! PRESENTS: We are here in the community of Huatajata BOLIVIA: Popular Voices/ Portraits on the shores of Lake Titicaca, some 100 kilometers from the city of La Paz, the capital city. Eduardo Mamani, Director “Altitude Radio” (Altitude Radio, Huatajata, Bolivia) Here I have installed my radio, it’s called "Altitude Radio." The radio station is mine, but the community says, “it’s our radio station." They don’t say, “Mr. Eduardo’s radio,” they say, “it’s our radio.” The radio station broadcasts in FM from 7am to 8pm. Some community radio stations, since they don’t have advertising, they don’t have any way to support themselves, so the community itself contributes. Sometimes they come with an ad. They’ll even come and pay us with eggs, with some product, potatoes, beans, whatever there is in the region. About 70% is in Aymara, that is the language they use in the region, it’s an Aymara region, so that is 70%. And 30% is in Spanish. "For the reaffirmation of our culture - Altitude." There isn’t a lot of information coming from other continents, you could say, so this is the reality, the crude reality of community radio, no? Internet costs a dollar and a half per hour and that is high for us. Training, we’ve advanced more in training community reporters. What does that mean? That means that we’ve put out a call on the radio for young people who want to participate in the radio station by sending information from their communities. I brought my self to work in the radio, and it has always suited me. Hortensia Bueñapanco, radio host (Altitude Radio, Huatajata, Bolivia) This is a big experience that I am going to carry out. That this is a reality for me, it’s a dream. The women didn’t want to speak and they have learned how to speak. So how did we become close to AMARC? We were looking for organizations that could bring us together, and got to AMARC – The International Association of Community Radio Broadcasters – and now we are affiliated there. We are doing workshops on institutional strengthening, on strengthening community radio, Ana Limachi, AMARC Representative (Bolivia) on issues they need to work on. Because they, that is the people who work in community radio, haven’t received academic training. They are the same community members who work for love of the radio, for love of the microphone, shall we say. So these people need preparation and they need training. Ok we are listening to the song with Marilyn and the top song "The memories" This radio station goes out to the whole province of Manco Kapac, Radio Copacabana (Copacabana, Bolivia) as well as to other provinces, and it also goes out to our sister Republic of Peru. I listened to the radio. And they sent out a call for all young men who wanted to participate in these courses. We were in the courses for three years. They had me come in so that I could participate, so that I could work here in the radio station. Radio Pachamama is a member of the Gregoria Apaza Center for the Promotion of Women in Bolivia, whose principal objective, obviously, is to work with women, for women. Carlos Iporre, Director of Programming (Radio Pachamama, El alto, Bolivia) And that is what Radio Pachamama does. It disseminates these kinds of activities that the center does as well, which sometimes the other media, we might say, in big quotation marks, doesn’t give voice to, issues of violence, for example, femicide, etc., that are simply treated like any other news story, no? So we are trying to bring out these types of news stories and report on them more deeply. Democracy Now! en español. A Connection Without Borders.

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Posted by: claraibarra on May 11, 2010

Video de Democracy Now! en Español sobre las radios comunitarios en Bolivia.

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